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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
January 22, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 22, 1959

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J V rig. Partly cloudy, 1 TWO SECTIONS md turnin., much ; tonight with a few I I 1A- PAgF - 1/, is afternoon in hill [] In nv n ,Wave toonight, lowest [] II US looFriday fair ~md I II Read By More Than 20,000 K xor Saturw y, I J as cold in the after- I -- People Every Week "Serving The Charles Town- Ranson and Jefferson County Community Since 1844" NO. 4 WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THU.RSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1959 COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 (ENT. Id Jury F as L igk Agemla With Only Fourll!lck_0fD mes [Beginmn [nday Hight'.February,6 ns aei.!! lndicteJ, All )nFie ony Chargesl v,, Be Staged ln iRtp , "1 M l ,' T Try , et,n erc a lt, o }.D.{]III/ ] capitol after the House adjourns. [ ..I Jeffersonvc ,.-~ flrcult]}[~~i l~k ~/l[~~~/ r COUrt15 Se e o use a I we,.t|]]" ~^~ "':"'" -~I]l [I]=L - -- R fl ,~ r~r- -....-.- / me mxmRV POliCe ume} m .... ,,'I,, r,~o,,n,y(,hades McIntyre x~Town to~ Sa). [,,, /LI The top 1arming FI aware ~o!i ed ..... Dei~/[|] '[/wereTO reco V nized b N )~] n 1o t|[P}]|/I]I a This's once again polio month lk ' $ Docket of Jur Trials For Januar Term m Jefferson county as well as ably Heavv I y y I lnd,ctments Are the" nation a'nd [o help at(. rl a L 1 ours, - - t raise ~unas for this worthy cause Q/ t[~ / ;r..._, 10f 0unq im.t.,,..a I. All Jefferson Coun, ty Donald ,No-]rl~ "lr'lr -~'l-r-r 1 ~ 1 I ~uur II~lldlll~U III Hll ~na, ca airman of the {e~'e,'son , . ~.{lll~I FounaaLion ior mlanme [~ s,.__ .t.,, IDate of Case Style of Case Typ 1"------ O-------'--" ] la ve Wa shin _ton 3al Lllel R P G iffith Civil Damn e rll ' l ll|l U , "p-j " y [January 27--E. L. Miller vs. ,.. "ff [ " {been arranged and will be carried / @__ ' _. [Januar 28---Ke stone Acceptance Corp. |ut within the next week or ten ---- ~flleavy Term of y Y" ThOvsPSOn :Olah act F~ur -rne~- -we':e Jnd'ted by a days ~:d:i~i, C:ilne of the |a' gest tu~n0uts f ~etafl Me'chants f Febzumy 3--C j t; T0 lmCps ontracL llemSo T [: at T:::d Mothers Hope "SCheduledto'openlFebruary 5--Mallard Construction Co. ]thor one of larger iund rais Iunanimusly to-give Friday night shopping hours a tryITt Can U#lRu ,nuary 20 ,but wait l vs. Corbitt & Thompson Contract [ Felony charges were returned a ling projects staged annually in ]and also to once again this year sponsor a two-day George{IV IlllUIII]r oecauseofhazar- " ] Co vs Igainst Pranklin Delan R~sevelt|CharlesTwnwillbehetdnwest[ " "" " " ' I-- litions February 10--Lutherwlle Suppy . ~ . , Myers Clark Lorraine Bit~in er Washin ton street i th vi' ' Washington Bnthday sales pzomotmn m Chmles town. ll I. A ,rning ,the =grand [ Corbltt & Thompson C nt' Densil Tunney Kidwiler and Ed-l of the New Central Restaurant And preliminary plans for the blff bargain sale to be orcnlmms u non Tuesday. . 0 ract ' g g n e emity . onclu s 9 ward Hosby and ~he Charles Town PostoWice , o .,. ded its du'tie [February 1 ---Richard Rosinski vs Charles I ' ] ' ..... ,, Febr--r- 20 1 . t agenda. Four I ,v..... t..uo,, ~h,). tn. ( ivil Dama e I Myers and Brttmger were indic- [ S atmday. / " I ~e.~. ~xron..~.~ .... ,.~, .