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Charles Town, West Virginia
January 20, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 20, 1966

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]proposals. The project provides SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE I for a team of five curriculum THURSDAY JANUARY 20 1966 ........ I specialists and supporting ser. " ' ' . m, / ,.I vices. Approximately one-half of would,p sein allc rPrbabilitY'umstances areCntri'notstraUnd that(Farmerszf the Admm~stratioHme A d~ TO THE # ]~ [the funds are to support curri- . .... i PUBLISHED ]gV]g~Y 2'HIrRSDAkY ,~--=-- ~..~ "~~ [culum committees, workshops,[[ .... ~ . ,I~i r[[~m IS :i!ii!~ [institutes and to make an Ed- |1 ....... ,W| |Vm ~ !~ ii/iiii~ [ucational T V. feasibility study. |1 i i--=~Ji.= |m| ii :BY THE JE]F~RSON PUBLISmNG CO., INO, ---- m,------- ~ ii) I Budget approval has not yetl! I idFUIV W .. | | " s Town W. Va. ~ ~:.~:;~i been received from the contract i J 210 North George Street - Charle , p n B-x 154 ~ :~-~ [ [! U-= -=J ~ ~1~ i I ..... ! ~:~:~ officers at the U. S. Office.! Zip Code 25414 Halltown, W, Va. ~ !::i::~:~ [Chairman Randol"h said th^ "ro 1! ~ [| Ui ~ii i~ - . Mr. Max Brown, Editor ~ !iii~ IJect would not get started~u~tii II I I B, Henry W. Morrow I!11 nnfinn " V e ' :..' . ~ ~8,~aw,*d vv * ~VAAVVV ~Jplrlg OI Jetterson-Au ocat :. ::.:..., ................ 22 KNO ...... . ...... ~ ~i~ [ this approval is received. It is [[ | | u., ..... j ......... i [ UIIklVll , ~m,u ~x mtun~, -n~.~ ~vv rmux-,.,,- Charms 'i~wn, w. va. g ii~i [ expected beforeFebruary 1. [[ ~ . J)ear Mr. ~rown: . . " Through the cooperation of Shep- I1.~____........~~ Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postoffice I hope you will see ht to prmt her Colle e the ro'ect will be I I I NATIONA}, NEWSFAP_E' )~pl tb~e~epde?tothelCOl:l~gweoa~d?:mm~ho~ IINNC~NS~:NE:TC moNemWo::;kwhC:ty' Wacn~ed A C T N point. I I . ' ~b S~ G ~ has hundreds of stray and un- I I I A similar project has been ap-, If the Administration in Wash-happens to be the same thing'-~ 'k,,d~i_tmi~] ~~ taxetl uogs roammg around., ann [] [] [ proved for Region VI at Park- ington is intrusted in holding the ~eel companies_ wanzea... ,~. " no one seems to oo anyming a- [] [] I ersbur~ support and confidence of think- rresment nau mtervenea m .,]. - ~ bout gathering them up. They [] [] [ - " __ ing Democrats who, at least make steel matter, not on the gro~ et m m chmkens and kill them MAX BROWN, General Managor g " Y ' . " I [] [ PA,,,&, kd,~,&.d, k an effort at being intellectually that a rise in the price of .~s~:~ DON RENTCH, News Editor -- HENRY MORROW, Auo. Editor and. when.there ]s a Dog Warden I [] [ bUUlll] IVl~illal fl~OllH honest, the Administration is go- could not be justified, bu~ ~ : ne ~us~ Will not p_ICK up ~fleftog.s, l ,.~ l-- . s ----. -- ing to have to start thinking and the ground.that the nationa~ National Advertising Representative, American De cause ne nas no p,ace ~u pu~ ~ ~ /L;hamer lll~lt~tive~ acting in terms of principle in- terest militated against su~* ........ ." ...... ,,~ .... m ~::iii~ m r - --# ....... stead of think[n- ann act[n- in rise. A policy of consige~ Newspa r Repr~senmtives, Am:,, ~ ~'~m Ave, New xorg ~ : e, ,., ~ pe " The towns are full of these I ~ D.. a.