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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
January 19, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 19, 1961

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:! , :iI ' .............. , week in the Charles Town Gener- silver pitcher and antique clockI SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS al Hospital as a token of appreciation for his [ ..... onAy TAN ARY" 19, ANY TFME I,q A RAD TIME FOR A FIRE ILOCAL AND PERSONAL ACTIVITIES IN . . . Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dunn in man; years of service. [2---A .__ THURSDAY, JANUARY .--- ....... I i| ~F ,P P~n ALn~ m An a m company with their son and dau- Guests for the occasion were~ T~'~ O~T~T~ ~ T-TAIT~ T'tfi~ "I:~TDI~I flJ ~HFt i"~ rKfl r AND ~ ~L II fl ghter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mr. and Mrs. Lyne and their two.Owens at Tablers ~ation. , .[newspaper every ~veeK. ~L ~ Jt~t~O~X~ ZU JtV zxz-xv~ ~ X'Xx$~.~| ~ ~ D,mn ~voro recent viitnra at the children rtncemarv Lone and l Miss ma lvtary J~utler spemlsena us your sam date to , 'B Mrs. G. E. Webb Tele hone 2492 home o'f~Mr~an~d-Mrs "Roy Dunn Mrs- l~ache]'~lorgensen; "Mr Wm Thursday night with her grand-[to your auctioneer to list IN 1901 I Y P in Harpers Ferry. " Jorgensen; Mr .and Mrs. Sam Miimthar Mrs. Mary Engle at Reed lThere isno charge forthe . | ' ~ ' ' ' Mr. Orville DeHaven and hisSkinner; Mr. and Mrs. Robert inert. I~ your date m our size ~ [Answer 39 Calls dore Holmes Other guests for son Ronnie visited last week with Dailey; Mr. and Mrs. John Engle;[.. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald] .. ~ ~~ i Officers andmembers of the Christmas dinner were Mr. Allen his mother Mrs Brent DeHaven Mr J Holland Price; Mr and iOaen in me t;naries xown ~enerl u. ~. scienusts ima ]Friendship Fire Company have Dinkle of Brunswick, Md., Mr. at her home near the Opequon. Mrs. Max Derr; Mr. and Mrs. S. [at_Hospital, January. 16 a fine Ihopeful on. arms talk. ,. It k| k| | | | h ~ ~ J t I1~ Y l announced that they answered 39 and Mrs. Coleman Dunn, Mr. and Mr. Shelby Longerbeam of Brooks Lueas; Mr. and Mrs. Ken t.ayo.glrL ~rms m melr ~ra cnuo [ A H NU A L n r r' ~ ~ | i fire alarms during 1960 on build- Mrs. James Breeden and two sons Washington, D. C. spent the week neth P. Osbourn; Mr. and Mrs. tthe I lrst z are ooys. ~vxrs. uoen i " _ ............... tings alone, about half of them of Bolivar. On Christmas night end visiting at the home of his Stanley Eye; Mr. and Mrs. Boyd i w.a.s me Iormer lvllss ~stner .l~la- [ A _ a~ wiler, daughter ot lvlr andlvxrs ...... ]being out of the state Approxi- Mrs. Malone sponsored a Christ- parents Mr .and Mrs. Clifton Lon Widmyer and Mr. and Mrs. Hen- .~ ...... iU]__ .ar'IRl]b (I 1' H [mately 60,000 gallons of water man party for relatives, consist- gerbeam, lit W. Morrow. [l,/ranK l~mwuer. [ ~r IFI~LjLjI~[~p V I I II IN | was used About 250 miles was ing of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Small Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Crim and [ j~l~]~-~r P " ]aovered with 449 firemen answer wood and son of Baltimore, Md., Mrs. Harry C Frazier of "Monte l~H~na~ p~,}~|,e ' [ n|rif.hdvarafa ~tar~: I l " -- 1 I : ~ r~, ~r~ 11' ling the calls counting the gum- Mr. and Mrs. Leon Dinkle and son View" were supper guests on Fri ]IU~UU~I~I bVIIIGIII~ I - _ I NmtnArlitlAnt. 