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January 19, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 19, 1978

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, JANUARY 19,1978 Lee & Jackson Though many famous figures in American history were born in January, perhaps the most colorful collaborating team was that of Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, the Confederate generals. Lee was bern on the 19th, in 1807, at Stratford, Virginia, Jackson on the 21st, in 1824, at Clarksburg, West Virginia. Time was when southerners read with moist eyes of the great victories won by these two soldiers, often with fewer men and supplies than possessed by their opponents. And, though it may be true, as the late British historian, Liddell Hart, has alleged, that too much romance and too much military importance have been attached to the victories of the Army of Northern Virginia. Hart argued that the war was decided in the West and on the sea, the record d Lee and Jackson is nevertheless impressive. America has never produced a military team to equal them. In both world wars American com- manders enjoyed considerable superiority in men and material. By the year 1864, Lee was badly out- numbered, undersupplied, the blockade was working, OfficialPublicatM f Jefferson County --- Established 1844 -- EDITORIALS / OPINIONS Max Brown.Editor Don Rentch-News Edi.tor It Is A Fact A lady was renewing her subscription to the Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate the other day and she ex- plained that it was one thing she bought each year which she figured didn't actually cost her anything. She then explained that by carefully reading the i advertising each week and taking advantage of the bargains, there had never been a week for which she had kept a record that she didn't save enough to pay and with little hope. But he was winning defensive for her subscription for a whole year. Practically victories against a determined, excellent general every sale made in the large Jefferson County trading named U.S. Grant. area is made to a reader of the Spirit of Jefferson- Lee, who had freed his slaves before the war, was I Advocate. Our advertisers know that, and they also probably not the tactical leader Stonewall Jackson i know that Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate advertising is was in the field. But he was a singular strategist and the quickest and cheapest way to sell their mer- often bold in the execution of his plans. Jackson, the chandise and groceries. There is just no other way to devoutly religious professor, was a master of reach so many, so quickly and the wise advertiser movement and surprise, felled by his own men at knows this. But the advertiser is not the only person Chancellorsville in 1863. who knows that. The woman who renewed her sub- Of these two soldiers, all Americans can be proud, scription is just one of the thousands who follow that They did their duty, as they saw it, for their states, a same course each week. They all do it because it doctrine repudiated in 1865. But it was a doctrine pays. many, in many states, north and southl had believed in for a century. VIEWS ON SOUND AND  countries when our own country Letters To The Editor IH I I llal I H " I ABOUT SPECIAL quite a few tax dollars. If these LEVY ELECTIONS projects that have been voted January I0, 1978 down were in existence it is hard Mr. Max Brown to tell what kind of taxes we Editor would be paying today. We need Spirit of Jefferson the Taxpayers to :represent Dear Max: people like myself and others Today, my daughter brought that cannot afford to pay higher home a notice that 1 day of taxes. spring vacation, also 2 days of Mr. Reininger feels Taxpayers time off was to be cut because of Association is trying to stop PROGRESSIVE GOV'T January 14, 1978 Dear Max, Since I am a member of the Jefferson County Taxpayers Association, I hope you will allow me to use your paper to state some of the things that I personally believe leads to a sound progressive government. I believe money taken from the people in the form of taxes should be very carefully apd wisely spent by Elected Of- ficials, instead of appointed ones. When large amounts are to be spent, the people who are going to finance such programs, has found a means to keep it from functioning? I believe since this country was established through a tax rebellion, the time is ripe for another Tax Rebellion. I believe this can only be accomplished by Taxpayers organizing to protect themselves. I could go on and on, but perhaps this may give the General public an idea on why Taxpayers Organizations are