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January 14, 1982     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 14, 1982

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12 WVC Cage Tourney May Be Wide-Open This Year CHARLESTON -- If there ever was a wide-open field promised for the West Virginia Conference basketball tournament, it will be coming up this year when the old show goes on for the 45th time Feb. 23 through Feb. 27 at the Charleston Civic Center. Allen McVey, the tour- nament's general chairman for the co-sponsoring Charleston Lions Club, gets the full support of Conference Commissioner Mike McLaughlin in his contention that just about any one of the teams in the field of 14 which will play for the championship has shown enough class to win all the marbles. A good example of what's going on this season is demonstrated by the Shepherd College Rams, who went home to their Christmas holidays with the championship banner from the Greater Bluefield Invitational waving in their camp. Indeed, it wasn't just this tournament championship that gave the Rams hopes of championship goals. Their record at the Christmas break was 9-3 and that equals their total output of victories of a year ago when Coach Bob Starkey's crew was only 9-18. The Rams scurried off to a 6-0 start before suffering their first defeat at Davis and Elkins on Dec. 9. Coach Starkey felt that the team had jelled pretty good before it went on its lday Christmas holiday and he is hoping that this long layoff won't cause the team to become stale. "Everyone's starting to realize his role on the team and has a clear picture d what he may be called on to do," said Starkey. The thing that has im- pressed Starkey the most has been the Rams' ability to win on the road. They have taken five of eight on foreign floors and have been 3-0 at home. Their other victory came on a neutral floor. Those desiring tickets before Feb. 10 should write McVey at Charleston Lions Club, P.O. Box 2507, Charleston, W.Va., 25329 or by calling McVey at 722-4488 after 6 p.m. Tickets also can be ordered by Teletix by calling toll free and charged to Visa or Master Card on or after Feb. 10. 1-800-642-6316. Bullets Remain Undefeated In Ferry Midget Play HARPERS FERRY MIDGET BASKETBALL LEAGUE STANDING OF T TEAMS W.-L. Bullets 8---0 Celtics 5--2 Bucks 4--3 Lakers 4---4 Pistons 1--7 FIVE TEAMS From Page II points was high scorer for the Lakers. H. Edwards had seven and M. Wright six. In the fourth Saturday game the Celtics defeated the Ro vals 35-26 by building up a big first half lead. Mahoney led the scoring for the CeRics with 13 points, while Hosby had nine. M. King led the scoring for the Royals with eight points. The Day Care Center was 'also presented a large hand- crafted toy box designed and built in the VA Voluntary Service Hobby Shop by patients Leonard Bosserman and Jim Testerman. The children were further treated to "cookies and punch" by the Kiwanis Club members, all patients at the VA Medical Center. Sounds of "We Wish You a Merry Christmzs" echoed through the auditorium as the children departed, their faces 1--7 Moose Academy Of glows, and the patients' hearts filled with a reaf. In action in the Harpers firmation of the true spirit of Ferry Midget Basketball Friendship Meets cs. League last week the Bullets kept their record perfect by The Academy of Friendship ,-, v- ,,%"h"ra '"raT"- chalking up another pair of of Charles Town Chapter 1028 victories to run their string to Women of the Moose was held eight wRhouta defeat. Jan. 0, with 13 members RMA, 88 To 81 The Bullets scored a 22-14 present and Catherine - win over the Knicks Tues., Creamer serving as The Shepherd College evening, Jan. 5 in the first of chairman. three games played. Then on Mrs. Creamer expressed basketball team racked up its tenth victory of the season last Saturday, Jan. 9, they downed appreciation to Fay and Paul Monday evening, defeating the Bucks 34-30 in the first of Montlord for their help with Randolph-Macon at Ashland, three games played, the Christmas party for the In other games played Jan. exceptional children. Va. 88-81. Mark Palmer led the Rams 5, the Celtics, managed to take Mrs. Creram,r also with 28 points and had 9 over second place in the reported that the Academy of reboundS. K. Adams weighed league standings by scoring a Friendship members are 22-5 victory over the Pistons g events for Easter in with 18, Jeff Cook and and in the third game the and ede two foming Antoine Makle canned 12 Bucks defeated the Lakers by meetings, apiece. Red Wood led Randolph a 26-20 score. Hostess for the month was In the second game Mrs. Helen Barnard, Pearl Macon with 11 for 18 for 22 Saturday afternoon the Knicks Dean and Marie White. points while Harry Barker, former Jefferson High star, downed the Pistons 20-9 and in The next meeting will be followed with 1B points. the third game. the Celtics held Feb. 3, at 8 p.m. at the won over the Lakers by a 21-8 Moose Home. Shepherd was scheduled to score, play West Virginia Tech in a Late Christmas West Virginia Conference . contest Wednesday evening then host State University of Ski Club Meet Story Is Told New York Saturday evening Next Tuesday ity at the Sara Cree field house. Of V A Generos The Shepherd record now stands at what Coach Bob