14"l '/t In nqnlr lng* Iberof men who went each time. of Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Allen Ring day night at the home of the for-t ......... It t #, t e, , I I%1 II1~ rl)|]l~l~! IIIU150 IIUtUIIIb 1"1115 IJIJltl L/ill, liT. ltl e 173 ,4 hours of actual service was and sons of Middleway, W Va., mers son-in-law and daughter Mr. [11111 Far 4 iAnnoal ale talenoar I lifO] I IDD a " ~ Igiven. Loss to the buildings was Mrs. Carrie Donovan and father and Mrs. Clayton Stagner and]~'vvv#vvv .v..,.v.,.. I [ "---7 ~ ~ q ~ t ~ [about $55,075. This report does and Mrs. Hilda Creamer of Brunn their family in Charles Town ~ n , ... [ The public Sale Calendar an | :L(~ t, I-U II I 0 U Inot include the many mountain wick, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Granville Mrs. Frazier is spending several ,0.e0e acnulsm0n [annual feature of the Snlrit of[ ~I'~ , "~hl~/~ [fires, brush fires, grass fires and Dinkle, Mr. and Mrs. Jan. Breed days this week visiting at thet " " [jefforo.. ~.~ ..... ~.. ~... ~ .~,,.~..] ~ J~J~] ~b"~- , iautomobile fires, en and sons, Mr and Mrs Chin. Stagger home. Senator Robert C. Byrd (Dem. I . ...... " "-IlI I[I Ily -- [ Mr. and Mrs Chin. Glover of Butts and daughter Mr and Mrs W Va) today announced that thet~ years, writ ~egln w~tn tins [ IrJ~ iGaithersburg, Md spent Thurs- Luther Mumaw and son of Bol- She-herd's Si~-a [fiscal 1962 budget just submitted]weeks issue of this newspaper.I _-:~_ -- - [ /'~.... .~.^AI 1OOA . ~/eF v ..... 4~ O,~.~,=,~^ [day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. ivar. Gifts were exchanged and I~ ~la ICe the Congress carries a request/The Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate [ ---~- u~-~tiu-,t~t ,tooqt ~ xt~-i~ UL ~t~Jt vat,t; I G. E. Webb. refreshments were served .... _ _ I by the National Park Service for | has long been recognized as an I ~~~;q ~..,~., .,,. is,sul.s Fractured Hip Smallwood-Higdon Wedding Beta Chl Accented 1530o,000 for acquisition of Storer outstanding public sale mediuml ~]~ --- i~].l~l~gll~l V~IaUL~IE~E~I% --- | Mrs. Ella Cornelia Marmaduke , Mr and Mrs Bruce Higdon of ~ [College buildings and campus as for this area If you are planning[ ~:~~ [of nearby Sandy Hook, Md. 91 Knoxville, Md. announce the marie" ~_1~._ ~'.*-_- ~t ladditions to Harpers Ferry Nat- a sale for this winter or spring,[ ~~ [years of age sustained a fractured ridge of their daughter Ruth V. [ Dy I lld algmn rl I tonal Monument. i send or mail your date to this of- [ "~~~- We are pleased to submit to you our Annual Report, I hip in a fall at her home recent- to Wayne E Smallwood, son of [ . ] "I shall vigorously press for ] fice in order that it may be prop [ ~~ showing" the cost *of nlamtalnlng"" " our department and ] ly. She is a patient in the Wash- Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Smallwood ] Delta Sigma Pi, Professional / passage of ,,the recommended ap- t erly listed in the sale calendar .I ,.