+ ,~ ~cl, ~wo on charges ] ~" .......... # "~'~'=' *="" . .. "~.. .. ~ [ted jointly and severally and char ! Members of the Charles Town ] at the meeting. ] some"hal~"hundre~mo'~'he'~'~ o'S'Jet ~ entering, one on Petit Jurors Wl|| report on the oays lnalcaI:ea at P:~st) ged wi~h a series of breaking and Kiwanis,and Lions Club will be on ...... L ....... ,@--------~-------~----- " s .... " r~l~rYi~.~n9~[a, m., unless otherwise excused by the Judge or the Clerk. [e~terings in ,Ohe S'hypherd.stown ]thedow~tffWnnSt~etsal} day Sat: [patBre:is"o}'SOFhrai~las I h_." I--C-- il--~-----~._l. T_ I fert ~c,:'~tYrWt~le1 }t:nndlsnfotrheJea~- a uu,u. . rea. xmm men pleactea guilty TA) utu ty Uullt=t u .IIIUIIg.V lt l" bll IJUl . erson Count's anrmal drive for o nee .... .... I ......................... lie n .,o lstores will be offered :t he oppor- [ JonB plt:t,mmlcK l0 I . y. ............... , .......... . ..... ' .......... v,'a'u=u i ....... t .... the Infantile P , .... - ~,irte Bi, ' Merchant s~id it ~ts he e th tumty ,to do :~l~e~r mgh,t shopping a alys~s Foundat- ttmger weze on probation. The request was re- ' p d , e . ' . "o " .rge . , I ' e 1 , Friday evemngs wrt,h the crier= I n when they stage their Mo- s of bzeakmg Hone ferred 'to the probation officer for P opeof Charles Town, Ranson , . .... ,,,fl ...... Nine Divorces Are Grantedl y l,....+;,.oHm.- chan,ts agreeing to g~ve the Fraday [Be Guest S,eaker At I ~lrtrJ fll| ~f .T ff~r f~n ~1 '!~t~'fJ ~,1?iJ) h~ theI s Mulch. And for about two te ...... ~ .~...- ....... ~,~.,.,.,. - ........ et"'s .... -"-"~ ...... ni ht she ing hours which some -- }hours that evening every effor~ d on a charge of I Kidwi:ler yeas indicted on two as generous in ~their g~ving to the gPP , , . , , . 'dwa~ 1 a t merchants have been advocating will be made to completely canva,~.~ d Hosby was charges of forgery both of which pol o c use his year as they have ' ' ' Challe~ Town and Rar~on and ,ludnements Entered In Civil Suds I 1 1,o, more than a year a try for a E |SO0 a] Church Sunday - 0us assault were commi~ed last A nl he also ..... - *=~ P P - . ~ . .p . ~'e~-" 'n "ast" ~r-. period six months If at *he end rhe mothers are most hopeful ,that o~e~aOOcnc ,the Court I . .... ~ ~ "" d Bh"llis ] ;]eace~ogP~roYb~ti~n 'a:k~dt~t: rbee ]'-" - ~ ~of ,t~is period it is' found that Sat The Rev. John N. MeCormiel~, {they wlllflind a lot of porchlights oming,~erm[ Jua e u l-I ~oagers gram.eallrom ~rnes~ trouser' an y ..... i till be*er ni htlAdmi istr " e As~ ourmng Ior mem g " ' ' onfln e In I u, day m~ht ~ s . a ~ .g n a~,v , ~tant ~o the JUry trials, all..of nine divorces and en, tered moneY Mane I~llmer was gran,ted a dl- q tlest was ,taken under advise- J y J nK $ u es for t~hose who desire o s~hop ,at Dean of ,the Protestant E "see al The many mothers w~ho will be loc~tses.,l,,our ~. me judgements in two civil ~ts as vo~x~e zrom wayne l..ilmer. ] merit. ......................... ] [ night t~he s.tores w411 once again Seminary in Virginia at APalex~)ne_ I ill n zz ue,.. u marching for polio Wednesday ev- ..~t:.ulw ano ~'nom 1 the Circuit Court of .Jefferson j In law matters Charles Town J ,^...~v~y_..w~ [,~?.~v~ wr[. ~emn- [ IIne BetOfllV Wnll$ m / close ' on Friday night ,as *hey I dvia will be ,the preacher in Zion [ cuing will this year have a three- ~wou~ oi 'criaims Coun, ty opened in Charms vown General Hospi, bal was awarded a ,uu~..