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January 22, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 22, 1959

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tl THIS WEEK'S NEWS IN PON wishes to take this means of thank lag al lthose who have been so generous in their expressions of kindness during his illness. "Uncle Grant's condition is much improv ed and he is able now to be up and ~bou his home. By Mrs. Stuart Crim Phone 47-F-032 Mrs. J. W. Drish and her daugh ~er Mrs. Thomas Barren of Char- les Town with whom she is spend- ing this week sper~ Tuesday with Miss Mabel Drish a~t her home here. Mother's March The annual MotJher's March for Potio ~ill be held in the county on Wednesday evening, January 28. As in the past every home zn the communi,ty will be visited by mere bers of the local Farm Women's and 4-H clubs and i,t is hoped tha~ they will be greeted with 'the same splri of generosi, ty that has prevailed each year in ,this area. Services wi}l be held ~t the Church of t~e Holy Spiri~ at 11:00 o'clock on Sunday morning, Jan- uary 18. Following the service a coffee hour will be .held in cl~pel to enable Che new 8eminarian-ln- charge, Mr. Roland Clark of Alex- andria, Vs. ~o become better ac- qualnted wlth the congreg~tlon. 4-H Meeting The Busy Bees 4-H Club met a~ 7:30 o'clock on Monday evening a.t the home of Mr. and Mxs. John Laycock. In the absence of ,the president, ~te meeting was called to order by the vzce-presiden~, Wal ils Anne Snyder, Barbara Shull led ~he group in singing "West Vir ginia Boys and Girls" after which the group repeated the 4-H pledge. Devotions were led by Patsy Zombro who read the 23rd Psalm a poem was read by David Childs and the devotions were concluded width Che Lord's Prayer. In the absence of the secre-J ~ary the minutes were read and the roll called by Deborah Ches- hire. Eighceen members answered ~o roll call. The treasure~ report- ed a balance of $59.69. A mo~ion was made to hold an initiation of new members a~ the February meeting. A commi,ttee of David Cheshire, Jimmy Lemon and Mollie Glassford was ~ppolnt- ed to make the necessary arrange ments. A short program was presented by Dick Chllds who read "What Makes a Good Club" and Sue Rob- errs who read "How to Kill a 4-H Club". The meeting was adjourned and delicious refreshments were ser- ved by the hostess, Mrs. John Lay cock to the metaphors, leaders and councillors who were uresent. The February meeting oi the club will be held a~ the school wi,th Jimmy Lemon and Arnie Dailey as the hosts. "Uncle Grant" Dixon who has been confined to his home in Me. Pleasant since suffering a para~y- yt~c stroke early in December SPR N6 CERTIFIED:-- O SEED OATS CLOVER SEED ALFALFA SEED ORCHARD GRASS CERTIFIED:-- -- BEACHLEY -- HARDY -- SCARLETTS GOLDLINE ,.---CALL US TODAY-- SUNFLOWER SEED FINE CHICK GRAIN FINE CRACK CORN ASK YOUR LOCAL .GROCERY FOR-- PEOPLES PRODUCTS-- BUCKWHEAT S. R. MEAL PEOPLES FLOUR PURE MEAL Phone 17 Charles Town, W. Vs. Your By J. E. Saville Don't Let Your Skimmer Leak We 'have had on ,the office door for some time a slogan that was received ,from one of ~he feed companies. I't reads "Don't Let Your Skimmer Leak". Many peo- ple have commented on this slo- gan. The mmn reason for .fine corn ment~ being ~a~ they are not faro iliar wi~h the old cream separa- tor. This machine at one ~ime ~vas very common and was used to se- parate the cream from Che skim milk. The cream ~as c~nsldered the most important part of the milk and the farmer wanted ~to be sure ~o save all of the cream and ~hat one of i,t got over in the skCm milk. Some farmers would ~ave the skim milk once in a while and cheek to see if any cream came up on ~p. If some cream did ac- e .umulate, ~hey would adjust the machine ~ ge~ ~hwt cream. You may say, w~at does this slo gun have to do with today. There are ofiner ways for Vhe cream to g~ away and go down Che drain wi~h ,the skim milk. Your skivnmer may be leaking because you do not creep feed beef calves, because you do not keep l~roducbion rec- ords on your dairy herd, because you do not keep Woultry records, bemuse you do not furnish cover for farm machinery in the wln,ter. There are many other ways your skimmer may be leaking. Let us take a look at one or two of these possible leaks. Research work ~t W. Vs. Uni- versity has shown ~,at creep feed ing of bee~ calves has improved ,the average grade of feeder calves from good to choice, increasing the average weight ~he weining ~lme of steers ,by 83 lbs and heif- ers by 43 lb's. The average In- crease in returns oer calf over the 5 year period has been $8.23. This is a net gain because the ~eed