being formed all over this country, and why I believe such organizations need to exist, and more taxpayers either join existing Tax Organizations or News Of Other Years 10 -- yEARS AGO -- 10 MARRIED: Miss Elaine Reba Woody O'Hara, station manager of the local radio  I station, serves as County Chairman of the 1968 Heart Fund Campaign in Jefferson County, announced by the W. Va. Heart fl Association. Miss Althea Louise Ruther- ford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rutherford, of Ranson, is referendum to be voted upon at chosen citizen of the month for the primary election in May. December by the Gordon Then it will be the will of the Eismon Chapter of the National Weller, of Shenandoah Junction, and Mr. William Paul Reed, Jr., of Ranson, are married in the l Calvary Assembly of God. Church on December 16. Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Campbell celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary by being guests of honer at an "Open House" given for them by their daughters,'! Mrs. Pauline Smith, of Hagerstown, Md., and Mrs. Frafices Giamo, of Charles residence at 304 W. Washim Street. 50 -- YE George Lill: at the National Hotel Town, supposition is the gas instead of turning Joe Caudle voters to decide if they want to ! Honor Society, of the Charles Town. adopt or not adopt this electronic I Town High School. The Charles Town High voting system, instead of several I Elected citizen of the month Varsity and Junior Varsity keep men to make this decision on l for November by the Gordon their records unblemished as spending $40,000 dollars of the I Eismon Chapter of the National they both roll to victories over taxpayers hard earned money. Honor Society of Charles Town the Hedgesville High Eagles at The Jefferson County Tax- I High School, is Vincent A. the Charles Town gym, with the Varsity winning with a 68-47: .. r.y . payers Assn. hold monthly I Bracciale, Jr., son of Mr. and i will t to help with score for thew llth consecutive ; .... ". - meetings that are open to the Mrs. Vincent A. Bracciale, Sr. I " . , mlmmize costs public and are publicized in the i DEATHS: Mr. Charles I win of the season; the Little i Nuse ot .:Jl; s .local and surrounding area Kenneth Nicewarner, 37, of! Panthers win by a 59-43 score, iupen to youtm newspapers before these regular Charles Town, dies in the I The Shepherd College  age. Must .be ; Charles Town hospital, following hasketballers are handed a 212-  aoulL unpam. r a short illness; Clifford Star 88 defeat by the Bridgewater, transportation a As the Legislative opens, I have pointments to make. I these appointments made open to any 35th District, and invite interested ,or write me at the ;Delegates. , Legislative Aide: :citizens over 18 I assisting me with .legislation and reports period of 1 week. or Charleston, January 11 11. Positions are Musser, 89, of Jefferson County, Va., College cagers, in a Mason- responsibility. Serve Strawberry Princess: 'any young women years of age by 1978. Candidates page, double-S typewritten essays on' State Government Improved" to me February 15, 1978. cost young woman will be gown, room, board cessories. (Any company wishing to , Strawberry Princess, contact me in Pageant is held April I still.,have a number West Virginia Blue well as some back cevious years. PleaSe ( a line if you would like one. 'Only one new family, please'. If you need to reach Charleston, call me collect at my 925-3994. During the on at 1-800-642-8592 or Joe meetings. The Secretary of this Assn. only records the minutes of each and all meetings. She does not make the decisions for the Taxpayers Assn. as did, as I understand it, the secretary of the Edge Hill Cemetery Assn. board in making some of their decisions in the past. I am sure that when Mr. Bob Stiles looks into the looking glass 'mirror' he does not see mothers, widows, and children's faces with tears coming down their cheeks over the rule and regulation that was made some time last winter by the Secretary of the Edge Hill Cemetery hoard, 'who is also, I believe, the manager', as to the type of flowers to be placed on the graves of our loved ones in Edge Hill Cemetery from March 1 till November 1 of each year. Come now, Mr. Reininger, have you always been in favor of progress in Jefferson County ? I recall that Mr. C. F. Reininger did not approve of the Charles Town Raceway coming to Jefferson County in 1956. I have read a letter written by Mr. Reininger in the April 26, 1956 ,"dean of newspaper publishers" in this state and area, dies in King's Daughters Hospital in Martinsburg, where he had been a patient for some time; William