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January 22, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 22, 1959

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I - the beautiful picture of nature of and games delicious refreshments i Roy. and Mrs. C. W. Lloyd were SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON rA ERS ADVOCATE AND OTHER the Blue Ridge. were served to the guests. Punch, supper guests Saturday evening THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1959 7---B =, Af~ter spending quite some time pretzels, potato dhlps, peanubts, 'and family. By Mrs. Ethel Buzzard, ' ...... L, =u t=== L.mlm,~ with her son Harry Longerbeam mints, assorted cookies and cake. with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Grove kJ Hi H||] N[mW~k and family Mrs. Maggie Longer- Wandu received a number of use- Truck Loads of Coal -- itor on Tuesday with Mr. and I Mr. and Mrs. Captain Rodgers i~ || i||Lk |~L I| J beam and family Mrs. Maggie Lonful and lovely gifts when de,part- r~l,r~n~ +Jht~ ~ m,~, ~.n~ ~r~uMr. and 'Mrs. Aldrddge Staubs Mrs. ~arland Piper in Cheutnut and daugh~ter Norma were Sunday ........... and to 'be comfortable the coalof Millville were visitors with 'Mr. Hill. morning callers with ,their dau- ~ .... J , gerbeam is now at the home of ing 1or their homes everyone e - JJy lvlrs, ueorgia I ean another son Mr. Robert Longer- ~enoea ~nmr very oes~.wmneSi~rO pile was decreasing swiftly so our and Mrs. Captain l~dgers and Mrs. David Brackett and ohild- ghter and fa~mil.y Mr.. a enda Mrs. wanoa zor many more nappy o - . ~. beam of Silver Grove" where she thdays. On Sunday night. This galr~plYnn~a~Aggeedr~hng l?r family on Tuesday. Their liVtle ren and Miss Bet~y Viands of Mill znmlacle y. , granddaughter Melody ~taubswas ville were callers wi'th Mr. and i.. l.lme .ren.aa ~.' SaP~n;~ ...... will make an extended visit. l Chestnut Hill cloudy and by night becoming coldLetter From Mrs. Ambrose group formed a. sled riding pal~ty readiness and last Tuesday morn- with t~hem. Mrs. Howard Cogle and son. I ~neo~a~s~we~e~,4 wl~-n f~n~rtatgr ~ ; ..... ing .eavin, for the tip at 4 _. m. .Mrs. Mary Cogle, Mrs. Maggie Mrs. Effie Fields of Mannings ~ .... --~t ~c may I say real er Sunday morning here we were Just_received a le.tter frommy and everyone nan a wonaenul 1 ~, .~ . ~ l-~n' ................... ume me moon gave SUCh a won- Longerbeam, Mrs. Georgia King and her daughter Sis of BaltAmore, s~.~" _ _. _ _. an~" ~ " " " r a d pal aug very oeur nuenu anu cv~- . . . Mr. Estel Wilt and Charles Wilt . This Is Monday morlookmg at the thermomete n ,~r~ of En~le news Mrs devful light ,that the par~y s~ayeo ...^+..r~d t^ Shaw "vV Va and li.ttle Louie Staubs and ll~le Nor Md. were callers on Monday with . .Mr. ann Mrs. fle~ t'~..l~r u Mr and Mrs Vernon ~taubs ch41oren oI ~Jnesmu~ ~m were a change from oneto our surpr.~se 5~ below, andowas Lena Ambrose saying she until ............. late hours enjoying the fun.. ~,~,s.~- ..... h,+ ~,~.,,*'~ot- ,~o ~+ruck load of coal ma Rodgers have been on the sick k~.~ w .... 1" ~o,,h~ d~.