costs ~'ave been included. You may 'be letting your slQmmer leak by providing poor storkge of gasoline on the farm. Evaporwtion loss can be as much as 10%. Poultry records will help you lo- cate leak's in fine poultry orofit. It may be your poultry flock did not pay off last year. Records will help you locate ,the 'problem. It might be low egg 'production. H~ gh mor- tality rate, feed waste, e~c. Re- cords will help ~o locate ~he leak. Why not ,take a look around fine farm and see if you are letting your skimmer leak. If so. now ~s the time to adjust the machine so you will save all of ,the cream. Income Tax Federal Income Tax returns for farmers are due not later than February 15. We still have on hand a small supply of the Farm- ers Tax Guide. A copy can be had for the msklng. The guide is very helpful in pre- paring ~he income tax return and social security report. 4-State Farmers Meeting Don'~ forget ~he 4-state farmers meeting at Hagerstown, Md. on Friday, January 23. The loc~tion is Franklin Court. The meeting be gins at 9:15 A. M. and will be over by 3:39 P. M. We *hope Jefferson County will have a good representation. By Mrs. Charles Adams An old country ham dinner was served Monday night u,pon ~he re quest of their son Tommy a~ ~he home of his ,parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald in honor of Tommy's 18th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Wall and daughter Sue helped him celebrate.- 'Mrs. Herman Copley and small dau~Chter of B~ltirnore has been with her parenzs Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Carroll for 3 weeks. Mr. Paul Chapman and Mr. Charles Adams ,attended the 1st annual district 8 Maryland Coop- erative l~Iilk Producers banquet on Thursday held in Ha'gers~own at the Emmanuel united Breth- ren Church. Miss Janice Wiley has been sick with the flu this week. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chapman and daughter Nancy had as ~heir dinner guest Sunday Mr. Fontaine Wh!/ dnrr! d/ot$#? Everytlme you take a basket o~ wet clothes to your clothes line to dry, you're lugging along all the water that didn't drain out[ Why carry this extra load with all the other work that has to be done on washdays? There's an eader way to dry clothes--regardless of the we ther--that's with an electric clothes dryer! The Work[ With an electric clothes dryer, every washday js ~ast, clean and economicaL For just penn/~ a load, clothes are dried-- So r - Fluffier Whiter And there's ~o more straggling with wet, soggF clothes! Take another step toward your All-Electrlc Future, have an electric clothes dryer installed today[ Ypur/ i APPI The Petomac Light & Power Co. Bible Matefmh Matthew 21:1-27. Devotional Reading: Colossians 1:15- 20. Right to Command Lesson fox January 25, 1959 THE Teachers' Union in Jesus' time was made up mostly of priests. Some of these were mere political hacks, but many of them belonged to the old aristocracy, with pedigrees running back for centuries. They were no better than mediocre teachers themselves, but they didn't like any one else mov- ing in to their preserves. So when Jesus came to Jerusa- lem, the big city, from up-country, and bega~ to teach in the very shadow of the great Temple, the Dr. Foreman authorit~s were aroused. He could teach in Galilee all he liked and they wouldn't interfere---much. But let him come to the priests' cap- ital city, where they were the ruling class, and they were determined he should line up as they told him-- or else . . . What that "or else" was we know too well. But first they tried to get him into trouble with his public. For Jesus had what actors and writers call a "public," people who heard him overt chance they had. $bow Your Lioeosel The first move the priests tried was the same kind of thing a police officer does to any shady salesman or careless driver. Show us your license! they said, in effect. If Jesus said, God gave me the right to teach, the priests would surely re- tort, What conceit! How could God authorize you except through us, God's representatives among his people ? Or if Jesus said that some man, any man, gave him the right to teach, the priests would lose no time in telling him that they were the offcial Teacher's License Bu- reau and had never given hin~ per- mission to speak. Either way, they figured, he would lose face with his public. Jesus' answer stunned them. It meant: You tell me about John the ~ist and I will tell ~u abo~ me. T~his was not off the subject, as we might think. Expressed more fully, what Jesu~ meant was: "Very- well, suppose I received my author- ity from John the BaptiSt, as some of you may think ? Where did he