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Charles Town, West Virginia
January 15, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 15, 1959

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0P JEFFERSON rARM .RS ADVOCATE troul)ie s alki,: the coumy' high ways, some of which could have JANUARY 15, 1959 :)--A been prevented, the police feel. Other figures which show how ex.tensive the Charles Town State patrolled tl]e county's high i ways were the 476 warning tic- heaths and Funerals : kets issued in1958 as against 337 in 1957 and the increase in hum- IT'S TIME" AT ACME ! / ! STOCK UP NOW FOR VALUES! / /7" ber of arrests made this year over ,. '1 last year, 978 as aginst 929 in 1957. eld Tuesday held Wednesday, Jan. 14 at 1 p. Other Duties . . aries E Ma,,s m. in Arlington Na.tional Ceme- . In addition to the acciaent roves ~_ " J", tery ~ig~tions, arrests ann patrol WOrK Dealer " ____ which the four State policemen ~e '--- , . BIGELOW C THOMSON carried out, they also made 81 I . nela Tuesoay ai- ... . ~ ...- " ~. "~ 1^7 investigation reports had five mo .ra. from the Melvin ~lgeiow w. rnomson, J~, o~ v .... ,.~_,_ , ..... ,~2_ ~ ..... ) .= . , Col" VUIII~I~ 1 ll~ ~J~l.~bl UII U ~* ~V S ~ ig- raal Funeral Home Moz~an St., WlnchesteI died at .,.~.~.~ ~,~ ,~,.~,,L-, ~,,~,~~ ~f aR Swart h~s home at 5 o cloak Sctmday '::-i ~|-u.ny ,r" h Mars, pres . persons:recoverede~ght stolen Day Sunny, ~aJ manager of the Ieyeing-_ s f cars valued at $2900' recovered :i'~ 0r ~arage Inc and a lvr. lnompson was a .on o ' " ........ ~"-" ' ........ ~ Ideal 16.oz :] Ame Sam You Money r ~ ~-' "' '~I P^"' Th^m son and th~ la* $755 wu~ ~ ~,~c~ s~c..~c~'- . ol ~ne West Vir- [~v~'s' ~u, u p. " ,. ~e chandise lice w ] Paul Thomson " " Fancy , ha d)ed at 6 . .' ' . . r i cans m m Hospital Martins-. ~ Surwwng besideshis mother A total, of 361 persons we e g,v= p# ::i ~hop" ~-|'mO ~'#,r :Carlyle i~IcDonald [are his .son; a sister, Mrs. H. F. en onver ex~mma~mns,' i,~ L :i to.,,. Low Prire~ h~-,. ..... ' I B,,rd Jr of Winchester and a nours were spem, m [ne ~ate .L-'Ol .x~S lown l-'res- ~ ' " " " rs ere ',h of which the de-Ibrther, James Thomson of Alex me headqua, ters, 4,673 hou w . ~ Ideal 16.o2 :!iil ~lu.t ,~t~ member officiated [ andria. Anothe~ brother, Paul Tho pur,.in on roan par.roi work an.a ; in Ed~e'Hill Ceme ] mson was killed in sezwice in War- anotner ~,~vJ .nours on 2nves~l- ~ cans i)i GnEiss" ~T~)mr~ ,.._ --u. } Mr Thomson fo~nerly operated went into weight law enforcement ~v~ces were coriduc-]~, in~ nc: Winches- 26 school bus inspec.tions were giv m P .~! r,~,uge No. 80 A. F. [ ~"~']. "~'wos~, mem~ber of Stone- en' five hours were put in on saf ~.^naries Town and {wai~'~Ocks~n~r~ha~ter No 9 Dis- ety work other than patrol; 198 .c mc~ge served as [abied-~me~ican Veterans." , " hours were spent giving testimony m ~__., Fancy cansm - eceased had been | unerm serwces we e e a ~eo~vt~ ~n,,+h~r a, h,~,,rs were Y ars he had been [ 11 30 o'clock Tuesday morn ng at ..... : ....................... o. ly a short time Chr,s Ep, seo , Church in W,n- ,o ...... ,,,. ..... , .... ::" chester Vs. Rev. W Holt ~oude ' . Poc ..... I rec+or :.ffici~ted " 'ing the State Road Comrnlssmn on M ~non,Las, Vs., ne [ ~.__~__:~' . L' ........... certain road projects" and160 Whet , '" s ' ' ' o ' , t e ll tt.4 Ett THE,! Bluestone and the [lot at Edge Hill Cemetery in Char- ,,,ours on o~,:er:pec, a, ewn~s. . , [ I Farmdale Kernel 16.oz ~i iiiiYou Never Had It $o Fresh! Mars ]les Town once again ~ms year as mpast the "We~t xri~i~i~ I * " years U. S. Route 340 East of Char ) or Cream Style cans ili~---'--'----'---- : I m !!)iReg. S9c Virginia Lee In 1935~ an~ ~,~,,~ ] JOHN HERMAN MILLS Its Town proved to be the most ........ i w in m iii[ 'az%insburg-Charles i John Herman Mills 54 of Mar dangerous stretch o[,.high oafY.h~ Sl iii B! h v .................................... ~" -'" fin . ~,, ue_err. 1945 h . ' . hve f~tahties occu r g o t ^ e became as ]m Baker VA Hosp~,tal where he stretch of road between Charles I ~ Seaside 16-oz ~ autmbile busi" ' had been a patient fr 20 days' T ..... :'~ *h~ ~hna"dal~ River I m Cooked cans m i:ii PIES , = el iii! .ecl,, Aac associations and a [boarder since the age of 14 years +~.,~ ~.~+~......, ,.~.~,;..:'~ .... *-s sictent an .... .too ............ ~ .... . ......... r ~= Idea| 16-o, ~m ::: oo', d dH'ectorland until fll health forced him to hi h as for last ear with onl rginia group retire last May g ". Y . Y member and ] | m Red Band can= mm ~!i ~as a hl 85 acmden.ts being rarest)gated A n,atlve of Jefferson county, b'" State Police on this road in ! 11 q~ Ideal' 16oz$ BREAD : Bramwell Lodge ] born May 31 1904 he was a son _~Y_I ........ 7 and A ' ' ~vo~ as compareo ~o ~z zor t~o __ M. and a I of .~he late Thomas A. and Lucy Thor~ w.o -Is'- a c^nsiderable dro~ I ~Well Chapter No. [Stickles lV~lls, in ~e amount of~ ~m err dam~- s~ris Temple, A. A. J He c~me ,to Martinsburg ,at the , =s=~~~ P p y " tJ | ., m ]I~i! Better Quality for Less Money m m I ~ea cans mm ,vneeling;ub, andEastern age of.three years and was a mem I ....... m I i ii!:Farmdale C Ile CI ..~.galn as Ior me pas~ ~wo years Char ibaenZ afctiFvi:StmEemUeY'o?h~leChl2fadl State Route 9, North of Ranson: " --...--. d~ad ~ Ib loaf & # !t7iian CheUrC Mrs. larder of Moose, Hose Company proved to be ,he county's second ~ ,des, i !? ------ ~ at the home on 14 most dangerous s~revcn of h~gn _. [No. 5 and Berkeley Post No. I ...... 7, | ~ Cond ~ cans mm Supreme tml dJ~C ~reet- ~ [ Am~ "can T.o~'nn ' [ way with one lasalisy ana some zu _ . dau~h,ter ........ r] ....... ~ ..... ~ at home. '. , . . persons injured in the 31 accid- t. , his mo-J Surv;,vlng are a sister, Mrs. Ray I ........ i f r " i Ib loaf ~U aer G en~s reported to Sta~e ronce Tins Sl , eorge Mays { mond N. Jones, 902 Third street; [ . . another ~oth r record compares w~th two fataht b" e , ] brother A 1V~illard Mills Shep- I ..... Home-Style ~s, Charles Town; [ herdsto~vn" and a number of nit- its and 20 others injured in 33 ac I Lucky Leaf Home No 2V~ 's, W. H. Gait, Ran I ces and nephews. I cldents in 1957. . ~ Style Sliced can= m ~ l!/z-lb loaf ~1~ ImP I Services were held Monday at l Once again also State Route 9, ~ lira ~ -.----------- E - | 2 p. m. at Rosemont, Kogelschatz [ South of Charles Town proved to , ~ , ROWLAND I and Coffman Funeral Home with ) be the third most hazarduous ~ ~ ~: (~__-~_ America S " h ' " " : ~ [deal Pure ~2-ozom ~ e~.~ ,,..., - eld Wednesday | the Rev. iMillard R. Floyd and the ) stretch of road In 'the county, with I I~i Strawberry Jars mm _ a~:mhe Smith and i Rev. J. Raymond Wood officiat-lone fatality and 29 accidents as -- ~: ~ ......... 'me *or Charles ing. ,c6mpared to one f~tali.ty and 31 II mm B U T T E R ld, 313 Liberty St { was in Rosedale Ceme-[accidents in 1957. tY morning'in Gen ite,'Y. I On U. S. Route 340, West of ~i~[i~ Round-the-Clock Apricot I~g,~ll ~ ~m~_ ere. ~ I ~ , Charles Town, the number of ac- " [:~_~. and Oran,e or 46oz- * ' /r' ' ~' S ) '~ ~ ~" ). A McDonald I CHARLES HENRY DERRY [cidents increased .from 18 last Pineapple-Orange I can= ~ ~ lrial "w~o ,.