The Jefferson County Ski A special "Christmas Toy Starkey must consider a Club will be conducting the Project" originated by rather pleaseing level, 10.3. last of two January meetings, patients at the VA Medical Monday, January 18 at 7:30 Center, Martinsburg, early in 11:ln Krerge, Jr p.m. in the meeting room of 1981, culminated on December the Leetown Fish Hatchery 22, 1981, a members of the Laboratory. Medical Center's Kiwanis Participated In Bold Club hosted an "extra Objectives of this meeting special" Chrislmas party for Eale "82" Exercises will be to elect club officers, 41 children from the Norborne from various committees Day Care Center. Army Spec. 4 Larry E. necessary for club operations, Chrislznas music, provided Kramerage Jr., son of and to talk about recent by domiciliary patient George Catherine M. Kramerag e of 26 developments that have Green, filled the air as the Wilson St., Martinsburg, p. become known. The meeting children ranging in ages from articipated in Bold Eagle '82 a is open to the public. The club two to six entered the joint service readiness is open to all persons, auditorium, exercise at Eglin Air Force regardless of age, sex, The children, accompanied Base, Fla. religion, nationality, race, by Mrs. Bessie Honsaker, creed, or color. Previous Director, Norborne Day Care The exercise involved over skiing knowledge or ex- Center and six teachers, were 23,000soldiers, sailors, airmen perience or personal welcomed to the Medical and marines in a simulated residency does not bar Center by Kiwanis Club combat enviromnent where anyone from joining. The club President Grant Toll. And air assault and mechanized is open to beginning or expert then... "what to their won- infantry, along with armored skiers from all Jefferson dering eyes did appear".., and unconventional warefare County surroundingareas, but, Santa Claus (alias and tactical air forces training domiciliary patient David were emplpoyed in realistic For more information or Bowen) complete with a cnbatconditions. directions, please contact the "pack full of extra special Kramerage is a bridge Jefferson County Parks and toys" made by the veteran specialist at Fort Knox, Ky., Recreation Commission at patients at the Medical with the 194th Armored 725-9761, Extension 207. Center. Brigade. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, JANUARY 14,1982 REDISTRICTING KEY ISSUE OF LEGISLATURE BY TOM STEPTOE, JR. Member House Of Delegates By the time that this report is published the 1982 Regular Session d the West Virginia Legislative will have com- menced. I hope that you will not hestitate to contact me while I am in Charleston. By mail, I can be reached at the following address: Del. Tom Steptoe, Jr., House of Delegates, State Capitol, Charleston, WV 25305. By telephone I can be reached for purposes of leaving a message at these nambers -- 1-800-642- 8650 and 1-348-2239. Please make sure that the operator gets your telephone number and I Will return your call just as soon as possible. One of the most important issues facing this legislative session is redistricting (or reapportionment). People have asked me quite a few questions regarding this issue which I would like to respond to again in this column. What is this redistricting all about? Under the State Constitution, the State Legislature is required to reapportion i.e., redistrict Congressional, State Senate and House of Delegates districts to make them con- form to population changes as soon as possible alr each census in order that areas which have increased in population obtain increased representation. The purpose of this law is to insure equal representation. This is especially important in Jef- ferson County which has in- creased in population by 42 per cent between 1970 and 1980. To date the Legislature has failed to enact a redistricting plan based on the 1980 census and the next elections will occur this year! The issue then. is two-fold: 1. The importance that redistricting be completed in advance of the 1982 elections to insure that all West Virginians enjoy equal representation; and 2. What kind of districts the new reapportionment plan should have. That is, do we want single-member districts (at least in the House of Delegates) or do we want multi-member districts? What is a single-member district? This kind of delegate district elects only one member and, therefore, is the smallest and most localized of any kind of district. The number of per- sons which a single member district should contain is arrived at by dividing the total population of the State by the total number of members of the West Virginia House of Delegates. According to the figures resulting from the 1980 census, a single-member district should contain ap- proximately 19,500 persons, which is roughly the population of Charles Town, Harpers Ferry and Kabletown Magisterial Districts.  