~- ...... :. :" ......... I ington County Hospital near Ha- [ of Brunswick, Md. Rev N L. Pol [ Business Fraternity has accepted ] propriation, Byrd said, recalling I which will be carried in this ........ varlous diner in$orn~;lon WnlCll we Delleve you m~y zlna[zerstown, Md ling, pastor of the Brownsville Bre [Sigma Beta Chi, Shepherd s Io-[that last year he succeeded in of interest. ~ t- Mr Allen I)lnkld of Brunswick, I them Church officiated at the i cal organization. This was announ [ having the Senate approve a sim . .~ . ,, ..... . ...... l Md. spent several days recently double ring ceremony on Satur-Iced by Charles F. Printz, advisor[ ilar appropriation only to have i nm ~ [] uost Or Maml;almng our oeparunen[: [with his daughter Mrs. Coleman day, Jan. 7 at 1 oclock at the]to the organization. News of de-lit killed because the Hawse had]i t. V~~~~ ~i~ -IDtmn. parsonage. The bride wore a[ceptance came to Mr. Printz dur-[not concurred in the action. III E-ACIng LUH ~ Oal~ Gasoline, Oil, Etc. for. Equipment ............ $ 599.61 ] Death of Mrs. Johnson I street length dress of white chit- [ ing Christmas vacation, i The acquisition of Storer Col [ I ......... v I~ ~- - Maintenance and ,Repair of Equipment ....... 866.35[ Mrs. Nellie Vandilla JOhnson, fon over satin with matching] Mr. Charles Farrarr, Field See-liege property would make Har-I~ a,~h,,to,,,o__~.,o an,~ aft " 214 60181' died on Wednesday, Jan. 11 i white accessories and an orchid [retary of Delta Sigma Pi, attend-[pers Ferry National Monume_nt ]i ......... --.~o., ,~ .., ....................... .] at her home in Sandy Hook, Md corsage Miss Jane Higdon, sisterI ed a ban wet held b Si ma Beta] additionally atractive to tourists, [ i Tn ~ n~' c.~A~ ~ ~.~..~. ' . , . q Y g . ,, TO SE ....................... . ~vu~ .... Ambulance--Repairs, Supplies, Laundry........ 780.52|after a long illness A daughter of the bride and her only attend-IChi Nov. 2, 1960. The highlight|Byrd said, and thus would be of[i ~~~:'"E~X~C-I~ Insurance on Building, Equipment and Members.. 1,138.59 of .... the late Grffflth Taylor Buf- ant wore a street length dress o / of. the banquet was the.,presentat-. . [ real economic ,,benefit to the sur- [ I ~.,,,,~" ~'~':,,.~ v.,.. ~,, ~,~, ~,.-,~,v,,,~,~ ~-~,_n,~" ~'-'~]~=~,~-. xl,~,. T,~.,,;n,~o,~e ~/ua.~lfmgten and Elva Madora Buffing lavender chiffon with lavender]ion of Sigma Beta Chin petltzon[roundmg area. l| r~,,.- ,'~=' ~-~'i'~-v ....................................... x....... Itnn ~he was born in Sheaherds-taccessories and a white carnat-/,,, i.i. T3alfn .~icrma Pi Mr Far-/ li rva ~r~, lremen qulpmenl; and lro ;t nool and r Itown, Jefferson County, W Va lion corsage. Mr. Richaru l ooe "/rarr returned to the national/ IE kl P I [i XT Ur DAI' T /3to QUI'N.T'L Convention ..., .................... ; ..... 518.8810n Feb. 15, 1879. Her husband:Inert off ?e esd maMldwoW S el t/headquarters with the club's pe-[ 1'9 D L I: Illl AT X''VV'T PA G" Xx" nz, ,OT AT .... Su, , ,lies and E-uinment Janitors Ithe late Roy Johnson, died some man o . . ]tition, notifying Shepherd Offie-[ AT THE PARKING LOT AT ~'~,,,~:v "~ v , 409 95]years ago. The deceased was a ]young couple wentone weddmg]ials the the fraternity was accept[ --z ,,*,-, x~,,, [, __ __. HE _. RKIN L_ _ _ --~'~'-"" "''''"'''''''''''''"''''''''"" " " " " e z -- remdent of Sandy Hook for 50 trap anu will hoe at me gem o d " Fuel Oil ........... .......................... 