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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
January 19, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 19, 1961

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"" L,~IT ONE CouPe. PElt FAMIrY Aaaress ~ ~ Address Addrets ~m Inside 35 Gal. "Gal. And Up i Farm management and live-lchicks for this year? The kind of lwhich will serve until May. Dor- came effective January 1, 1961. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ADVOCATE ] stock specialists at the UniversityI egg production you get in the [ ry Ceserina was elected chairman Slier said there will be no chart THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 1961 3--A [of Illinois recently completed a year ahead may well be determin I Karen Welsh secretar yand Deb- ge in the name, or personnel of I study of hog farm records. On ed by the gind of chicks you or-]bie Grimes treasurer, either the Martinsburg or Char- ~the basis of records of successful' der The On the Farm Perform- The troo t r e ""'" ,., ....... I p hen we k d on ~u- les Town stores. Both stores will The cut-off date for allocation the Ranson and Charles Town hog farmers, the list these fiveance Jest carrma' ou~ on w. va. ' Sects. The meeting closed at 5:00 carry the same line of shoes, from this year s funds, he said Councils voted to submit prelim, important goals: i farms indicate there is a vast dif o'clock. The Martinsburg store has is May 1. inary formal applications to the BY J. E. SAVILLE 1. Wean 8 to 99 pigs per litter ference in the number of eggs been operating in the present 1o- Gidley also told the City Fath- FHFA for planning funds to ge~ Farrow 10. '. producedlty of the Perherdshen and the livabil- $ilera1"u"s E-fire cation since Feb. 1940. playerS thatfirstthetotWOthetOwnsFederalShOuldHomeaP started.the project for the two tov,,as Roll And Up COUNTY AGENT 2. Have pigs weigh 35 to 40 ' o , .... ? Mr. Siler has been in the shoe and Finance Agency for planning In early December the two $1.oo = pounds each at eight weeks and l We have a ~ew copies of mese retail business since April 1929, funds and that plants for both towns were advised by the West .!UALITy'iELECTION! ,~ New Bulletin ataVerageweaning.300 lbs per litter or more Ithem]resultswithandinterestedwill be gladpersons.tO share Interest In Slier always .in Martinsburg when he towns should be constructed for Virginia Water Resources Corn- went with Fiery's. Prior to that a maximum population of 7,000 misison that were going to have ~,~nd osts Less: Copies of two new bulletins 3. Market pigs at six months of[~ o~, ~. Dun he was with the staffs of a num- ~r Home Truly [ have been received at the Coun- age or less when they weigh 2o015rownle flOOD I} 1185 ~ lille Shoe Store people, in the near future submit a defin ber of businesses on full or part Gidley said when the original ite and firm sewerage treatment . . : ty Extension Office. They are: to 225 pounds, with~Rr}[ ~}|ntl'~f V~r time basiShighhere. He is a graduate sewer system plans were drawn program, or that formal action !)~S = iFarmers Bulletin No. 2153, "Feed 4. Produce 100 lbs. of pork R. Howard Siler of Martinsburg of the school there. ing Dairy Cattle" issued in Nov- owner and operator of Siler's for Charles Town and Ranson in might have to be taken against W~npaper' Store . ember of 1960 and' "Certified A1- 400 lbs, of feed including that fed "'*" .'.~,~,,n$ v= =~,u= Shoe Center in Charles Town, an- The Charles Town business has 1948, the total costs for the Ran- them. .~ 121 N Charles St = falfa-the profit Factor in Live- t5b~ceed~:ge~tu;:'of at least $145. RBrwnleeTrpanson m tfor hNeUrmbe:tmeet-15f nounced recently that he has pur been operating for the past siX lson plant was listed at $42,559 Since then Councils of the two 486[ Phone stock Farming" issued for 1961. chased the entire interest of Roy years. a Mildred Lennon ,,~'any'time for your .= bulletinsCpies of eithe;be Orhad-JOthfor ofthetheSeask. 00 per $100.00 worth of feed fed " (, * i ' " .... ~! el ..f, ~" ~ ~L~. t and $193,439 for Charles Town. towns have been studying and OOok = --n,~ ...... f ,h ...... ~o ~,, ln~ s nce tne nolmays weonesda~ P. Pine in the retail shoe part- [These costs, h~ ,,;aid, are pow tom i working on the problem in order may you'a[tain? It is pointed~out ~he Ja~oo~lr::n']3:3o0f l~ eLS~ndraY ~JII~U'I~ l~)wn [pletely out-dated and the present i to find a way to give Charles ~=,,,=..=,.,e.,.s.=.= nhth nership of Slier and Pvne's Shoe store, operating in Martinsburg. ~estimated costs will run about [Town and Ranson an adequate "~ L]n~oth of these bulletins contain real goal is to achieve all of them. Church in Ranson FROM PAGE 1 The up to date information. Baby Chicks 'After the openi'ng, the troop And hereafter the Martinsburg [$118,000 for Ranson and $414,000 [sewer system. store will be known as the "Siler granted to any one project of this [ofr Charles Town. Dollar Goals Have ordered your held an of new officers Sho( Store." The transaction be- is $250, Gidley explained.' .. After hearing these facts both I U~lg Tltl~ ~-d~~