~ ~ ~isitor Thursd, ay evening visitors with ne weat~her at that it taking oil ano coal ou~ irom , ocn't fa,~Hn~ cn u~o]l ~ncl h.~n't Mr ancl Mrs. ,:ugene Wll~ an~ .................................... . well that was soon d~sposed of so list this past week .......................... , then" daughter Cindy Lou and son nn W~dne.~dav rnnrntn~ away gc~s, Mrs. Frances P,x~lgers, Mrs. E'h on Tuesday with Mrs Edna Webb ~heir aunt Maude Evertmr and )s~ like a spring morn- what I have learned every one was gained much strength since return ' ~rs ............................. . t = , ~,, ..... v~, ~ ............ ~ el Buzzard a, ttended a shower in in Bolivar " other rel~bives. glan~h!ne all day. Tues co mfolqtab)? bu~ s[,aylng verYsCulOS~ ing home from Charles Town Gen Lee of Murrell Hill were vising h^ t- -" ~"-:"" "--'=" ..a'o ...... 1" comer lovmy win~er ~o home wmcn x ~eei mos~ as ;e .or-l_ ...~.~wnnital where she was a ._ha- Saturday evenmg w~th ~vhe formers ....-n,~- ,,.s~m,,.t ...~f ....._._tr,~,~,,~- .....the, ,..~.~._.,*,dnni,~ ohnor of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rod Mr. and Mrs. Junior Grove and Mr. and Mrs, Harry Dintesr~uan in la~e evening someeveryone was more than thankful tient width pneumo'nia She said she parents Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey winter weather was on its way for gers in Brunswick, Md. on Saur- family were recent visitors wl'th and daughter were Sunday vis .to~ west stirring abou't, for all the comforts of hfe. Traf- ~h~,,],~ af ~t.Rvod i~ #.h~ hnsr~ifl~l a Wilt and. daughters Anuonne~e just about everyone laid in a little dey night wt the home of Mr. and the la.tters parents Mr. and Mrs. wi,th the formers parents Mr. ~rfa ~1o ........ t - "his is ............................ mmg heavy clones im very slow on roue ~. i ms~, .....~..~ ,,,~0~ ~.~~ f~. ann ;rch:U;es Wilt and Mr How more Coal and sure enoutVh ~rl- Mrs. Floyd Lo~ery, Thomas Longerbeum in Chestnut Mrs. Dineerman in Brunswick, Md. . rain which in lateMonday meting and just a wee ~,~+~, h~ol~h ~haar ~lrt T Ihnn~ ~1 .................... ~" ...... M . " day morning was snow and ice. A Pfc. Gerald Bu'ford of Fort Eus Hill. Sorry to learn that Mrs. IAz d get scme rain and bi.t warmer which t'hermometer ........ ~, .... '~. .... ~e ~ ....... ~ thr . ~ ~ ~ ........................... ard Wilt were business visitors in real blizzard I should say and in .big, Va. were weekend guests with zie Longevbeam h~ts been qul~e 111 ] Someone had forgotten to fill ough t~he m~ht read 2~ 'below. Heavy clouds ,this h~ ~.,~ .....a ~m o~. Leesburg, Va. Thursday evening,early evening a strong west wind Mr. and Mrs. Frank C0gle and again. 'the baptismal pool. ruing clearing skies mormng from all appearances I .......... Mrs. Howard Wilt and M~. La was lifting the snow in sheets .family, 'Mrs. Buford remained at g llke day and ,to our feel 1~here will be more snow re- _ Mr..anct Mrs. ~lay[,o.n.J:'aI~on.o~ nl ~ta change on Friday gardless of the weather the Blue ~amnLn,~,V~'rlW;raet ~u~gJ~ vern Talton motored to George- soon causing drifts which con~ln- 'her home while hre husband re- ]]] town University .and were accom- ued all during the nigh)t bu~ far turned to C~mp on Sunday. DR, VERA FISCHER, Optometrist $ )w 'flakes begun corn- Ridge Mountains are yet one beau 2~c- 's~, ,~,~ = -~-'-'2-. ~- partied by Mr. Charles Talton who as I know everyone is cosy and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rodgers of ]11EYES EXAMINED -- GLASSES FITTED m ~d before too long the tiful picture from the snow fall.