463.301.ears She is survived by one sis-[the groms parents in Brunswick,[e .,. .......... / Mrs. William DeMons and. son[I Blue Ridge Livestock Sales, Inc . a ' " nt The bride ~vzemoers oz ~lgma z~eta ~nl William Jr ot near Martins~urg Fire Pxeventmn Programs .............. 262.601ter, Miss Margaret Buffmgton]Md. for the prese . i ......, .... u.. +..m .., .~,.e.,ance] ......... '_" ............. ^mira CHARLES TOWN, W VA. ON ....... __ __, __.~ ....... , ..^; ..... a ....nh~..,o t ~ o ..oa,,o~ ,,f Boonsboro Hi~,h/--~'~ .,,.,,,a..~ ~0,,~ ~ ~ v i ~pent rrzuay wztzz ~vzrs. ~,,,..-.,. ,== - " "- Building Repairs ............................... 3.trA/ c~.,~. =^.~. ~ I...1 ..... +~n[~,,] ,~ .... ~ '-~ an~ is emnlov]during a special meeting, Jan. .[brose. ]l .OIrI~TTI'~I'~IXr TlXrTTInXr ao ~A/I1 168 8 | Installatmn of Szgma Beta Chi as eden f ~2-~.IUJt~I/2AI~ d~LLN U2qkl~l ~O~ ]CITY MlsceUaneous Expense...* ...........: .......... 5at the Eackles Funeral Chapel un ed at the Curtus Manuf. Co. m ..... will' Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bre o ],uh .... day ,fternon when it wasIBrunswmk, Md The groom who ." " as .............. Epsilon Kappa Chapter IRanson and Mrs. Mabel Breedenii AT II'00. A. M. | ......... ~ -- " - Den em ~aturaay, J~eo. i~, iuoi. " Balti 800.63 removed to the late home from 1S a former resident of Bolivar ~b .... h .... f ,~o ],~1 ~ro] took Mrs. Ruth Tlllett to " ]l 1 9., T~ ~.~rrt T v , ~.~-er~, r~t.av # $4}, t ' ............................. / " a in I ..................... ; ................... where funeral services were held zs a graduate of Harpers terry workin on the tests to be more Tuesaay. She is st y g , w. at o'o,oc m w., sc,oo c a. *.o n tiat,o s=e B ee eo has been in service for twenty-nine years and is badly [the Rev. Thorn, oficiating. Bur-l employed at the Atomic ~nergylauon .......... wm oe nezu early" " m" me'" "i~ne gad been up here and in t~an t m -.~ ...... ~ ~v,,~,~; o.~,, ~v~l; " "~ 0 m" need of replacement. We are still raising money for ial was made in the. Brethern [Commission at Germantown. Md .......... seconu semester, iz wiu de pos.~i~/sno . visiting her relatives for a ]l TABLE, GLASS-TOPPED; 1 HASSOCK; 2 STRAIRI~I( this vur ose, vuttin aside ,a certain amount from our]Cemetery at Brownswlle, Md. [ Mrs. J. L. Mills and httle grand le for "led-in" to take "-lace dur | while. [i C I~tIRS; 1 5-PIECE BEDROOM SUITE,-WITH SP . honor-ar " meml ershios cax ivals and other activities We i Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malone l son Kimmy Conklin of Brunswick in- the semester v "| Larry Ambrose of Charles I| SEVERAL SMOKING STANDS; 1 METAL WARDI~01 .~ .~,, V. .' ...... ~ .... ". i and two children of Lymon, S C were visitors at the home of Mr. [ g~.^ ..~.^...