-.I.m_=x terms of politics. There are still would.certamly suggest that ~., Detroit - Chicago r Atlanta - San Francisco - Los Angeles dogs. I have been told that they Senator Jennin~s Randolvh discusses camDaima with [ UUIIIfl U DY r[c lUC.! a few people left in this country ciseiy me same reason or ex~ .......................... ~ ......... , pother childrer~h:nStheeTaYiteOMike Mansfield, Senate majority leader, l~fore leav- J At the *a-:a-'" --e-tin ...... who harbor the notion that "con- call it. what you w!ll, cou!d !~. ~JLJlI~UIIIY'I'KLN ~4.UO rer Ir., rms xzcm. w. va. xax ~.oo, %,u m ...... ..__ ,^ i.-.... .... ;.. , harbo,.. I . .. ~"" .~Y *." ~ . . u~ ~,~ sistency, in the long run, is ueen. mvoKea m almw w~.~.,d . run people away ~rom me picnic ul~ tat tttt~ st] t:~.u~u~,~ ill ~ v~,,..~. | Jetterson uounty Association zor ,,,oo~ ,,ioo ,, ~.,., ....... .,.. ton to inter:ere in the tr~ nr,~ ma,,~,,~a N,,w,, ,,. Advertising, Deumrtment tables in the picnic area at the ~ Mental Health the Reverend All- .~ 'Y v~ ~ Lo, Y."~. ~v~'~2'"~ ! strike But I could hardly _~| ,,.,,~ ~. - _ o ~ ~ e I don t e Bartl " me Jonnson ¨n]stration noes. . ..._.y v_ ?~ ......... Park at Harpers F try. Washington, D C --- U S Sen- I private citizens the 1960 cam-[ n ett, president, outhned ,,, ~,,,~,~ ..... ~,~ ..... .~ ^, heve my ears when the Presidt~ DIAL 725-2046 or * za think that anybody would say ator Jennin-s Randolnh (D -W I pm~n nled~,e "to move West V]r-/ob]ectwes for the Chapter for ........... up and said he hadn t mterf i . . o ~" " o ~" o me last two weeks are lllustrat- " qPT-IITR~I~AV IA~JITARV 9.fl 1996 anythmg about a little hungry VA.) ~s m Charleston today to I ginia ahead," was redeemed He[ one. year. . . ..ive of tho noint Take fnr ex in New York because "he ha~ ~'~ ..... , ..... "~ ....... ' " pup nut these cogs are vmcmus file his offlcml a hcatlon as a Tne mree major oo~ecuves Will .... ,, "~ _ .............. " . ! . " p p i " . .. [cited the beginning of this sixth[ ~_ . ~J _" ." ". ample, the matter of inflation" been asked. Small wonder ]I~ auu ~ui,~ m pa~r,a, eanaiaate tor re-election to me lyear of economic progress as[ ue: .Keeping aDreasx..ot currem Most neonle without knowin~-re Moyers, his Press SecretarY,][' nl Senate mental nealth leglslat~on eommg ~- ,- , ~, v v ~ AIITft I gTIID . I have been told they kill cats, U "ted States . I proof of performanceon the[ ........... cisel- - h ........... resigning.. Need I say, he h$~ ac oetore me west Virginia l.,egisia y w y, Deneve ]nnauon ~s ~Ik/ ~UIV hi.mum . chickens, goats and most any- In announcing his candid y, lnled~,e ] - - ...... be~- ~~o,~ ,,, ~,,+~,~r,,~ in\t~*:~ " ,t.,._ ^..~ +. ....... +"~,, ~oWes+ ~qr-inia'- ten~-r enator I "- o. /ture a oaa thing; ano, consequenuy . ~-: ...... - ......... -~ t'-.=i , ~.ut~," auu tJ,~ x~.~u. .~ ,~.~ ~ . ~ ~ ,.., .u o " I steel matter ei If it has see]eel to you that t~here are more autos on the in the towns is, they have killed assured his "support for all en-I elSc~n~t~r tR:~dlphe'inWh~8 wa~/ An education program dissem- whenn~lha~i:resident putst.n his so with far les~herstbfU~ahad, a~ rooucln ............. -,,~,~o -,,~ roaxt, you are ragnt. 2xuto makers se~ recoras t)y p g most of the game in the country, deavors for an honorable peace [ r~ o]~otott in l~gfl r~llod fho lo~ [ matmg more mental health ]for [ ............. - - for this intereferen~o was 9,3Z0,O00 cars and 1,777,000 trucks in 1965. And they can get more to eat in in Viet Nam." I ".~.'- ........ -:~y Sy-.. j ..... "/mat[on to local libraries and hos- I~reel c.m.npan~es to wooasne~ tirel- i- accord ..... -'1 Car ,~roduction was un 20 r~r cent and truck output 14 per town The neighboring counties Senator Randolph recalled that['siatin passea vy me uongress[ pitals Eventual establishment of ~r_F~ng .tunee price o~. stee~, M: t'roubles weren'" vet. d * _ .. v ...... 7.:_~'.._e..'__*^f~_ _~, :_ ~,~ do not have dogs running around by working since he was re-elect-Iin response,_~o me .wiu o:. me[ a Comprehensive Mental Health I ry Y t pt steel) noas .... y .......... it. o_e_r:~ ~ cen~ from ~ne prvwvun zecuru~ ~e~ m xou . .. ]i~. ~-hi~ ~- i oaw .n+ ~of, why of] in 1960 with *w,, Presidents I peopm me mueprint to conunuel ~,o.~+o. I approvingly mutters somethin~ ~ULe X COUm ulgest tnls ummu~| Auto men are optimistic that 1966 will again see au pro- we ha ve-tohave't"he'm. . lot"of two-West rir'gini'a" Governors',lmoving West Virginia and the[ group took action to ex-[about good old Lyndon, steel and totally inconsistent.line duct[on records topplmg w~tlt mos~ preomung rumor or people have tried to get some local government officials and lnation ahead in the future. [tend an invitation to the Board lbeats a hasty, face-saving retreat, reason]g,, x was treatea t.o~|, i medium-size gains over 1965 Few foresaw as large a gam at thing done about this and so far I of Directors of the West Va and everybody rests happier and omer uon t - let - your - r18~. the beginning of tke yea); as 1965 tonic up with. no lue k. I a(n 8ure good0tPlao .m . PA . ,, . ,. . _ ^, m Assoc. for Mental Health to ho, i I :aSic yeThny iftheYsdO tt:nt w and- k:O oln h::psYOU v] qL would be welcom y their May meeting in CharlesI ". " .. , i people.Thank you ADOUT ~U Fers0ns near0 umscussJ0n UT [ Town Being host to this group good. Raising the price of steel gigantic blare of pubtiel~J''~. DEAKINE &lNdl~l~fl I OLMk |P arrnwA mnu Ve~ truly yours, ('l--L-- /~--.--'e.m..JL.e---- kl.-J P--- n..:..~.,$....., [provides an opportunity for state FHA. __ , , S T Douglas.~kl[~T~ Lflfl~lmlflllOfl. I~lel~g for h i iUfl$ / board members and members of bute to an inflationary spiral and .. ~n: not to be confused ~ In the verlmcular of politics 1966 is an off-year election "-" -- ........................ ..... [the local Chapter to become bet- notwithstanding the fact that the me reaeral Housing Authc~: s ee m announced that ~t would rec year in West Virginia. This is not the year for electing a pres- Ch Heston, W. Va. . .^ -------:-- ........ [ ter acquainted in the mental t 1 co panics can file a pretty a li -" . " . _ .~_.ecm~ [dent, or a, governor; but it is the year for selecting and elect- January 18, 1966 A group o~, some ao pe~ons I wnom are appz.ntea,.can llterany[ health program, good brief for upping prices the pp cauons xor teaerauy 7| ;.,,, ......h,. ~;u ~iu m-n,~ many other imnortant national, Mr. Max Brown, Editor were at the t;narms Town uivic I keep anon[rig from..t)elng accom:[ The following committies were common good dictates against it nanced home improvements 1.0~! -~ ~,,~,o~ ,,,,,, ,,,,, * ....... s, , - " ' i a lisneci Man counties now teei .... ....... - ............. -'- ~-- --,, Sp~mt Advocate Center auditor um Thursd y I P Y ] also appomted by President Bart at th~s time, not because the steel from those who could not se~ si,u~e, (nstncL ann county OlilCeS. *ine WhOle s~ar~e~~!wm ue cau- ... "" - -" "" ni ht Jan 13 t hear a anel I' that more trained or refessional I 1~~i~ ~~i,. ginia House of Delegates automatically expire at the end of Center in Charleston. A program ' .. ...... [ , o . . ii Membership- Mrs. Joseph R. greedy; it asked them to forego The point of all of this is tidal the current year. The term of office of two members of the of information will be mailed to I mo~r~tOrm.?r~r:Jm:n~ngin m~Y [of_the~eace except_..Demg eLecteae I Prentice and Mr. Reid Geronimo profits to which they would have simple. At the risk of so~n-.