~r- 'aug mrs. notate wn,~ on ~un visited ,his doctor for anotsher comfortable and very glad the Ranson, Mr. and 'Mrs. Floyd Ch~p '~vered wi,th a white little cedar and pines are heavily o.ay... F r Dau hter treatment. Mr. Talton is ~howing Writ truck visited our little village, man and family of Middleway, W. [mmHours:--9:45 - 5:00---Closed Tuesday and Thursday [] . tn after noon a coldcapped with snow and branches of rm~er~am o .g ....... some improvemen, t so he returned Mrs. Myrtle Wilt and Mrs. ,La- Va. were Sunday visitors with Mr. ]]I OPEN Saturday Evenings Until 9:00 P.M. ~ , Wind was reaching large trees are extending a pret~cy Mr. and Mrs. nowar~ ~.. wil~ home again for a longer visit with vern Talton were business visitors and Mrs. C~pt~n Rodgers and ]]] Phone 785 112 S. Charles St. Charles Town, W. Vg. ~, aering large sheets picture. The box wood.s on our enertained Saturday evening at his family, in Lee~burg Monday morning, f'a~rlY~and Mrs. Howard Everhart 'ing it hither andlawn capped and the shrubbery their home in honor of their dau- Mr and Mrs Elmer Larue and ., . .. : . ~. . Mrs. Be%ty W,flt of Murrell Hill ~Y-nigh~ we were that the little red berries stay on ghter Wanda' thirteen~h birthday aaughter ~onme ann son r~onme . ^.~.. -,,~. ~.~. and son Charles and Arlene Ma- rl~ts and were get- all winter are just lovely. The red Several of Wanoas irienos were ...... was a visitor Tu~u~ w~,~,, ~,,,~. of Murrell Hill were VlSiLors ~a~- ^...~....~ ,,,,~ .~ ,.^. ~^~.phls were vist~ors on S~uturday ev- urday wi,th ~he formers parents ............ . ening Tilth Mr. and Mrs. John weather and Saturberries peeping through ,the snow presen,t to help her celebrate this Hvw~.~ ,,,,~ ~ ,,~, ,v,,~. we had 2 below, on the s~hrubbery well I am not so birthday. Those present were ........~" "--~-~--" "~"+ and The w. ~. u. ~. meeemg wmcn M~. ~.u ~wr~. ~,,~,,,~ ,,,.~ *" ~'^ ~'"1a '~""~'~"" J~n onWi'htehair and son Kei,th in Har- Winds had ceased much for snow but I really loveBetty Lou Grove, l-coNe Mane was ~v ...... ~ ..... ~ ..... orove, Bonnie r'eer, ~ceoecca ~eer, duaughter An~tmnne~te and Avbut- will be postponed ur~til Feb. and pers Ferry. IA~tle Keith has been Elaine Wilt, Aretta Woodard. San Patients In Hospital due to so much sickness the meet quite sick .... Mrs. Delia Staubs and 'son Lou dra Talton, Lavern Talton, Mrs Sorry to know that two of our ing called off until a later dante, ie Mrs. Bthel Buzzard , Mrs. Jean Betty Harding, Mrs. Mary Lou very dear friends and neighbors Mr. Le.ftrldge Stat~bs who is m nette R~msburg were vistd~ors on Having accepted employment in California and moving Wilt and son Duane, Deloris Wil,t, are in Charles Town General Hog ployed at Falls