get his authority ? From Popular Consent? There used to be a man who had no degree but his college A.B. The members of his church called him "Doctor" all the same. He used to say that his degree had been con- ferred by vote of the people. More important matters than titles can be conferred, in our country, by vote of the people. The authority of a president or governor comes fron~ the people themselves. There is nothing essentially wrong about authority that comes from men at large. Indeed, unless the people consent, no man can wield author- ity. In one sense Jesus' authority came from the heart of the people. The common people heard him gladly, we are told. "This is our man and we love him. This is our man; he knows!" Unless a leader has something like that effect on people, he is a leader in name only. From Personal Force? But of course popular consent, popular enthusiasm, can be quite wrong. Look at Hitler in the height ~f his power. Every Nazi, millions of them, went screaming for him. He was Germany's "new Messiah." But that did no~ make him right. He was horribly wrong, in fact, for ~ll the cheering. There is another kind of author- [ty, which comes from within. The man who has it does not need to appeal to any one else, he does not need to produce a license, he needs no sponsors. Now Jesus had that kind of authority and every one of his friends and admirers felt it. We read that after his "sermon on the mount" the people were astonished because he taught as one having uthority, and not as the scribes. We know how the Scribes taught. they quoted authorities. J~u~ had lt. god? Highest and true~ authority is ~hat Which comes from God. Ac- .'ording to the fourth Gospel, Jesus tenied ~aytng anything ~t2tctly on ~s own' account. He ~poke God's vords, hl~ teaching were God's '~aching. "My teaching is not mine, ~ut his who sent me," he said (John hlS). Now every Christian in the vorid admits this. We all claim to )elieve that Christ's authority is livine. But do we act a~ if we be- |eyed It ? (B~sed on outlJncs copyrighted by be Division of Christian Education, rational Council of the Churches of ~hrlst In the U. S. A. Released by ommunity Press Service.) NEXT WEEK-ANOTHER LESSON- RELIGION FOR ]minister of St. John's Episcopal sopped briefly to see Mrs. Tom- Church and Mrs. Warren LaRue, I lin's mother Mrs. Roy B. Harris ~wo children Carol and Jimmy. and grandparent Mr. J. L. Chap- Mr. LaRue was on du.y where he man and inquired about her i's employed a,t the Ma~t~nsburg Airport. Mr. Edward Lee Boyd spear the weekend in Martinsburg with ~he National Air Guard. his wife s'pen~ the weekend wi,th her mother Mrs. Lillian Keller in Charles Town. South Bound Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Adams son Franklin and Mr. M. L. Adams are on a 10 day sout~hern holiday Vhrough Florida. Mrs. Paul Chapman, Mrs. War ren LaRue, Mrs. Charles Adams, and Mrs. Garland Her[chewer Jr. from the Farm Women's Club have volunteered to collect for the March of Dimes on January 28 from 7 ~o 8 p. m. Your help is needed. Those who care ,to give will .they kinudly have choir porch light on. Little Millie Kackley of Berry- ville is spending another week with ,her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams. The snow dri,fted to waist h~gh in our drive way. We were unable to take 'her home on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Harris and grandson kay Carson Harris of Rwph4ne, Va., at. 1 came to visi~ Mrs. Harris's parents Mr. and Mrs. J. L Chapman, because of the sudden illness of Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Harts is staying with her parents for an indefihite time while Mrs. Chapman is in the Charles Town hospi,tal for obser- vation: Mr. Roy B. Harris and grand- son Ray returned safely back 'to their home Monday.. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Tom- lin of Byrd Orchards v.isi,ted rela- tives in Augusta Co.. Vs. over the past weekend and as ~they reflrn ed back to W. Va. Tuesday they grandmother Mrs. Chapman who , is much better a~ this time. Other callers inquiring about ]~41rs. Chapman's health and ~o vis i~t during the past~ few days were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams, Mr, and Mrs. Oharles Ads~ms, Mrs, M. L. Adams, Mrs. Mollie and Mr. Or- ville Dehaven and Mrs. Eddie Bay liss and daugh,ter of BerryviIle, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harris Jr. and son Roy of Byrds Orchards. "No Other Goods" Sermon For Lutherans Sunday The Rev. Richard E. Neal. pas- tor announces the following sche- dule of services for Sunday, Jan. 25 and other meetings during .the following week for