~. ; ~; .... - bet Town spent the weekend with I I SEVERAL SMALL RUGS, INCLUDING SCATTER R~ coma buy one now and go in leon, we nmK wiser t .......... Ma'tand Mrs G E Webb on last Fri " .................. to ask the people of the community to increase, if they l oPenst p rnr;Sttsm lSr. r?'Theo ]day. " " " [~n:nt~l'~dc~re~ vNrr~ssRet~e,Pr?;'/Wa~en~ ndCha l:l oo eltnYa ":r t-II cBED, R~INENSDALWsALE~rlCNLOI~C~It~INEA~. ~ can, their contributions m us so when we ao put-I ; ....... "tees here with them Sunday morn t . . ' .# chase the truck we can be in a position to pay cash for it.i - vice presiuent Armur ~amulnO[in. ~i OF DRAWERS; 1 LANE CEDAR CHEST; 1 HALL 'i , /' I ....................... ~... , .... ,Jr vice president; Duane House,/ s. . [I SINGER UPRIGHT SWEEPERi 1 WESTINGHOUSE FI{~ I LOCAL-F~R~P(AL ~W~ i~ A~1# ~k~t#~ secretary; David Moore, Treasur-[ Miss Dorrene Gageby of Wasn I| FREE REFRIGERATOR WITH DEEP FREEZE COMFA~ ~-~,~r. ~vc,~r~z-~-~r~ i ~ mm a a ,p pt ~ ts '~ 'dr and Joe Szymialis, chancellor iington employed at The Pentagon[i MENT; 1 *BREAKFAST' SET WITH 4 CHAIRS; 1 ~ 2~,.._~lf~l~ ] ~ H M M I / P II I N / I . [ spent the weekend with her par- [ ........ , .......... ,i .... :.o r..,,,~ ..... TBI ~1 ~ 1~ I'1 I'1 / / V i ~ I ...... "ents Mrand MrsGeor.o Ga~eb,, i m t~JLa~axx ~a~mi; x xarrax~ ua~ na:~um; r~mv ,~ an m C , TCHEN UTENSILS, DISHES, CA~ ~ APPLIAN ES KI 109 alarms were answered'in 1960, 39 less th " I - o- ....... Phone 47F032 Sam btLkinner ]and brother Glenn. ., . " ..~ 1959. This included 72 town al Tm 83 country, 2 mutual* By mrs. tuar , t~rlm~ , .............. ,-, ~ ,," " ...., ~ __ ,~,l M~.,,A!ld ..... ~Mrs. Howard Kirby[i.. ARTIGOODS; ORNAMENTST rAND WHATNOTS; AND o,". aid and 2 false atm. Fire s for the year amounted . , I/a.nam I id nL l ughters f,:}/alltown vt [i .... ' ' r ~r" ~' ..... ~ ~ ~, /i~1.~m,w~ , ,w~.w~... ted Mr and Mrs Bill Gifft and : ~ ~ ~ " ' * ' to $26,592.50 for buildings, i 987.00 for contents. Ou E-isconal Churchwomen Meet land reported on the progress al- | , -- . " ti ALL FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES ARE IN UNUSUI~J~ = .... aa ............ trucks were in operation 2T hours. We partzculaxly call The Episcopal Women of the lready made. Following this Jane l #~p ,, ,~ . I famny ~un y. ~ _ -- =.-. ~ on Goodell resented a ro ram on GOOD, CLEAN CONDITION, WORTHY OF YOU your attention to the fact that 22 of our calls were for Claurch of the Holy Spirit met P P g Jeners0n ecurny ~anK 1 Mr. and Mrs. George Gageby |l ,~ ..... ~,., residences. We suggest that each property owner con- Tuesday evening of last week at I West Virginia and the 4-H Sug- ,land son Glenn visited Mr. and |i "~ ..... ~" r o o r eslr to the home of Mrs Page Hinton gestions were distributed. Follow At the organizational meeting Mrs Fred French at Uvilla ~Vhur ~m , sider .very seriously taking advantage f u d e " .... last . ERMS OF SALE :--CASH. make a home inspection. Just call the Fire Company with thirteen members and mg adjournment thegroupen~oy of the board of directors held , sday mght /I " " " " ." ct guests in attendance. The meet-led a game zed by l~icKie ~nims week following the annuat StuCK- Misses Donna and Nancy Ga-/i T~ ............ ~'~1~ and the Chief or" some one qualified will gladly, mspe ........... ,,~,t, w .... +~,,,,~ t ann delicious refreshments were holders meetin~ of the Jefferson I.~h,, o.,~ ~,~n ~a~ ~.