Church, Va. spent Tuesday with Mrs. Joan Dinter- immedhttely, we will sell the following Personal Propcr~y Mr. and Mrs. Estel Wil.t, ~alen piital. They are Mrs. Lizzie Lon- the weekend wi~h his family Mrs. man and small daughter and Mrs. &t our residence located on Route 48, one mile North of Wiltt, Ray Beahm, Jc~hnnie Grove, gerbeam and Mrs. Edd Turner our Ne~tie Staubs and son Edwin. Ellie Piper. Kearneysville and 3-miles ~outh of Shepherd~town, on Jerry Grove, Billy Ja,ckson, Calvin very best wishes for a speedy re- Mr. and Mrs. James B. Harris, Mr .and Mrs. Walter Cogle and a1 TH[ MiLL END Woodward, James Viands, Wayne revery is extended to,them. Jr. and family were visitors re-f~mily were callers with Mr. and SATURDAY, JANUARY 24, 1959 Ott. Charles Tal,ton and t'he h.on- Mr. C. N. Hawk is taking his cently with the latters mother Mrs. Harry Longerbeam and ram BEGINNING AT 10:30 O'CLOCK A. lYl[. ' ' ored guest and Mr .and Mrs. How- vacation with his son Carl Hawk Mrs. Bessie Pearl. ily in Chestnut Hill. DS ard Wilt. After a social evening and f~mily of Rockville, Md. I am Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McDanielsMrs. Maude E rhart was avis HOUSEHOLD Gee : ~',~e',~-~- --- ~'~',l",r,~',S~ sure Mr. Hawk is enjoying himsel,f and family were visitors recently and I am sure he will for it has with Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Staubs 7 Pc. Gallo Wright Iron Dining Room Suite, consisting of PITTS- JEFFERSON been a long long time since Mr.of Silver Grove. mmm ~' glass top t~ble, 2 arm .and 4 side cha~s; .M~logany Ruf.fet, T H E A T R E Hawk has taken ,time off for .t~his .~ lrlr~ mm~ce~ Mersman Glass Top Mahogany CoHee lJLa~le; ~o][~ ~ea, 1,1~ r e- l#* * muic'h needed vacation. CKA.K .J D.... D.II =-==~ slde Chai~, Simmons Chair Bed, 2 6-W,ty Floor ~tmps wtm vwnmnma CHARLES TOWN, W. CA. Mr .and Mrs. Richard West and Jll pll lU nmmm nul! _ i.___: 4,switches; Mahogany Revolving TV Table; Bookcase, 2 Moat "mmNmmmmu ~hildren of Puz~ellville, Va, [1~1' rll )Dllna eru A= Moder. Oe onal C ahine Thursday - Friday - Saturday were dinner guests Sunday with T. ..,, 1 17 --- m r sliding doors; .2 Tahl ,.a MetalT..V Tables,. ~rop.beaf Kitchen, J nuar- 22 23 and 24 the la~ters paren,ts Mr. and Mrs, IN# La3W IU't=0/ wmmm Table, ~nameL-'xop ~.tcnen 'jLlaDle, Ivleta~ ~erwng .~anu: a #~4 4AP ~ "7 ' ' z^~- w,,~ ~n~ f~milv " Double Door White Enamel Utility ~ablne~,s; Kitchen SI~p :~ ,il, lY~ "'~:~1:~. "Wiii~i'am"~)~nges ,:m~ored to #~u,m~ Cm~A~,&m~,mm, C|.A ~ ~ Stool. Westinghouse Electric Range, WestinghO~oSe I0 Cu. l~ ; [ .... ~(/~~z~ ~ ] Front Royal, Va. Friday and visi- U~I IIU31UUI~/IV~ b,:~) A ~ Refrigerator, 3 Painted Dresser Chests, Mitre t Vardty w th ~, ] ~ ~ ~ : ~ ~ ~ ~ | ted with his mother and twin sis- ~/~b4~/4, ,~ Shirt and Hanging Mirror to match and Bench; ll-Pahr ]~]]L~~~[ terN. He found,them enjoying very The ~hepherd College Rams _.,.~.~~ Nylon Panel Curtains, 3-Pc. Modern Walnut Bedroom SuRe ~o , ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Barr 5 7 1; rJF_..~Vl-JI.~IL~O OUI.Jm~]L Lunch MORE U , ............. " MOnR IFU I '! [ ALleLE 0FFBALANCE Swartz ............ 