~saut~,, vu~ um no~ answer ..... I" ...... ...... " =' have been doing and remain open Chu~'ch nex,t Sunda Januar 25' fold message to carry forth since ~'du~ cue ciazmanus r 21 , , rns Who. ~lled m court yesterday af Y Y ~_... '. I yesterday, Janua Y . ~ [ judgeimertt against Rut~h Ha' I._._=- ~ _~'. 7}... ,., ...., / Saturday night t th at the eleven o'cl~>ck service ] the National Infantile Paralysis a~erlais ann su lea ~ernoort z~tt~non~les were reques~ Foundation has taken on a n ~. .'~. P" ] The Court had been schedu J in the amotm~ of $341.80 in an un J ~.. : ......... i r lWSleal i.laSSA! n001 [ Thus action'of the merchants I The occasion is l~he annual ob- ] ' ' e ', , urn.isned by the {,to open Tuesday, bu,t *he opening ] contested ma,~vter; and Stvt~tford J ect to ~aKe him m eusmay on szgnI~. I J / Tuesday will give shoppers the of [ servance of Seminary Day through ] and expanded program of medical = taetenaant while la d ~went four hours on was awarded n he of a m to u~ h E ca~e ~ehabfl~tahon and research ~- - _ I was de ye ~ Y- : J Credi,~ Corpova~ - J ~ .~ - [ John Willi,am Marshall Jenkins [ ficial shoppi g urs 9 o 't e plscopal Church in Un- [ " ' "~ ~ ' ' ' " " ~i ~,~ngagen in con due to inclemen, t wea t)l~r I a judgemen, t ,in t~he amount el I |l~ L4|n#tP ~A~el Wtq~#.[# [ ~ o..;.~ ~,:ono ~,.no.., o, ~.~,'[ 5 n m from Monday through [lted States Each ear the E isco I Heaaing the drive will :be Mes- .k' ..... e new Charles James Stuck was awarded a $671.17 ag~nst Eugene Campbell vzs~ lVlllIV1 IlVgM ffl~[~ t les Town Junior' High' School. died" Thursday and on. Saturday; and pal Church. sets aszde one Sunday ] flames Pzeston Meichant, and Don. 0f V~rgmm ..... oesner-vorcet, apasafrOmwas~ll~,awardedmae ~uck,a d~vorc=M~ ~ and Helen ~ampbell., unexpectedy abou,t 9.'35 Wednes- from 9 a. m. until 9 p. m. on Fri- tOf~r rem~ndr i io smembersti Of a the need amthe pas~'~lana wee~:Wnol 8onaVehnmg". oeenup oUSYmo 'r, " In a number of sm.ts pending day morning while participating in day. el g u educa on nd a spec .... :~eld .and Myrtle from Lorr,ine Papa s~; Janice Mc against Corbi,t~ and Thompson, t some physical exercises in the By switching to ~rld.ay night lal oferlng Is ~taken for use in the Ithers tostage, a successful driye. ~aPmlntiff fima an~Kinney w,a.s ~waraea. a mvorcelgrowing ou~ of financial difficul-I ......... Ischool's I~hysical education class ]shopping hours Oharles T0wnlchurch,s seminaries, j.~'rom#.unut~weonesaay, ntgnr ~-~on in court Wed [ from Melvin ~. Mc~l.nney~ ~_ai- ! ties experienced bY ~th~t concern ] t~ minor highway a ccmen~ was ] School officials said Johnny" as [ Stores will now ,be on the same ] Mr. McCormick was educated u~ I'me roomers Will ~e KnocKing on ~and ehe defend- {l inn Coats was awaraea a mvorce ]as a resul,t of conserpction of the ] re l~r~e~t_to qnaries .town ~v~e [he was known by his ,class~tees l operating hours as retail stores in [Ken, t School, Washlngon and Lee)many trent .~oors mey hope ~el~'me 'co aemur. ~o Irom ~;arl D. Coa~es. I new Charles Town Raceways ...... ehe | r-oJ!ce Tnursaay m. ormng, ~an. ia bad been doing "some "chin-ups' surrounding towns and cities. University. and ~e Virginia Sere- ~ne porcmignt~s wen. ~e ~urning ~for *he [ Charles F. Br2wn.wa.