~ F]Ka DJ KIUIk O. your home at your con vemence and_make reco -- led by' Miss Kate Biller after ]served by Mary Lynn Chllds and I Security Bank in Shepherdstown, [mons of Charles Town and Glenn[i EXECUTOR OF . uons to correct any concill;lOrLl;tley mlgnl; Iln{1 l;o De unsaze. ~a~hieh the roll was called, Chef Jane Goodell.submitted by Ceg-[Sam Skinner of ShepherdstewnlGageby and Mrs. Betty Kidwilerli g'~DAg'~l~ T Dg%~]U~D~ Y~t~('~'~ k~ at least every three months by a competent plumber. Some ..... ~ b,, the ~roun and acom: ~ . __ ~ ............... " Members of the board are: Sam Butch Bagent spent the week- January 19 .~nd 26 - 2t. , . = cn room on .tnursuay eveum , " " ert people recommend .thin be done only m the fall at the ,be- mittee was appointed to attend [, ith eleven of the members in IM. Skinner, J. H. Pm~,_A!b. ~ end with Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I1~ ginning of the heating season, but our experience nan to vurchasing a new vacuum [~'tto~d~n#,~ ~ao..... -f th~ nat-* Kave, ~onn L. ~gze, ~tooert ,.. I " taught us that it should be done oftener, cleaner for the church. At the [ure'o~"~iae~'le~son,,,~/e~st Breads" IDailey, H. Max Derr and C. Frank[ I1~ ~, ' ~ ~1 I& I .A Z / f I~ t ' conclusmn of the business sess Mr Lyne ins+., ....... t fi .... tin'-.'she in ..o-r home. at least " _ " _ "]which was presented by s.G.I .. " - -e -bern of the cleftI onarlon$ re rne ivew Ivlarcn OT lme$ o~v~.~ ~ ~y. ex ~..a .o ~ t. ..r~ tan the tteverend Arthur r, err lw M,~o.~ Xo.o.~.. c.nntv a.r41 t~enameu m m I one near your heating unit. presented the evening's lesson [Xgen -t is *demonstrat on- cal staff for the year .Werren[ | llll I rt . r I based on an article by the Rever- n the a enda Bookkeepers-Mrs. vest usvou DO NOT SMOKE IN BEt, ~ .... ]the first thing 0 g .1 ........... ubstit[ Will netp rrevenr L.rlppllna t~tseases : "-'" ' I and Norman vitfin~er entiuen [ ~..~ "~'.,o,~o. damnndv~tpd tn the I and Mrs. ~oyu wmmyer, s I ,;t DO NOT put hot ashes on back porch. , ]'What Is An Episcopahan whlch[ n,n vnri . nrae dures in the]ute bookkeeper' Mrs. Sta y] Mi11i^r,~ *,rnili t ..... ,[] spect your home regu ]yfire h zar&. Make ap =ed some mo ths in.l goF ; s( e dsand sever-I e" Henry Mo ow was rename I t ' o'Qhou't -- _ = =ll it a weekly MUST. Look magazine. A pieasan .soc ai l al variations which may beaume " [ States this month have re-I --:-- ~.... vm.- ~,=11o~. r,a~~r ..,~.tti~. ~,1~.~ ~ ~r~-~h hour .foHow e.d, adjournment uur-[chieved from the basic mixture.], o-- = 'n k* -. ' ] ceived :March of Dimes[ ~ - =-_ - = i| ,'~" a , .t,"., ".~' --- wnlcn UellCl0US refreshments ................................. ing stess assmt While these baked for later en- u|re r0 "mailers" " Have your chimney cleaned and keep it cleaned, were served by the ho ". [joyment, the group Proceeded [ . ~J [ T~*~=~11; ..... ho~cei~, I i Do not overload your electric wrong by her niece Mrs. Rober [with the meeting. Mrs. Alexander[,.. ## ,,m ~ ~ m____ [ in-, end of this gigantic mail ~ ~---- - - :-- - - ]| ~ ~rTD~ +,, t~l,~,., V .... t~,,,1 ~,,.,.,.,o~ o~ 1,~o,~ Cw;"e a Light. . ]Dunlop led the Devotions, read- ~a!'!', ,0,0r ~. r. time I o~ration coast-to-coast and in[~~--: =:- ~i .. ............... 