~d~ " .... ,, ,~,.,,,~ ,~..~;~ ..... r ]-fferson Co,,ntv will also be you soon I . . , 'Y.: . I ann. the ~ee ~yntem m. ~, :I euolicity - ~ars. it. m. lxeney been otherwis~ e i under old fashioned, may I suggest . ~vu,,~j ,~,.,,.. ,, ~-v,-,~ ~','~" ~ ..... " ., ' state s consutution "n _ nt tied ........ state coma make for oor aclml Pro a called on to vote for two members for the important Jefferson Hulett Smith, J "r Millard Bus -'on- -rofessor] istration of "ustice of Psome cases"1 .L gr m.. Mrs. H. H. Humer. _ normal circumstances because consistency is still good pS i . ~overnor u. n g, p J r~omlnatmg, - ~ars. ~. v ranK the re nt i c a .... CountyBoard of Education. at Shepherd College, told of The [ Professor Francis Printz of[ Humston, Chairman. normal sincere in its anno-'nc-" "~t~ The purpose of this editorial is two-fold: to give some THANKS TO EVERYONE I Constitution's adoption during[ Shepherd College summarized[ Hostesses, - Mrs. H. N Ran- ... " .......... ~ ~.. "C=,~t measure of emphasis to the importance of the coming election, 407 East Congress Street the "Horse and Buggy Era" in / West Virginia's Tax structure.[ dolph " ~ut no sooner do.I get through ~o: 2utiDattl~ng ].natron ~t s~ which is often lost sight of in an off-yeax, and to remind those Charles Town, W. Va 1 1870. Many items just don't fit [Many .of our taxes are archaic,[ Announcement was made at : Srta?djng fJn is aPt ud2ng b theeUol ly" prmclples anent./ ...r. ..... r,o ~,,,~,.;,,~, ,,,,r,1;~ oo,~,;~o +ho+ ~,h~-,mrv 5 is the T,,,,*~,, 19 ~9e.a ' I the needs of a modern state] inequitable, anu uo not meet pre the meet[n,, that Mr Ha-r,, C na y p tzcs of me mom~ti) ,,, ..... : ......... ,~ .... ~ v .................. ~'~ .... , .... ~ ...... : ....... .. . ~ . .. - ~... reaction to the steel matter then You can foo ll Deo~, ~,~o] ~o,, ~,~.. ~n~,,,~ ~,, ~,~ D~.t,~o~.,~ ~,~A ho A,~AII,~,~ t~ar~r~ ......... [almost 100 years later. Dr. Bush-[ sent day needs states wRh more tiarnr auministrator of me una ...... ' 1 a of the p.~ , ........ .... ~ ~,,, ~,-,~ ~l .... ~_ ~ ..... ~, ................ xv--, ---- , ~r.. Max. Jarown, rJuitor 0ng czted' several examples of | m0dern tax systems are often rles Town' General- Hospztal," will" up. comes me. strme of. the, trans- some of the time, .... and some oIoI "~i] for flhng for the 8ehjool Board. Thede hne m less than a Sp~rxt~qf Jggerson-Ad~ocatei. "*tt edeR ehan es incl "rig the use~ makua ~o e ec omie pr russ , ~t:worke~ m tl~. tr~tmn~ larg~l~t ]~.~ple :~ll of the time; but g ~ be the speaker for the February cl Ne - month away. W ~ r~, , l;l~l~ y p ~,,e~ ' ~I Of a shorter ballot a~t~'" the possi- than ~est ~Irgmla. Prlntz~dvo- meetint, a1~n that Mr "obert ............ ~ ..... ~t O~ course ..... an art| " per- Charles Town W Va '-' ~ ~ ~ ' ....... ty, w YorK. i~ow, plamly an~ ~ust can t fo~l all of the o, ~ - -- simply, wnat me transzt workers all of the hme J son to run for any rmrticular office, ann mos~ oz the mcum-i ....... i bilit,, of the -overnor being able/cated a thorough study of the ....... -:." . "- - . "~ .. " . r- __ ... wear ~u: ) ~ ~, m . . t~nanuler, ulrector oz JOD t~orps, bents in the offices to be filled have already announcea ne]r As ou robabl know, I was] to succeed himself if the electo-/entire tax structure win ho tho . no kor f,r tha M reh ...... - ..... Y P Y , . . . .......... ~. .................. intentions But we are remindmg those who beheve they can involved in an automobile acci- rate so dec~ded. / The inclusion of the topic of meetin ..... performsome valuable public service in some particular office dent, at the corner of Cungress Mr. Michael Morrlson, teacher Constitutional Revision in Gover- " --- Them--. that there is little time left for "coming out." and Seminary Street, on the eve- at Charles Town high school dis nor rmmtt Smith s call to the mg- ning of January 6. I was lucky [ cussed State Administration. A istature now in session makes ~)Y~r~0~'S C0~fere~ I enough tq escape serious injury, I Governor is literally 'Hamstrung' this a timely topic. Interest in the ADV[R~St~ IS ' but was )inned in the pickupI under the present system The subject was indicated bythe var-On Community Planning I truck, that I was driving, for ap-i board of Pt~blic Works, some of iety of questions~asked the panel In this issue of The Spirit of Jefferson.Advocate; as in proximately forty.five minutes, l whom are elected and some of by members of the audience.' / In Charleston Jan. 27-28 / every issue, advertisements bring ,much news and useful in- My family and I would like to ex-I - [ L| press our appreciation for the lak 1 Fa Char s o n as formation---information tha every person in Charles Town .... i " . .... [ Most of the names presented lB e ey nn, le T w h I [I nora WOrK ann cooperauon ot me ~r a ~ als Ranson, Jefferson County and this immediate trading area .......... [to tl~e Senate are persons already[entered 12 of the' top n'm The first annual West Virginia[ mcal police, me tire ~epar~ment, use in making their major plans and decisions. Yes, it is so ........... ! holding state posts under appoint I in competition at the Georgia Conference on "The Co]]unity"[ an~ nelgnoors ~t was very grau " " "n o. . ;" .... 1 ments or re-appointments made [ Great Southern Register of Merit will be held at the Civic Center,| V very true and has been for a century and more, Advertm g ymg..le workedt seetnOW etnarUme freemeSeandPe by Smith since adjournment of I Hereford Show to be held in Charlestdn, Jan. 27-28. Co-spon-I is news---andB indeed, verYHoM helpful newstoeveryone."., sored by Gov. Hulett C. Smith[ r MRS. G. E. WEBB 00ST |UW'~! . v o~ .I the 1965 legislature. I Athens, February 19-21, 1966. T/kU,,km would like to say thanks to each [ Silas F. Starry, of Shepherds-[ Thirty-six Hereford herds rep- and the West Virginia Commun-] ann everyone. . I town, for Director of Civil De- I resenting 15 states have entered ity Planning Association, the pro-[ Ha pers Ferry-Bolivar - Phone 535-6569 ,~, ,~lncere~., ,~,,~ [fense Mobilization, to serve at[some 325 head in the event, to gram will dwell on the theme[ How? o~mmo ~nzz xmz~ts~z~ ]the will and pleasure of the Gov-Icompete for $12,000 in prize "Community Development." I STUART CRIM .................. ~.,~.o..~,.~] ernor. I money and for the coveted Rug- It is thought that 500 to 600] Summit Point- Dial 725-7777 There are ways. . :.,w~.~:.," ...,~,r.....,..~.~,..~.~,.,J~:,,,,,~:., ,.:,~.