~_.granted a [Charles Town l~cing Asso~s~tion ]wl~n a imnel ~rucK ano earbemg ]when .he slum d ~o the floor He ]Many of the merchants at ,the ])lnary. He has held pastorates in {ann your comributmns will be =' atria, of t:ne] ,vce ran 'nw rown;I an werstothe]Zpvtvem~tcuisinn~'our~nl ~ " Pe ' [meetin feltthatl keeingopeniLouisvile and Hus n ]reaoywnenmeyca~Jl~istnroug, n '.., , ~. , ..,, >.~., ..... a~gep~red anti flied ~ wa~ zxt~he to ~the Charles Town g , y p [ , K.y o to and . .- - - " .... . Claims ot crettttors Wh I Oeaer~l ...os Cml but was ' ro- 1 Y g . C .ng to . . tae at ~he ~resent B~,~.t'rni-~ ,~ ,~,v,t a divorce , ' 0 seek to Avenue in Ranson abottt 10 a .~n. t~.~, , ate onFrida ni htinsteadoI Sa~ Austin. Texas before ~mi the burning POrchl~ght ~ha,t the rthe_r acMon must from Hermen H SmlCh Shirley afvt~c~n an mone due Corbl~0t and .. t;narles "l~wn ~t~te Tro~per P ' P urday it would tend to keep reg= the Seminary as Actm|nistrative mothers w~ll know that you demre )I1 o . , Y Y 1 nounced dead on arrival ~there by . ,. , t~,~he demurrer. Hardy,_.w~as award e~d .a. divorce hera n in ~he ~ands of ~he As ommy .Waro._sa_id.._~ 1948 Ford Dr ,~ildred Williams Dr Williams ular Charles 'Town: I~anson. and Asslstan to the Dean. He served to make a contribution to thi.~ .rs which wi~ oe Item william D Hardy; Paulin~ T . ~pso P~nel truck bein~ driven by Bobby -' " " Jefferson Coun~ ShOpping crane four ears ,as a line officer in the cause ~t , " orce socza~on Gene Br ed sazd death had been caused by Y Y 4. in l~he absence Houser was grartted a ~v . _ e en of ,Ranson ,and in Charles Town sin~e stores in UnLted States Marine Corps He Although no quota has been set ~e ' , ....................... m: , a reputured congenital cerebral .. . . separate mum- g ng v:as~ on Fourth Avenue, aneur ism other nearby calms will be opera- ~s married and ~has three children, the Mothers are going to bend re which has : ca wned by Harry B Ozl " ' Charles Town Zion h . much as they have m previous , , i , n l umoer ' " 1945 in Suxnmlt Point a son of ' C urch has had erther a ruary 2; and ,theIW. i'. I:. Yerff Ke rTsU [hon,_Jr. and Ranson and parked [~,,~n ..Xnmo~ ~o.~h.u' ..n ,~o,. [ The merchants also voted to tel [o~ e,~ nr~ ~ ..... h.~ .f ,h./Years. rt was stated. lagett et al vs on ourrah Avenue Breeden was 1 edn sda clos l ' ' s c r L ., , " garet Joyce Van Huss Jenkins ]low the same ear y W e Y Board of Trustees of the Virginia . " y~T_h.e latter case [~# M~t.M R, II Itt ra hmtdahwt w.,~hout an/ Surviving are one brother ~v-lings for t~s l~hey have tSemlnary, the Rev. Stanley F. [BhMmhde In ha~'uneo 0y a jury | ~| I~l~I I~|||~ ~|Vll~ 'h~i~lUlN/~ | ~wv~,_m_,v.~,ncense. ~amage m(~ne |id McKinley two sisters-Joyce I in vlae past. This won In mean the t Hauser, ,present rector of Zion [ ................ ve agreed to sub , . '~WO Vehicles amoua,~ea ,to aoou~ ', stores would close ~ noon eaon r ' 1 " " )~rtf ....... ~ ~ ,. |~=~ ,1, ................ [Ann and Judith Majone, all atl ......... IChu chlsservngznthatcapacity.}~, t ~ . I, ur *~naz n meI ', :' ,'re I[...... , m,wcr v~z'u ~am. {,home " I WeanesaaYcuring the mn~ns x] ~ ] 'the law Charleston W. Va. ~he CR.p~tot building just befo ~ : ................ May June Ju, ly ,and Augus,t .be .... 3~epnerosmwn ~z Alle ' ' ran into ,ni,lT~ .... Th~ 'bod~ w~ .~,,,u~cd Th~.~- , , ' ~ber C--n- Burk~art o January 20, 1959I .... =m. ~m,--~- faffard Waltan day afternoon from t'he Melvin T. ginning ..Wednesd.aY. May 6 and Cold Wave Is C0mina ~_ umpany, ,vne / Dear Max: I \" ...... .... " .... I ~,,~..v.