What is a multi-member district? (Also called At. Large districts) This kind of delegate district varies in size according to the number of delegates elected. Each candidate in this kind of district runs at large. A three- member multi-member district should contain 58,500 persons-19,500 the ideal number of persons per delegate x 3 (the number of delegates elected from the district) equals 58,500. The largest multi-member district in the State is the 17th Delegate District (Kanawha County) which elects 13 members at large. What does Jefferson County presently have? Present delegate districts represent population configurations existing in 1970 (note that Jefferson County's population has grown by at least 42 per cent since that time). Most of Jefferson County is presently in a single-member district -- the 36th Delegate District -- which is currently represented by me. However, a part of Jefferson County (Shepherdstown Magisterial District) is located in a multi- member district with all of Berkeley County and all of Morgan County -- the 35th Delegate District -- which is currently represented by Clarence E. Martin, HI, Larry Faircloth and Terry Harden. The 35th Delegate District elects three members at large. Why should I oppose multi- member districts? I would suggest the following reasons: 1. Delegates are intended to be those members of state government who are the closest to the people. In multi- member districts, the delegates are representing too many persons to he able to carry out their intended fun- ction. 2. Outlying portions of multi- member districts often have little impact upon the outcome of elections and often end up being represented by persons who live and work far away from them. 3. When you are represented by several persons you are in a sense not represented by any person. Oftentimes you don't know who to complain to, who to make a constituent request to, and whom to hold accoun- table. 4. Multi-member districts unfairly give an advantage to incumbent politicians. In multi-member districts, a candidate does not have to ob- tain a majority of votes cast to win election. For example, in a three delegate multi- member district, the can- didate can win by garnering the third highest number of votes. An incumbent has the advantage of name recognition which ' is especially hard to overcome in larger districts. So b, ob- taining a block of votes and by relying upon name recognition, an incumbent can win re-election in multi- member district even if the majoriW of citizens in the District want to get rid of him and don't vote for him. 5. Because in larger distric- ts political media campaigns become more decisive, multi- member districts favor those candidates who have more money to spend on campaigns. WHY SHOULD I SUPPORT SINGLE--MEMBER DISTRICTS? I would suggest the following reasons: 1. Because each single member district is small,the electorate has a better oppor- tunity to come to personally know and evaluate the can- dictates, and, thus, is better able to choose among persons, as opposed to names. 2. Since only one member is elected, candidates compete with each other, instead of being involved in a popularity contest for several available seats. This provides the elec- torate with a clearer choice between candidates and their respective positions. 3. In a single-member district, the representative is mcessarily from the same area as his or her constituenthus enabling the representative to he accessible to his con- stituents and better aware of their concerns. In a single- member district you always know who your representative is, whom to complain to, whom to make a legislative request to, and whom to hold accountable. 4. In a single-member district, a candidate must always win an election by the majority of votes cast and so must have the support of the majority of voters. This makes it very easy for the people to get rid of an incum- bent with whom they are dis- satisified. This also necessitates that the representative be responsive to the wishes of his constituen- ts or else he will lose his job! PARTISAN POLITICS? Why should I get involved in it? Unfortunately, the redistricting issue has historically been one of the most partisan of issues, with voting districts put together to favor one political party or another, or one incumbent or another. However, this is not always the case. Take, for example, Jefferson County where leaders of both main political parties issued a joint statement in support of single- member districts (see November 5, 1982 issue of The Spirit). They have done so because they believe that the importance of this issue tran- scends party politics-- because they believe that it is a Jefferson County issue, not a Democrat or Republican issue. I urge you to become in- volved in this issue because its resolution will determine nothing less than whether or not you have a full and fair vote! If reapportionment is delayed until after the 1982 elections, then to a degree your vote will be com- promised. If a reapportion- ment plan is passed which is inequitable to your area, then we may have to live with it for 10years or more. The time to act is now before it is too late! What can I do? If you live in Shepherdstown Magisterial District, please write your delegates and state senators urging: (I) A fair and equitable reapportionment plan for Congressional, State Senate and House of Delegate districts be in place prior to the 1982 elections; and (2) a single-member House of Delegates district for your area. If you live in the rest of Jefferson County, please write your State Senators urging the above. In addition there are several groups working for the above in Jefferson County: 1. There is a bi-partisan group of Jefferson Countians which has banded together to lobby the Legislature for the placement of a fair and equitable reapportionment plan prior to the 1982 elections and for single-member districts for all of Jefferson County. If you are interested in working with this group, please contact either Tom Steptoe, Jr. (1-348-2239) or Charles Clendening (7'25-9118) or John D. O'Brien (725-5958). 