~=m~] C.E. Campbell Beall, of Mar-lister of Merit points, persons will attend, including al One, do more commending and less ~Tiping, mmm imp ~lill~ / tinsburg, as a member of the [ Last year at the Georgia Great number of State, Federal, County[ MISS LILLIAN MYERS Two, do more boosting of what we have and less calling attention to what may be had elsewhere. I-um lmll ~,/~L,L ~West Virginia Library Comm~s-[ Southern Show, more than 5,000 and community leaders from[. ~.. Ds.mL~-- /ion, for a term enaing June ~u,[ Hereford enthusiasts gathered at throughoLlt the Mountain State. I Shenandoah Junction- Dial 725-5168 Three, do your share in buying at home, and more advert[s- U:ALt'HUAK / 1969. [the University of Georgia to wit- Highlighting the program will[ ing of what we have to sell. - v rap- ' :'" I Charles V Bush of Berkeley] ness the largest Hereford show be guest speakers John B. Sween.] MRS. JULIA VIANDS Four, do less ding on the other fellow's shirt-tail. We have as "a member of thei ever held in the southern section ey, Federal Co-chairman of thel Meehaniestown. Dial 725-2596 business pla esha this town that have not advertised fob ~,.~.~:...,,~,,~:.:.t ",:,,~.::...,,~,~,~ .~,~:~.-, "~"::'=~] Interstate Commission on the[of the United States. The show Appalachian Regional Commiss.[ years but wait for other stores and business places to bring Jan. 29 - A. B. Ashwood, one[ the Potomac River Basin. [ is held in the new coliseum on ion; Walter Reuther, President[ MISS MARGARET HOUSER mile south Of Summit Point, 7[ [the campus, of United Auto Workers of A-[ the trade to them. Five, d something definite f.or the town such as attending miles north of Berrykdlle, Va., off[ It,,,,, DA..&~k m:l,,~,~d n In addition to the Hereford merica, and Jason R. Nathan,[ Bakerton road leading from Summit Point[ I~I n llt!l I.I~'~gI~'U | breeding cattle show, 62 head of Regional Director of Urban Re-/ newal Administration, Philadel-/ MRS. ETHEL BUZZARD meeting, s when problehis discussed, volunteer help to de- to Berryville. Farm machinery,[ . -- | Hereford steers have been enter- phia, Pa. / partments of the city govenament and civic organizations dairy equipment, feed, hay, etc.[ led. Silver Grove- Dial 725-2240 needing help r thel' thah hindrances! Sale begins at 10 a. in. | ~ -~"" ~""~"-3 [ ~~--- Five w0rk-shop sessions will be[ Six, remember that whatever good for the business Jan. 26 .We'lsh;~ntique Shop/[ ~, ,~t'oun~' Memrini Park [Board Of Control fromheld, andcommunitiesdiSCussiOnswhichbY leaderShave[/ MRS.MARIANNA-- ---- SMALLWOOD climate of Charles Town - Ranson is good for everyone l Throw away the hammer and get a megaphone! The towns of Berkeley Springs, W. Va. En-| I ..... been participating in the com-[ Kabletown - Dial 725-5707 are just alive as the average citizen, or just as dead. They axe tire contents to be sold at Com-[ Donald G. Rentch who has been i[~lrrH~lm[imm imlllrov#)mL~nT "munity planning programs will| munity Auction lot, at Martins-| interested and active in the Berk-[" .............. r'- --- ....... be given. They will discuss case| MRS. GEORGIA PEARL just as progressive as the average of business, or as stagnate burg, W. Va Sale begins at 12:30[ eley County War Memorial Park I ~ . m A ._-- study programs in their respect-| Chestnut Hill. RFD, Harpers Ferry The rQads i!ato Charles Tow] and Ranson are TWO WAY p.m. [ ever since its early beginning, it.enTer IS UrQOnlZEg ives communities. / affairs. They bHpg p?ople in, or they can take them away ..... / when. the project was started [ " The Conference is designed to| MRS. LENA AMBROSE San. 29 - Stanley E. Eye, Rev.