S. Brooke, 80, a retired design engineer of Hermitage Ridge of the Kabletown Road, dies in the Charles Town hospital, where he had been a patient some time; Mrs. Sarah Kathleen Atkins, 79, who resided in the Ranson Inn, is pronounced dead on arrival at the Charles Town hospital, after an illness of only three days; Mrs. Nellie Rice Moler, 88, of Cheverly, Md., and a former resident of Bakerton, dies at the Prince George Hospital; Mr. George Randolph White, 54, of near Waterford, Va., dies unexpectedly at his home; Mrs. Lillian lola Rodgers, 55, of Ranson, dies in the Charles Town hospital after a lengthy' illness; Mrs. Louise Bailey, 88, of Ranson, dies at her home; Mr. Melvin B. Thomas, 65, of Rip- pen, dies at his home after an extended illness; Mrs. Dora N. Billmyer Hammaker, of Dixon Conference battle. The Charles Town High wrestling team sends their season record to 7-2 by scoring an easy 40-12victory over the Berkeley Springs High matmen at Berkeley Springs. 20 -- YEARS AGO -- 20 Melvin T. Strider is re-named as president of the Bank of Charles Town. Robert "Bud" Stone is named the county's DSA winner for 1957. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clayton Lamp, of Shepherdstown, are honored on their 50th wedding anniversary. DEATH: William J. Roberts, i69, dies at his home in Ranson, ;following an illness of eight !months. MARRIED: Miss Sara Jane Cullers and Mr. Jame Edward Spinks. Charles Town defeats Berkeley Springs in basketball 48-56; drops 59-38 tilt to Mar- tinsburg Bulldogs. 30 --YEARS AGO -- 30 Miss Carrie Lee Strider is the time they lost due to the progress by going against such "Special Levy Elections". things as the 100 percent School It seems to me that the people Tax th is not stopping progress in Jefferson County are being when you go against something pushed into something that they that is not needed. The school may not want again. Some may said they needed the levy or they have planned avacation or some were going to have to cut out a other special occasion, and" now lot of  existing programs, but because of the teachers that these programs will not be forced the closing of the same stopped if they get the 87 percent schools for those three days Tax Levy. That is not what I call were not thinking of the children stopping progress I call i! the taxpayer, should be able to vote for or against such programs. I believe the time has come for Taxpayers to demand that Bureaucratic bureaus be drastically reduced, thus stopping appointed people becoming dictators and con- trolling the American people by simply issuing an order. I believe the budget should be then! For if they were, why stopping waste. That is what the balanced and taxpayers should wasn't the "Special Elections" Jefferson County Taxpayers are notbe required to pay interest on held on Saturday? And why .all about. Now the voting wasn't the voting poles manned machines are not being opposed borrowed money to finance unnecessary programs. by these same teachers' "free of by the Jefferson County Tax-. I believe any tax money used charge" all three elections, payers Assecation. The only to develop park and recreational instead of only one? thing they are trying to do is let It seems to me, that they want the people decide if they want the cake and the icing too! It them or not. There is a lot of used to be that when a teacher money involved in this project said no to something, that was that some people feel could be the end of it. But now "No' used in much better places. "I means to try and try again, don't call this stopping progress This "Special Election" is by people wanting to spend their coming up again on February 10, tax dollars wisely. programs should be used in the areas where the most people live who will use them, especially with an energy crisis facing the American public. Perhaps by enlarging playgrounds around existing schools to be used the year round. I believe having a separate which is again on a school day. I think maybe Mr. Reininger Parks and Recreational What different is 24 hours? Why might have been in some of the Program in a county such as not on February 11. cRizens way as far as progress Jefferson is a waste of money. The children would be out of goes. Maybe he has failed to I believe the school system school and with the volunteer remember how he got to where should operate on a balanced teachers working the polls, this lhe is today. The people that put budget instead of a percentage election could be a great savings him where he is today e  those of the total property tax. of tax money to the people of that are voting agaiv . higher Jefferson County. They