~ ,v uuv.~, .~ | ,~tr~n~r c,,.~..~o] p ...... ~ ~,~. ~n i running through weanesaay, Aug I ~ . f~n Janllat, u ~}'~ ~or ~rial bu~ t~he sl ure ~elf ............................ vn ~UelUU! &/ 'g~n,ted -" [ S~ar~ing off ,another session of ,bhe [ As. to ~he ~t . i , | _ . " . ' _. ] Ranson ,to t'he Jenkins ,home in ] ust 27. . .... I at. P t t,s .. "] $ :rotlV~d ,~f ~conyln- [ Legislature ~hould, after ~xteen ] whicn, ~eg~n just_ a:_ weez._ ag~ / Tn Hav Inttallaflnn / Summit Poin,t where i't will res,t [ .. In planning for Che w,asn}ng~on [ aner freak weamer [ On Tuesda- "-n ..... n ...... tls irn~~',~r '~ ....... ,~ ~'~ [ years of 1 ,seem very .much ijKe } .~aings..are s mi vei~., mUPVwl~ trne ~ntn~ro.,U,.~ / --" "'=' ................ | until Friday wlaen, it will be 'taken .... I tii.rmctaYh salesublici,~ s~meWaS agreeaof the~besti l| || ~ea ..... uz'oss ulooamobite~'~"= ~'~'~unit~'~"will~"Cbe e su~:"~. "" " "': .... " Old stuff, :and be ,boring to me, bu,t ioraTtaffave s~age, rt .... at noon to the Summi,t Poin,t Me- zer ~o r e p .... Freak weather conditions pre- " ' , a~,,, t is 'asuat for ],here is Mwavs enough excitemer~t I duotAon of bills t~he chief business~ The Jefferson Courtly Chapter/thodist Church for services at 2"30 [bargain ~buys they have ever pres [,,o,~n ~, ...... t. ~u .... ,~.~ ~.,. [atthe War Memorial Braiding !n l"~" and~iways so" me new angle of ap o.f bot)h .Se~te and House. Among .and ~tafford Chapter of the Izaak The--R-ev--Samue-1 F- B~tc-hel" will J ented ~o Jefferson countians. | ~=',:,~"~...'.:7= ,-~.~.~,~::.,,-=,,s ...,~-...,,: / ~nepnerasmwn Irom lu a. m. umii a session here un/~roaeh" ' to uroblems down here ~;o J'~l~ese, ail oz which of course have J Wa~ton League wm nold ,t~ezr an I officia,te" ' "and burial will' bein the[ To date zt looks 'as mu~n 20 r| ~,~ ,h, ~,],~o~" "=~ ,v, ~,, ~,,u ..... ~=,uwa,a~i,,,~,~=,u ,,,c.,to., | a p,: m. ....... m-a-l~e-it-e~'tremely interesting, to be worked over by comrn~,t~ees, nual Ins ll~tion Dinner and Dun Masonic -ce-me~erY- in Mi-cldleway_ J more merchants will.,participate in [ 1"~"19"57 "~'hen~ a't'~i'me~,'th~-'~w~'~: | ~ ~aKe, s omy,~a minutes. ~o no- t ~~ ....... ,t-.~ ...... ~,~,,n from the]are: Ice ~t Chet~ommunzsy uen,~er Wed/ ~ ]~he sales promotional program and/,~L ..... ;;~2 - ^..~' ..... ~-=' ~.~ a/na, te a pm~ ot oiooa, Any --~te .L u~u=,, w=.~ ~,u--tr.~. . . .=~,.~..=.u. u, u.~ u~mw ~ zero man or w~man between the a es runs A bill' to submit' .to ehe voters ~.t nesday January 28 7 30 p m copera~e to the fullest ~o make readm w s al g" !~trltl.---- 9" -" ' '- "-": ' : "' - During t'he course of the even-|Dr" {the affair an even bigger success! - g .a.^..s recrdedinDec'lof. 18 to 60 can become a donor. V'- -'~-~y "~ at land this ~ernoon I ran into Ted['me nex~ e!ee~mn,une ques~on wne| lug there will be a Country Ham| To Mental Health Group | t'han it was last year. | ember o i l~a~. ... .| Minors must h.ave the written Per- u , ff ~her vne vol:lng age snoma oe re D h sale is om to be a Temperatures rap~a~y recoverea 1TllS~lOn of melr parents or guard ' -- Mens Club ]Lowery just as I was smiting o / . _ ~ ~ .... , "J inner, Installation of new officers/ The Jefferson Coun,ty Associat-| Since b e ' g " g ] .......... I " ~!