[ nearly twenty years ago, was e-[ The Board of Control for the arouse community action through[ It is up to the people here whether we keep our own people[ and induce oth rs to c,0me, or lose them to other nearby towns ] John Grissinger acting for Miss-[ lected president of the organ[- ] recently approved Multi-Purpose meetings~, public information and[ Engle - Dial 725-2589 es A. Ruthand Grace L. Link, at[ zation at a meeting of the direct- [ curriculum Improvement Center dissemination and promotion of| Are you Lhere? I t; get going! the Link residence located on| ors on Tuesday night. He suc-[for Region II was formally or- planning, urban renewal, public/ ALWA-'I " MhSS DO ROTHY LAKE IT the corner .'of Prospect Avenue| ceeds Nelson Clarke who has lganized at a meeting held at Ca- works, housing and code enforce-/ and Church Streets, Shepherds-[ been serving as president the[ capon Lodge on Jan. 13 by the me, nt m Mille[lie S CO C rnS town, W. Va. Antique furniture,[ past year. Mr. Rentch has served | superintendents of schools from Community Development" is[ MRS, HARRY SHIRLEY In talking W!tl bt sin ss manager many local n e modern furniture, etc. Sale be-[ as secretary of the Board for[the eight eastern counties of receiving much emphasis and at-[ during ,the pa t few days about husir ess the past year the gins at 11 a.m. [ many years and has also been | West Virginia. J. K. Randolph, tent[on in this day and age. The[ Middleway - Dial 725-7669 one thing that stands out above all others is that the con-i .... , [ chairman of the swimming pool[Superintendent of Berkeley more informed community lead-} sistent advertisers got the lion's share of the business volume, ! Feb. 4, - Cattleman s Capital| committee and for the past three [ County Schools was elected the ers become the more able they[ MRS. Sale of graded Hereford Bulls att years has been chairman of the I Chairman and T. A. Lowery, will be to lead. ~ / ELSIE HAMSTEAD Strange as it seem to some that thing happens every Winchester, Va., Livestock Pay[l-I park s operations committee. A I Superintendent of Jefferson . Keameysville. Dial 876.6032 year. . ' Ion on Route 50. Choice set ofl n a t i v e of Martinsburg, Mr. I .County Schools was elected Vice KASTLES' WIN THREE / 57 bulls. Grading at 8 a. m.[ Rentch has also had considerable I Chairman. ' FORM THE DUMBELLS / MRS. MARY B. FURR Wise managers know that and are considering that in some making their 1966 plans. , , Sale begins at 12 noon." m newspaper experience, both with | Dr. James Moler and Mr. Ran. The Kastles Ladies' Bowling[ Leetown Dial 725--5969 , -- -- -- --- | the Martinsburg Journal and[ dolph read correspondence from team of Charles Town won three[ MRS. PAULINE OTT WRmTE " ' . , [later with the Jefferson Repub-[the U. S. Office 9f Education an- points from the Dumbells in act-[ I~A m~Am~ I~ei~n | lican before becoming news ed.[ nouncing approval of the Curri. ion Thursday night in the Bruns-I Mannings. Dial 725-2750 IIII~; liVili I~IIbI~III I itor of the Spirit of Jefferson-[culum Project by the National wick (Md.)Ladies Major Bowling[ The Spirit Jefforson.Advmmte invites and encourages I Advocate, a position which he[ Advisory Committee and the U. P~nh~l$11 Am0ntl 1~9 /has held for the past twelve/S. Commissioner of Education. League. I MRS. 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