~ ,~-= 'l Charles Henry Derrv 89 a well myear to 25 this year. but there TASTY L HORN 'mbersof"t*heC~i't I known resident'of nearby' Loud-/were no fa%alities..a.nd .in 1957 ! V ~n oun d rmmentthere was one on ~ms s~re~cn o' 1 1 Sl Y will serve as :County Va. an ~ p o " J hi h : !~ { retired farmer, died Tuesday, Jan.] g~way. [~mmm~ Colo- ~ CHEESE {gar A'and :at':- in Peonian Spring, Va. He has~ W.m~n n(: Ma.. Nammd l , m .,,. t. ' been ill for about a year. . / vvvmmm~mm vm |'ivv~w m~mmm~tm [ o ....... i The deceased was a son of the | :~l~e~va%~ 'ur:Mary Elizabeth Pey,ton Oerry and "" ""'V"~'. " "~"" h]sd.~...... ~.. ,""" i husband of the late, Alice Tribby . . - _ :Lillian charge ?f ..... ..... ,the ~progra:m, ~ tJl ]~ i L' '( i~ ' Wile Mrs., ....................... rs Memoers o,,ne ~nar|es Town ~IPNtll~ I | i~ IlL| 'la " ' 2J~:lTy. 1"12 W'~ UU~/I Zll .tx~:~; ~ - ~d, daughter, { vllle Vs. and spen,t his entire life Chapter Women of ,the Moqse at- Delicious Roasts cut from Lean, :~,,,or. ,~.a,,es, ,~o~ oo .,. ,~ ,o~o -or~nt~ ~enoing a ,~.~,..c~re ~.~a~er Tender sag"-un- Porkers ,asn C. with[ .~,,~ViWn~ ~r~ twn sons J C~ar- nigh?, program, held:Jail. 13 a 8 e~L~n_' TU:.'~eY; J lan~--of'fie~r'~hhl~;-and Gil~e~ of o'ciock at the ~se H,zme :and ... ,~rmy m ~'ran- I Ba~Hm~e ~-~d " twn d~uohtors- for wl~ich ~Mrs. Grace. ~Jononue ans~'err:~;,a~'l~" I Mrs.Fravei of Washington, was .m ~, ?v - I D r, ~.a ~~= ~.o ~*-ors ~,f Pur neara a repor~ znac'~nelr Chapter .. thel Roper, I ceilvie Va aso ,two ~randchild- had been honored by be~l~g n~ed m , 'g;Mrs Hector ~ " ear ' ~.~+~,o I The body w, as bright to ,t,he Y--." "' ': t . dolph A Berry[ Ferr- from where ~.he funeral ser' Town Chapter to :,t,tend:he a~- m " veral nieces and[ vices were held :t~s afternoon nu'al Mid,winter Conferenve. of --- [ (Thursday). by. the Rev .... L B Wil- MaWmenrtinsburgf theandMooseto do't' tl~ebehejdenrollin . 4 N ~,~.,~ [ li~mson, pastor of Bolivar Luth- . - ,~ ~ .... ~o | eran Church. Interment was to be me_n.~. _. . .: .. . : -~,.!of Mrs. Lea'i madel in Hillsboro, Vs. Cemetery. ,/l'he .un.apcers ~o' m Ibs Loin End t0 3 lbs wmow of Jonni . ,me .i,uai wo . are o.ap BibEnd to 3 Town, who died [ ELIZABETH B SLIFER : ter, Martinsburg; Opening Ch~;p- m the Charles ! .... - .... ,ter Berkeley ~prings" ,the address i ! un ~ece.,nDer ~u~n in ~an~ ' ~ ' ~) tal where she, M--i ..... : ...........i ....... of welcome by Jane Lam~p of Mar- for 1^~U {lays IOl"" U' ~ lUa' ~a~ ~'UZ'~aL " ' ~VX~ " ~ ~' ~ ~ UV~ ~ L ~'insburg ,~-he response 'oY" t'hyl"sa hree months I ....... ' ........ Propps Charles Town" t'he College f t Berry Slifer wife of Bernard W ' a f ' tSllier oleo ai,~er ~a long lllness, mr ' ' Y a ternoon at ~ .... ' ..... ::.~' " of Regen~ V'~rginia I~rsey Char- T St .... t ~mer a Iormer reslaen~ oz ~nar- "es -- - " ~'" r -er~m- - rmer ,Jol- ! ,~ ~,.- ,_ ,o ~.,. ..... ~t.o o,,,^. I -~own; invesu:~u e c any. ~e in "" t ~o ~v.. ,o ,~,,~ or. u, ,,~,o ,~,,~, - l ...... in "- r b II " ~anson. , , . ou la ~:utzy, mar~ sou g;a oz- and the late George Mitt Shfer derwood pas- ing, Martinsburg; Enrollment, Baptist Chur- ...)~~ .... Charles Town; Mooseheart En- absence of her :,=~o..,. n~z ~n~vsDr~.z dowment Fund Martinsburg Chap Edge Hill Mrs. Minna M. Lambert, 93, wi .ter; closing, Ma~tinsburg. A social dow of.the late J. Henry Lam~bert hour will follow the meeting. Pri.ce, Ran James, John and Shir Town on Jan. daughter of the ~da Barrett of First Bap sons-Thomas rack M., Hun= rS-Mrs. Bes- Beller, Mrs. Tow n; and a number e)cpert 10, 1959 of at W al,ter . Reed work 'ernment as ~s and rail- Ved a spec- army and hsportat, ion ~ze ~tar for 'hile il~ Eng ~llowing the