holler taxes at the polls. He as always they need more money. If they had a few people working for would "quit" wasting what tax on a substantial wage but he money they already had, it was making his fair share of the ' would be more than enough, profits. When General Motors Another example of a great started hiring in Berkeley loss of school board fund and .County, I can remember how. taxpayers money, is the way the Mr. Reininger was upset. There school buses are sent on the road was even a delogat; of three on days when the weather was people that went to the Mar. bad. Why wait until the children tinsburg plant of General are already at school or on the Motors, and they told General way, to call off school? Not only Motors not to hire any era- looking at the expense of this ployees from Jefferson County alone, look at the "danger to the that were presently employed. lives of our children and to the Do you remember when this driver's of these buses. . happened Mr. Reininger? "I Is an accident worth it? These sure do". Now that is what I call are the kind of days that should trying to stop progress. When be made up, not the ones wasted try to stop a man from on a few people's whims, bettering himself by trying to Charles Brown get a better job. You are really ' Rt. 2 trying to stop progress. Charles Town, W.Va. Sure Jefferson County is 25414 growing but we can't forget the SUPPORT8 EFFORTS CONCERNED TAXPAYERS Max Brown Editor Spirit of Jefferson Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Max: In response to Mr. Reiningers letter in last week's paper, I would like to say. I feel Mr, Reininger is the one that needs to take a long careful look in his looking glass. Then maybe he will see what the Jefferson County Concerned Taxpayers have seen and are trying to accomplish. I personally am not a member but I have supported every project they have undertaken since they have been in existence, and am one that believes they are on the right track. They have sure saved me people that are supporting this county and making it go. Everytime we vote in more taxes that is taking food from someone's table, and I per- sonally cannot afford to take anymore food from my table. This is the point that the JeL fersen County taxpayers are trying to drive home. What Mr. Reininger needs to do is the next time he has a bright idea about more taxes is to walk out in his shop and lock around at his employees, and ask himself if they can afford to pay more taxes. Then I think he will see what Mr. Stiles has seen in that looking glass. People that are living on paupers wages need to be represented along with the rich people. Jerry Wilson Box7 Charles Town, W. Va, voted on such a far reaching expensive regulatory agency. I believe a full financial statement whould be easily available to every citizen on any program financed by taxpayers. I believe Regional Govern- ment usurps the power of State Elected officials and finances powerful Appointed Bureaucrats. Pan Tran is a good example. I believe programs financed with tax money should not be allowed to be advertised as a Free Service. The cost of such a service through High Paid Promotions, office personnel and equipment, plus travel organize new ones. issue of the Spirit of Jefferson- Sincerely yours, Farmer's Advocate. Also in the Virgmm B Kable May 3, 1956 issue of the above I IN DISAGREEMENT mentioned newspaper, his name CharlesTown, W. Va. appear with many others who I January !4,'1978 ! t oa record opposing the I Editor ' irleTwn Raceway coming / Spirit of Jefferson ,. '  jefferson Cotmty, a harness l Dear Mr. Brown: ] track, but this second track was I would appreciate it if you I named Shenandoah Downs in- could find space in your stead. The racetrack was a newspaper to publish the progressive step for this corn- following letter, in reference to munity, but you, Mr. Reininger, Mr. C. F. Reininger's recent were against this progress in letter that appeared in your' 1956.And now in 1978 you come newspaper on January 12, 1978. out for progress in Jefferson First, may I say Thank GOd County by being in fhvor of for the-Jefferson County Tax- voting machines and more payers Assn. and Mr. Bob Stiles. taxes. I feel sure that the members are Yours truly, all intelligent ladies and gen- H.N. Binkley tlemen from throughout the Member of JCTA county, who are also taxpayers and interested in their county. REPLY TO LETTER Mr. Reininger stated in his Max Brown letter, and I quote, "I h/ve never Editor been in tune with you 'Mr. Stiles' Spirit of Jefferson and your association, and your Dear Sir: objection to taxes in Jefferson In reply to the disjointed letter County, is the most asinine I signed by C. F. Reininger in the have ever encountered". January 12 issue of your paper, In my opinion, if there could he an appropriate answer would he more industries come into our the same as that given at county, there would be more another time, in another place, I believe Regional Govern- employment for the jobless, under other circumstances by ment is unconstitutional. I Plus, it would perhaps increase another person, and that answer believe the voters should have wages in Jefferson County. But, 'is -- "Nuts". 