3 1 7 Charles Town W Va January 15 and 22-2t. Hanf 3 2 8 ' " " ............ ii [] = -- " "mr -- - ~[~L.~IJ~J ~~~ '] | < Beingoffbalanc~onapair.~ Grant .......... I0 3 .... ~, ' .... i--% i J e''r' ......... i .... ~ ......... i _ _ - _- ~ [ ~ cur. Be sure you have Dieshields "::::::: : 32 8 m II l . Flml,M q'J /~i~Pe~c~d~cc~.i: ~ Kunhinger ........ 1 o , I A V I " Totals m I. I I i f f I I I I I 1 1 V[ST$,VlSI01~ ~ I $ d en.s~bout Acci- $ ........... I W mmm I - - - .... - ~'~-'~-~- ..... """ I ;~ aent insurance, ~ Frostburg FG F Pts, I I 'Lm mmA'mAPBA [ , 'Sullivan .......... 31 02 64 II " ii I s nuu r.l ,j/ l / W. Berry Grove Brumback ........ 0 8 I . -- --. I Munn ........... 3 .0 6 ] ,,. A enc " Groves ............ . : a "n LPE~O~Ew~I'0w CA" [i~r~'e'""'."''''''1! i 2i I ~ I I U I .. o R m v .- T eNd y a W Y / ~ Totals ......... I m mm . m -- _. January 27 and 28 | m [ ] , Commdtees Of Junior IDAIRE " "" ~)41i~l~q"9~) I YH ] [ ON THIS NEW FRIG V . , IT TO THE VERNES I ' ~~'- ~Imm ~~f-. _ The executive committee of the ~~: :~ It ~',~/l~ln& mMummw~[~A, mm'wok Charles Tow.n.Junlo.r w m mm i m [ I ~ I----- ~"' ::':'-::-=" :': ~ mm r/~/~ L~K_--~m~am-- " ,-,,-, I~lliW~i ~ CIu'D rma a joins meeting w~cn ~ne / I m m mm I JO~E;H ~ ~ " " r d I POUND C]%P]%CITY ICE CUBE MAKE~ i ) JOSEPH for the remainder of the club : COTTEN ~ }~ year ana a numoer oI ve y g0o I ~1 ~~~l m ,,, : ~ I~~ "//i ideas were suggested and~iscussed ] / i l/ II i n ~Cr~D~ ~ (//~ //1' and they will 'be presen.ted to the / : ..... _- : I ' . i ~, U-UlmU club at a mernbershi,p meeting ,this SANDERS month. | DURING ]KNUKRY / ~/ Ilf~!~l i i ~-:~ --/~ The exec~ive comml~ee also / I ~%\~\\ \~\ / m DEBRA PAGET/~_~. ~/~l discussed theCommuni.ty Achieve-/ I ~\\~\\ ._=.~-----'~.~____--.J w ~T~.~ ,r.,~r.,~,~...--~'~,~. ~:~ I[t'~~}ll :: m ,~:~.: .... ~ .- - - --]-~ men,t con,test and agreed t~t ] m ~\\\~ rr..onv,,mx / , ,F { tl ~ m _ ~ ~ "/~X more information should beobain | m ~1\~ I Eit] i[ ~~] r m - ~ -~'~ ~ --'~ - " " ed before the club makes any de- i | ~\,~-.~'~,".~\~ i --- anuar 29 fini,te decison on ,the matter. [ ] Thursday - J Y ~he club's finances also were [ * HOTELS-MOTELS | , ~! :L'?'~"-------ll~~::~i L I , i, ' ' I reviewed 'and a report made to the m I ~\~~/[ I* I "" ~i :]~ (~[~ii]l | "[ ...... LOVE A I A LASTING TESTAMENT membershi,p for discussion at theI I )1 I q'NIFI~T:)lkTC~ / ] ~! ~ ~~11 / / HE OAe=u ,u I TO YOUR DEVOTION- regular mor~thly meeting. | | ~ ~ I ~ J.~LVJ~,I[1.J.~I~t | PRINCESS A Rock of.Age= Conservahon Pro am STORES- GARKGES /[L ~~ll~l | ], ~, ~. ,~J, MemormlI ' To Assist Farmers Again | \ ] . SODA FouNTKINS / / / ~~ ~.,-)o),p,~p~_-{_~rL:_" The Agriculture Conservation / XI ~ / ~:~---~--~-.- i~~l | ' | ~~ the ~ersonality end accom- .~.m.gram y.~.. again ass, ~ .. rs / _ . / , :'4~ ~ ~: : ') L_ ~ - "-~"-.~-~ ,JI ~~ =~:.C--...+. ^, ".,. ",dividuM wi~n ,me.lousing pem'nanen ~ype / f'l.nrnnl t lv automatic Choice of cutflna artds to made | h~$:*:'~ ' :::: i ~~!~~.- t"~"*"%".~ "" =" "" , conservation practices wnen cne i .....-r.e e.~ .. _ .~ , ~ ~ "----- ......... ~ :