2. There is another group of Jefferson Countians, Citizens For Fair Representation, which has handed together to pursue the same aims through the courts. If you are in- terested in working with this group, please write to the group at the following ad- dress: PO Box 886, Charles Town, WV 25414. . "Miss I00ee00air" Contest Scheduled In West Virginia If you are 18 years of age or older and utilize a wheelchair 50 per cent of the time for mobility, would you like to compete for the title of Miss Wheelchair West Virginia? If so, please submit a resume' School Board T It Complies With "Phasing" The Jefferson County Board of Education has been advised by the United States Depart- ment of Education that the school district has fully complied with the requirements set forth in a conciliation agreement dealing with "phasing," as practiced at Jefferson High School. That agreement, dated March 13, 1980, resulted from the Office For Civil Rights finding that the district had violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by its operation of the system of student assignment known as "phasing." These violations were contained in an OCR letter dated December 28; 1979. Specifically, the violations dealt with what complainants felt was a disporportionate number of blacks in the below- average phase level; a lack of in-service training for teachers; no effective program of remedial in- struction; reduced class size; and the institution of criterion- based (rather than stan- dardized) testing the measure of academic progress of below-average students. In a letter addressed to Superintendent of Schools Raymond H. Frazier Jr., Ronald Gilliam, speaking for Dewey E. Dodds, director of the Region Ill Office for Civil Rights, stated that the reported 1979 violations have been remedied and the OCR feels no further monitoring is required. The letter noted that the proportion of black students assigned to below-average phase level continues to decrease. The original charge was that more than 50 per cent of the enrolled black students at in the level in English Studies. Accordin recent figures, decreased to 35.3 classes and 32.1 Social studies. Continued the have also written assurance effective program instruction of assigned to phase level established and will 0 to operate." In addition, it waS there is ' teachers, sizes; and that show progress reassigned to the appropriate to ability levels. A that 18 black assigned to and 30 studies have to higher phase In conclusion said: "We School District's program now standards of Title VI. We congratulate the Board, the School staff, yourself tendent Frazier) Romine for the and effort resolve the matter. Frazier, with the informatio OCR, said that board and have extended ver the past remedy the by the OCR. Frazier we will the all students. Air Guard Sets Up Flying Missions In Area residents will again be seeing gigantic C-130 Hercules Aircraft flying low level training missions in the tri- state area in the months to come as part of the 167th Tactical AirliR Group's mission readiness requirements. The 167th is part of the West Virginia Air National Guard and is based at the Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport near Martinsburg. Primary to the unR and its mission is the state of readiness of aircraft and and the reasons why you would like to enter the Miss Wheelchair West Virginia Pageant. The winner of the state pageant, which will be held in June 4-6, 1982, at the West Virginia Rehabilitation Center, Institute, West Virginia, will then compete for the title of Miss Wheelchair America to be held in Columbus, Ohio in August. This is not a beauty contest. The candidates are judged on the - following: Ac- complishment - education, professional position or goal, interests, activities, ad- justznents to disability, per- sonality - conversational ability with regard to media, self-expression, social con- fidence, and appearance (personal appearance, clothes, hair, makeup and poise). Marital stature is not to be considered for eligibility. aircrews, thus the training area. The low level part of which to the local time of a national unit would play in event. Accordin 167th of use for the low are i0 a.m. to 4 Saturdays and 1:301 p.m. or 7 p.m. on and Thursdays. The unit aircra will fly at a speed of 250 altitude of between feet during the day 4500 feet Mean during training flights tinuation of thoSe being flown by transport-type 167th. The flights little disturbance in which theY accomplished. Officials available to concerning the training questions may the unit in telephoning AC These flights aircraft portions of Maryland, OUTER ' I "CtllilLqNCi 00III I Wool Tweed 20%0. Off SHIRTS : -- -- . ,...._ v Off SUITS I ,r I 00roOU00 i I Air & --...+ SELECT O S . /SWEATERS r00):tI00IJACKETS , ..6RouP to,. 00dilw l OFF +":++%Jl  25% OFF --Ofl"m" *I I00 i' - +, t +DON'T FORGET KASTLE'S SUiT ctue STARTS JANUARY 2