4 Bob Stiles could it be that new industries are not wanted in our county for this reason? They too, would be CORRECTION paying their share of taxes. In a story concerning a high- I feel that our. Assessor, Miss way accident carried in the Trussell, is doing her job well. January 12, 1978 issue of this She is an elected official in newspaper, it incorrectly Jefferson County not an ap- reported that Charles Town pointce, lt seems that appointees State Police had charged have more authority in this William D. Penwell, Route 2, ccunty that the elected officials Harpers Ferry, with failure to have. yield the right of way in a car- The Jefferson County Tax- truck collision which occurred payers Assn. opposed the 100 on State Route 9, about 3:56 percent school 'tax' levy three Sunday afternoon, January 7. times, but I have not heard of A car being driven by Penwell any opposition from this group has just entered the highway on the proposed 87 percent tax from a parking lot and was levy '5 years' to be voted upon on struck by a truck being driven expenses on Federal, State, or February 10, 1978. by Charles D. Pierson, of Rt. 3, Regional level should be mad Mr. Reininger mentioned that Harpers Ferry. Pierson was the epublic. I believe the public the JCTA object to the voting driver charged with failure to would realize then instead of machines. It is my un- enter the highway. We regret the being free this is by far the most derstanding that the reason for error. expensfve way to obtain such this petition in circulation .,,, services, throughout the county by the Incidentally, an im- I believe local taxpayers JCTA is to get the required 5 should organize to demand more percent of the registered voter's pertinent inquiry: How tax money be left in the local signatures to bring to a about those resolutions? communities so that local people ........................................ can decide what services are necessary and how much needs to be rspent. Thus eliminating high paid Bureaucrats with accompanying expenses on Federal and REgional levels. 1 believe it is time to stop Bureaucrats from dangling tax money in the faces of elected officials and stating if you want any local tax money hack, you must accept programs we recommend, spend the amount we allot to you in the way we say. I believe the One Man One Vote law has become a farce trader this system. How can we recommend this law to other SPIRIT Of JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE ESTABLISHED 1544 MAX BROWN DON RENTCH EDITOR.PUBLISHER NEWS EDITOR Published Every We#k At The Off/ces Of The JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO., iNC. 210 North George rea! CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. 25414 Subscription Price: $7,50 Per Year Second Class Postage At U. S Post Office CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. 25414 Changes of Address, Undeliverable Copies, Orders for Subscriptions and Other Mail Items Are To Be Sent To: P. O. BOX 231 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. 25414 Hagerstown, Md., dies in the appointed by the Jefferson Washington County Hospital in County Court as Sheriff of the Hagerstown, after a long illness [ county, to fill the unexpired term A house trailer owned by !of the late Garland H. Moore. Marvin Turner and located near [ Charles J. W. Smith and Middleway, is heavily damaged I Charles Howard Strider, Jr., by fire caused lJy the improper[ purchase the P. o. Dunaway use of a heat lamp on water funeral business, open a funeral pipes.  home in the former D. S. Hughes DEFENSE BLDGET MOSCOW -- The Union has announC per cent cut in spending for 1977, the same tithe "compelled .... to en its defenses."  .,. - %7% " Your family a lot to us Growing families mean growing insurance We continue to assess your insurance and choose the policies it takes to give coverage for the money. Not every family has the same insurance as your Independent agent, we tailor the to fit the family. Grow with us today. SMITHADENBOUSCH ( .,//#, INC. 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