St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Ranson: Sun- day Church School a~ 9:45 a. m.; R~bert Ross, Superintendent. The ~ervice a 11:00 a. m. with sermon "The Christian's Reward"; child- ren's sermon, "No Other Gods". Nursery held during worship; coff ee hour follows ~he Service. Junior Luther League meets at the chur- ch at 6:30 p. m for business meet ing and game night. Senior Lu,ther League meets at 6:30 p. m. with the MYP at the home of Carolyn Lehman. Senior Choir rehearsal Thursday at 8:00 p. m. Junior Choir practice a,t 4:15 p. m. Friday First year catechism class Satur- day a~ 10:00 a. m.; confirmation class at 11:00 a. m. RUBBER STAMPS :--Made any Size you desire. Quick and Effi- cient Service. Telephone 222, SPII~IT OF JEFFERSON - AD- VOCATE OFFICE, North George Street. Jan. 30-tf. - nc. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS --B THURSDAY, JANUARY 4 Date Set For State Camp at Jackson's ] Hereford Show, Sale consignors will effete 20 females in "We hope to Shellen M. Keith, secretary- the top spring sol, ~reasurer of the Wes,~ Virginia Kcith said. Hereford Breeders' Association, an nounced ~this week that the 25th annual Spring Show and Sale of Chemical industry the Association will be held Thurs from recession. day, April 16, at the State 4-H READ THE FOR YOUR n CALL CHARLES TOWN 899 OR VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, Minville Plant No. 899 Charles Martinsburg Plant AM 7.8955 Many atra ymn ef Marius Exclu~ve Gyrafoom aetim gem dothw ~' Easy Terms. ~ow Down Trade-In. Come in TodsYl CHARLES TOWN GAS PHONE 226 CHARLES :.................. ................... :.:.:.:.:.:,:.. ........,.....,... THE CHURCH FOR ALL... ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church is the greatest factor on earth for the building of character and good citizenship. It is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor clvillzation can survive. There are four sound reasons why every person should attend services regularly and support the Church. They are: g|) For I~is own sake. (2) For his children's sake. {'3) For the sake of his community and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and material support. Plan .tu go lo church regularly and read your Bible daily. Day Book Chapter Verses Sunday I[ Corinthians 9 l-IG Monday Philippians 4 Tuesday I Corinthians i~ ~7-58 Wednesday ~II Corinthians4 15-18 Thursday John 1 15-18 Friday Psalms 'S4 1-12 Saturday II Peter 1 1-8 "For Thy 10me we thank Thee, Lord... for Thy help we pray." . Just a few words, rooted in gratitude. But gratitude means so o.. to the Giver .... and to those who receive! To God it means that we are not too busy enjoying Hisgifts to uade stand His love. . .e~l'~ _ To us it means that wehave not forgotten the heart o]. life. We h; tlY lost sight of the spiritual center toward which the Church cons.: points otW vision. And to our children it means a family life baSe 0 faith and prayer. Of course, our "blessing" or "grace" is only a small part of the tian Life to which the Church calls us. But, like every piece in a it belongs there ! And the sooner ice put all the pieces in place, the sooner we'll nde '- stand the HOLE PICTURE. 4lop, eight I~P. el~eee Ao'~. ~r,~ea. $tteDu J" : This Advertisement Sponsored By The Business Firms Below In Support Of The Churches Of The Community: SMITH & STRIDER FUNERAL HOME Charles Town, W. Va~ MERCHANT & NOLAND GULF SERVICE 321 West Washington Street Charles Town, W. Vs. Phone 5006 H. W. WAGELEY, INC. SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE Phone 241 Charles Town, W. Vs. JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., Inc. S HERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Phone 45 Charles Town, W. Vs. RANSON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. RANSON, W. VA. PHONE 309 KIRBY CLEANATORIUM "DRY CLEANING AT ITS BEST" East Washington St. Phone 686-W L. W. JAMES, Owner CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE STATION Phone 5007 Charles Town, W. Vs. COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. CITIES SERVICE Charles Town, W. Va. Martlnsburg, W. Vs. -- Leesburg, Vs. VALLEY BOARD CORP. tIALLTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA RODGERS SINCLAIR SINCLAIR & GOODYEAR PRODUCTS West Washington St. Phone 5036 Charles Town, W. Vs. J. L. EACKLES FUNERAL J. DONALD EACKLES Harpers Ferry, W. WHITMORE LUMBER BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 650 Charles Town, J. EMORY KABLI ESSO DISTRIBUTOI~ Phone 578-W Charles Town, PITTS - JEFFERSON 'I ~HARLES TOWN, W. "ALWAYS A GOOD J. C. PENNEY CHARLES TOWN, W. POWHATAN E & IRON WORKS RANSON, WEST