~ .... " . " "---- I,~n nn~ i s i is two| aucea zrom zl ~o lU years oz age /and a ' ff I1) | inn f~r R/fant~l ~'~lfh xutll p@t flair the re ular sho ana reacnea a hign oz o~ aegrees ian oeiore mey can become aon- y , ....... of .these ~aun,t - ..... ; ......... .. dance wz~h music bemo f..., .............. . ......... . ...... m~.J two-day a . g P-| ..... [ c m ~ Anomer wmcn woma s~pma~e weanesaay aI~ernoon ors . eeting of the I miles- and in~ited hi~ to ac o -, . . ' . .. . ..| nlshed by Vhe C,a~aliers. [ at the Hilleary House on Sourth[ ping hours will be observed. | J . ~l~.s Caznp Sons of / pany me To my surprise he aceeo I th~ all prtmary eieot.lons.~noma | Please con~tct James P. Propps | George Street on Monday, Jan-| Once again participa~ing mer-"i The section escaped the Creezing ] The Young tiomemakers Club of ~a~s will' be held~[ ted, and I w~s a, ble to catch up on I ~)e neld m ~ay, .msteaxl o~ ~ne pres| for reservations by Saturday Jan | uary 26 Dr D. K McIn~yre will| chants will be designated by dis- [rain which fell Tuesduy morning ] ~nepnerast.own has vomnteered to ~ ~n Men's Club I some s.chool m~bters from home as ] en~ ar~angeme~ w nereoy ~ney are | 24, phone 922-W. ' "| be the speaker and'his subject will[ playing red and white Washington | in most nearby sections. ' [ spoz~sor visi,t. ~r:~ 2%h at 6:30 PI ] we walked along. One ,thing in par I held in every, o~ne.r year. | Admission per person for ,the | be Phpsiological Effects of Alcoh- | Blr,thday banners and pennants | Rainfall for the month thus far ] ine c~.~y ~s cooperating w!th the tzcular I was del~ffh~ed to hear was one m repeal ~nat_ pa~ ot .me ~oI~| evening including dinner and dun- ol. The Rev. Richard E. Neal, _ores/t in their display, windows und | has amounted to 1.37 in~h~s~ _.', ,-,,t,.,. I projec~ oy making it possi,me zor. for the meeting I,th, at there will, before long, be [ Continued On Page 8-A ce is $2.50. /iden urges a full attendance.~hroughout ~heir stores. 'Including the fairly heavv ~re-['all donors to have free parking m. '~: ire rote tion in ~ ~ "- areas close to the War Memoriat )t~., Banks, Porrest ] more adequate f P C ] ............................................................ J fz~ntal showers of Wednesday i .... :i'. _ ,._~ ~ W. Buckles, [Wri~h~ Denny Sohool. ~ will be i ~a~ ~ ~ . w ..... , A _ _ ~ 'J nl"*',t IU"uiru~" ' ~re ,, K, W Eutsler effeoted by enclosing the st~r- t ~" " . For an appointmerit call 3011 or ~'dand'Jo'h~S:wa. ameaodTed'h~"~eend~s-)'~'lq--ey Were Plonored As Countv s Most Outstandmgl A coldwave'sexpectedtoar'lsee any fftember of rthe Young I cussing v~it)h the Fire Marshall ~t [ .~ "l t = ~ .~ ,... ~ ,~ -- .i. [ rive tonight. ) Homemakers Club. , _---=----.._ , lFersonalmes Jefferson County Jaycees-Jaycee-ettesl_ _ _ . _ _ . wnCouncll tncourage I Woman 0f-l-M Year Winner 0f- Award J ost O.l ng Boss [Top Young - - r Igecord CrOwd, Sees County's ........................................ , .............................. , ................... ,..=::. ......................................... , ......... ., .,oo,,,,,.,,, ................ :::~ ..... p Awards H - :::::: ::::::::::::~ ~:::L::::~ ' '. =============================== : :: :~!~~::: ::: ::: :: : :::: ~:: : ":" ".::: ::::::::: :: ::: .~ :~: ~Y' ~!~:k~ ~ ~j ~:< ::~. ". :":" ."~;~ ::: ::: ::::: ::~ ~:::; e :;:: ........ :#;: ;~::..~ :>:::::. : ~, .::,~..-::::::::::::. ..-. :-:':':': ,:;;~': ':.. " ,..:::4:~:~-,-:~,:~;~ "