4-H Club Meeting ling from Proverbs and Phillip-[ [ Hawaii and Alaska have notl - - : = = = in year of the[ d ludm wRh the At Dinner I already done so, now zs the , . . The January meeting tans an conc 'g " DO NOT start your fire with kerosene. Busy Bees 4-H Club was held at [Lord's ~rayer. The minutes of Par , tin?e to return the familiar e,n-I | i Have Your Oil Furnace or I-Icier Cleaned: Regularly, the school at 7:30 o'clock on Men Ithe December meeting were readi ~,~.^ ~^~..~ ..~ ~andl VoeiuPe ~amrc~ o~ns tchame ~~: ~ = = ii e t r e ths. day evening of last weeK. Tn and reports was made by the I at least ev IT h ~ m0n ...... members of the staff of the Jef-ter, local leaders urged th~s ~ n~eetlng was opened by smgmg~treasurer. Several expendzturesl~ ..... ~ .... ~*...~.t- ...... mnl week The world's largest vol- [] " fe Year! 'West Virginia Boys .and G!rls~'|were approved and the group vo-[~'f~"~,,~'~7 ~'~ht"near[ untary health organization is[~~_ - :----- ! ~n Make 1961 A Fire Sa ~.., r~r,,,,.oh C~h,~,htw wnicn-~n +,,,~ot- .... ,~.ih,fi,n+,,h~l .... V"~, ....... " ""~" ' seekin-to ,~revent cri--lin=i [] "' ' was:~ollo~e~l'~)'Y _t~h"e4'~I~'Pl'e'dge.I T~een-~Ag"'e"Cante~e'n.*'~O'n'-Janua'~:Y ] Shepherdst_w~.:in.~ honor^of C. F~ [ dis.e.ase~s,, wi~ its' sight.s..~t ~1~~~1 " " . A sere" ture reading by Mary 123rd the club will celebrate the I~yue,. WillS llJtlllgu oaLtaal~" ~. i'e birth aezects, and armrms. . and AY[13UI~NCE SE VICE. Lynn ~l~zlds who read from Ge- tenth anniversary of its organlz- _ ............... ] ..... :1-_. ~hl,h renro [~~~| R ' n , . thin year after 35 years of serv c at continued work m poho. , "- th - ,as casmer oz lnSLltLltlOI1, xZt t*.x x , ........ ~- " Our ambulance service cont ues to play an im.Porttan_t veSer es a hdCth ePt 'rl,S: l rather cSotn tm hean:elPlran io:e td scu:sedj..After e bn rS . elth ma id.[ d CeevethtecrC pagg )isetaheeme' part in our community. 415 carts were answered m 1960, eluded Devotions. ion However due to the uncer- a.m.ner uanK r.] ....."_"/ Please Say Yes ,to the New p ~Klnner presenteu Lyne wire a 92 more than in t959. Oxygen was administered 22 times, The secretary,. Mollie Glassford I tainty of the weather it was de- ] ......... I March of Dimes, , were ad- I ~~~ i proving a valuable aid to the patients on the way to the called the r~ll and ~ead the min-[eided to postpone the festivities l i / [[ [[ I [ aressea m great par~ oy semess i~lBiili~~~~i hospital. 5,801 ]!tiles were traveled, including , 48 long utes of the kst meeting_ and the [until a later date. Several other I I t rl n er elW ne YC m aegrI n dis~nce calls. The members who nmn. the ambulance treasurer, W at|is AP.iafl SnY?er.r: [items of .bus~ess were discussed [ D [L~ C T D t~ U ~ [ direc~rias, w~ ablt to "spot"] I .~ In ul have all had first aid training and are competen to give ported a balan0e of ~o ~ter which t~.e meet lng waSi~e~[ A ~ ~ ~ i ~ U ~ ~ [ ]'.mt about every family in] .L_ _~.z._. .... L-...~.~..., ;...~ -.~;~+..,.A ~.. e~llv.e~.,, treasury." 3ournea. A quLz, based on um I I tnelr county .~aaresses o~ new] ,~uu pa~m~ ~v=~ .~u~ ~ ,c~..,~.~.~ ~, ~,~ #~.