Pneu,monia. ever sin in Charles tzans an early EXpress A- 10's he was ~e Infantry a pro- Senator of .he Lad- .and mother of Mrs. Straith Bris- The affair Will be held ~t the cot, died Wednesday ,at the home Martinsburg ~VIoose Home Sunday, of her daugh,ter in the Christian Jan, 25, beginning at 1:30. Regis- apartment, South S~muel street, tra%ion fee will be 50 cents. following an illness of about six All members all,he Charles monchs. Town Chapter w,ishing to attend Born in Germany July 5, 1865, are asked to meet at Che Moose the deceased was a daughter of Home at 12 noon. A ri~tu~tl practice the late Mr. and Mrs. Frederick will be held Tuesday nig~. Jan. Carl Mehring. She was u member 20 a,t 7 o'clock and all off~cers and of the Lu.theran Church. Her only escorts are urged to attend. survivor is the daughter with A motion was made and car- whom she made her home. ried to give a donation to the Girl Funeral servlces will be held Scout's financial drive; plans were from the Melvin T. Strider Col- discussed for serving the firemen's onial Funeral Home in Ranson banquet at the Moose Home on Friday morning a,t 11 her pas Jan. 29. tar, the Rev. Richard E. Neal. St. The group also discussed the Thomas Lutheran Church. Ranson March of Dimes drive and agreed Acme sl.23 ~-,, ~.~ 3:, of the of !b !b Lancaster Brand Lancaster 6,~4 Ibs $ Ready-to-Serve can .39 Arctic 14-oz C Seal pkg Beet Chicken .00 or Turkey to, officiating. Buri~l will be in Edge to parbicil~te In H,. Hill Cemetery. Announcemer#t was made :that rs-=0n's reports are due at the next meet- Jeffe ' ing, Jan. 27. The .meeting was ad- journedandrefreshrnentswere ser and Juicy from Florida From Page One ved by Grace Donohue and her -------- commlttee. Reg..3.5c doz fact the 1958 report is much bri- ----------- ------- ghter than for 0he previous year, Macedonia finds modern farm- ~ : there was still a lot of misery and ing profitable. I U. S. No. I Rome Beauty or Golden Delicious Couunty-wide Spelling contests will be sponsored by the Jefferson County School Principals early in the second semester of .t~hls school year. All schools will be invited to participa~te. Winners will be chos- en for grades four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and possibly the senior high school. " Local contests are to be conduc ted in each school bhat participa- Franklin tes and the winners of the local C. A son contests w411 compete in county- Town and, wide contests ~t central points. Dunagon [ Plans are now being made to ~he brother,I hold these contests on ,a series of Town evenin~rs in several locations in DOLLAH SALE #DEAL the county. : services were This will mark the first time in many years that students from all sohools in the county will be giv- en a chance to compete for top honors in spelling. Basic rules used in the Na, tional Spelling Contests will be used with several adap- tations to county circumstances, Judges and officials will be annou~ ced in ~he near fature. The con,tests have been endor- sed by .bhe local Board of Educat- ion and already much interest is being shown among the sCudents. The public will be invited and i,t is expected that Vheae versions of the old Spelling Bee will dr~w large crowds Suitable a~ards are being ar- ranged ~or the winnem. FRESH, CRISP PASCAL large stalks 10-oz MIXED VEGETABLES FRENCH FRIES BABY LiMA BANS ,i, CUT GOLDEN C0--H } sPKG$ CHOPPED SPINACH CHOPPED BROCCOLI NEW LOW PRICEi DONALD DUCK 6-oz c&ns )C Seobrook Farms Asparagus Tips 0-o= k0 49c Seabrook Farms French Fries 16.ozpk0 33c F)RICES EFFECTIVE rH$~U I&T, JAN 17 |1)(5(} OUANT|T~/ A~IGHT| ~llr~|AV|~)