~t Several items of'business were States presidents was won by [ S stnal n~mmu ItllP@ [ homes,, no.t included_in tel e-[ lteva wte rt0 pl l. " h .... f0re the ~roup and the I MiSs Shirley Macouahtrv and at I /INIIlrlIM == I HI]I. I phone boozs, were ovtamea bY/ [] ; , date for the forthcoming skating I It's conclusion refreshments I I ,-"y-~.-"~-~', "-~:- "",;".""; 1~ _ : =~. = | [] - ....... ill , zaze boards, mx usus, zrom ........ ~ ........ ............. party was anne traced. This w I brought by the members were en [ AU~ TN| , I other official records, and from] l~,lnK near mINL In submitting this Annual liepor~ to me citizens 0t our be held at the Rozier " __ . [joyed. The next meeting of the [ 141~11~ / I chambers of commerce [ .voC Lnnitt. u :e:oudtl s:p;:rt app eCi nte pme ;ne LerdrY mi :o n: r r . rYC ] illh: heclhde :ethe nome ot[ i milHl?pnef~lla~yhi~ch ~fe ~eite44/ I Y~ ..... ~,,,, ,,,,~,~=,,;,a o,,,~,d~,~ ,~ +~-~';,in~ A, ~.-^, k~OW in the county Wil be invited to at-[services For Former'Resident i " I states will have an. oppor~un-|~-- : ~ -- :-~[] ..... ~,~t v~ ,~,,.~,,,~,. ~" ""~" "~ ""~"'~" "~" """ "~" ' s otherbe band . icy to help preven~ crippling a end as well a Y Funeral services were held in Our Store Hour. our COmlmny is Stlppol d by contributions.received as ......... !-:: I I I diseases by contributing to the] i girl5 lu ~tz~ q~us ,.# r estflt of- our, Annual Membershi, p Drive, plus profi made Gary Hott, Deborah "Cheshire I.H erst.wn" Md. on Monday of I . I arC oOf D es between now/~~ summer D mexiremen -- last week cur mrs. florence ........... - from carnivals operated daring Y ~ and Ann Wynn ChildSn theirWh have !Hoffmaster'1961 aged 88, whose death] OPEN Monday, Tuesday, I The blue mailer" contalns" an] ~~ . already begun work o ed at er he e in Ha ers . o envelope with a pocket for a t and he that occurr h m g Thursda 9.00 to 5.00 P. M. .. We appreci~t~ your isupport, m ,he pa~s .pC, 9roject described their projects I ......... ~., .=, , I March of Dimes contribution/ I LUWll W||I~I-~ Dill# lieu, II~IU~U J.~Z] C you will aend your membership in as aoon aa possmm. _ -- ............... "'r- "off--as I bycnecKorcasnanawithspace[~~'~:~:-~ I I I I tn~ pa~t o~ y~..~.l-~. ~ ~. ~ xa~ - ~;~,~ad,~ Q*flfl ~ l~..,fl0 1 ]or me ~onors name and aa-l~~-~::~--.~[] " - " - ter was the daughter of the late ,.,,,~.w,~,.~ ......... n dress. A brief message ad-'~:~ ~ :: -~ xotlrs Ior service, ,, ,, ' T H F John W. and Mary H. C!ipp and .... . _ [ dressed to Dear Neighbor [ """ intFrida 9:00 to 6.00 P.M. explains the expanded program .... ohn~ T.~.,I..,~^.,~I.~M4- ~,v~ /'n~ T~ , __~ __ made her home in Summit Po Y i ............ [ Mailers, mailers overywherel says Linda Breese, of C atZUt;pt:tLUt~-Z~ ~''" ~ ~'9 ~t~,. ~EI VIU T CTDII I%D rfl for a number of years She is sur I OZ Tn.e ~.auonai ]:ouna.auon,| ~h|., 1QAI ItA...k ~ rH... kl.|^n.I P^..t. eh|ld ,,/it *]10 //111 # MIL~VlI1 h JUliUI#INII t~V. vived by a dau-'hter'Miss Mary ,_a ~,,...a,,. I .anct elsew..nere on the ma.iier a|.x'"--~'t"~-''.'=ntr.b'~tion'~nv=l'" "~a'i]ers"are to'be ire~ . .... ~. _ ~.= . -% ~xzu o~tu~u~--- I xew nealtn ngures are given--[-"." .... ~ .... ~ .... _,,,i Mrs. Melvin Davoy .was a medi cat patient for several days last