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January 13, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 13, 1966

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Largest And Most Widely-Read Classified Section In This Area Deadline For Accepting Ads, Tuesday 4:30 P. M. -- Dial 725-2046 or 2047 FOR RENT" - Three room fur- WANTED: - Farm hand. House FIDUCIARY NOTICE I NOTICE TO CREDITORS I NOTICE TO CREDITORS ) SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE. ]~g~l~ CAT ]~ ~.~ nished apartment, baseboard heat and good wages J. G. Gruber .... ve in m- hands for settle[ 7 ..... I ..... ..... (THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1966 A--# x. ,jl oZ-Xl X .... ......... .,A Va z na y "[ To the Creditors and l enetlCl-I zo me real rs and enetlcla- lit iloor, Avenue.private volta,co. 725x ,,,UUl3.2.t.pd.Y, "" moat th, eemmt af E L Mc-I~-;^~-- of Meta .f West 2nd Telephone L Jan. __ Donald,~Jr.-fGuardian of Phillipl~'e;vinV, fdeceased:ate L'tVIRGII~k e~t~f ~ec~-~.TTEI ORDER OF PUBLICATION ing Commission, that effective SALE- - One used water 5281. Jan 13-tf. ......... N McDonaid a minor [ .... . . . I . . " Jan i, 1966 the Commission a- . . " " wz-kl"~x~&n: - Will vuy guuu u~eu . , ,] All persons having claims a- All persons having claims a- --'--" , - or, good condltmn - Reason- ~1 - he t e T W STEP2OE - I . CIRCUIT COURT OF JEFFER- bandoned Its past pohcy of lS- ............. WOULD LIKE TO RENT: - Nice I horse trailer, four w el yp . . . !galnst the Estate of Meta gamst the estate of the said .................... strin Commission race nasses to p meu, rhone unfurnished two or three bed- J only. Also need hay for horses, commlssmner ot A ounts ) L. Melvin, deceased, whether Charotte Virginia Rowe, deceased wx, x ,,.^ fi _ room home. Telephone Martins-I Call 725-2629. Jan, 13-2-t. Jefferson t oumy I due or not, are notified to exhibit I whether due or not, are notified I omee za. uorsey v,amuzz lai ne i ,. SALE: - Alfalfa 2rid - 3rd burg 267-4486 collect. I _ -- _ _ Jan. 13-2-t ] same, w th the vouchers thereof, I to exhibit same, with the voucher I v orse , Defendant 1 it|ally Commission Passes were i/0tlt't CiarNWe:ll;rG:!e. :]le J nfRl 3rRni N[d,.O oe be:rstOOcmh;uSse I stt_o F?und !IO1AR:U }L m lypBeI 16RrsAoLi/ i:/ ed;li S I li iiTi: dO vb! i!loffA ro 0: N is:i! T !ei!lPs Cr:P rl a c e 725-7420 l gl lnm: g ::to : lack ith Lure throu hoot $820 For" de- "g'''ao 'b d1966--e: tla d W s g'', . sequential and the expense was Street. $5750 per month, off fur LOST Male Beagle, B w g,. / 6ew~h rdto~myey:f ~,~ii . ther. . . ofmatr]mony.) ! :~!lib~:neen n:c r ao 3: e fa hp i;i Ba x T A; t s :uVnDt o ntSSJ SEM,/pP ] f:!e b Y:b Y :f196 xOel:uh:erde. ) Toi: app2O:neg Nb;me laff?::veind lnetd . . il c ) / . ta e/:slZ e rnth re 6 of soil but leaves pile soft H esy J y . e, ] ... .g .......... " --] All beneficiaries of said estate [ All beneficiarieS of said estate [ in this action that Gracie P. Dor- ) Commission ~asses which has "~r loft Rent electric Sham- Washington Street. i wlm no tags. m me VlClnlty uo o. / annear on or before said day / .............. ! see is a non-resident of the State t ~r $~Y MELVIN T. STRIDER [Dec. 30-tf. [of Shenandoah River near John Jan. 13-2-t. ] ['o"~xam~ine said claims and other-[ t'o"exam~ne" s~'i'd'clai~ms'an~o~tl~e"~-~, o(West Virginia, it is hereby ) e~::e~di the brunds f,nn~m~" INC. Jan. 13-1-t. I ]t rowns tarm. wn_en last se.!en CARD OF THANKS | wise protect their interest [wise protect their interest. I ordered that Gracie P.. DorseYlsi erab-l"e- a'nd "st :m'ifican t - room ,ooze, going owarus harpers ferry . " .... Becgwim lain- ' o-- " , - . . . I w sh to thank all the relatwes Gwen under my hand thin 4th G ven under my laand this 6th serve upon F.J. p creases in ffice x ease 1 SALE:- Serv,ce Statmn bus baths, Phone 725-2265, George/Area A REWARD OF $250 WILL ......... / .....T ....... [ ........ I +,**,o .+ ........ hos address is[ o e p as we 1 S. For details Telephone 725-] neffner Will be Available Jan. 1./BE GIVEN Contact Soyd Hogge good .~rzenas and ne~gnoors, tor[ uay oz ..... =:,..~v~: ........| any oz aanuary,:,~. ....... ] ~[ti~ens~ff~ce Builtl~ng, Charles[ as a disserrvice to the Manage- ......... -,-- , :, .... ,^_'_" o...., me Kmctness snown ourlng me/ mAKt 15 WETZ, b| T W TEF'IOE I ment of our various race tracks ,za-ma . ! uec. v-u. ' C urc t r,m]a'Y ele lone*' illness and death of my wife, Mrs.] COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNTS] Commissioner of Accounts] Townt West Virginia, an answer, [Such a practice is not consistant t SALE: - Corn and alfalfa FOR RENT: - Four rooms and 8333 " ' " Howard Albin. | JEFFERSON COUNTY| Jefferson County I including any related counter] with the orderly supervision of Leo J. W dm" yer. Phone 725- Avai]ablebath" heat and water furnished. 94-t-yd.- Howard Albin| Jan. 6-3-t. | ..... to, a u., I claim or Release .YU .may. nave ] ----.thi .................. tromend u lv o'rawino... ._...~ .ind~ Charles Town. Jan. 6-2-t. Jan. 1, Phone 725-2265. [Jan. 13-1-t-pd. i I to the complaint filed m this act=| State of West Virginia can not Dec 9 tf NUTIUI TO ion on or before 'eoruary , " t .... - . . , be over emphamzed. Further, in SAL : . One used wrmgeri -- ....... Will the woman who doesntl / FOR SALE I if you fail to do so, thereafter] ast *her- b .... oo- ,--, her; one used Chest Freezer, I OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT: ! ~ l11$Cgll llt OU8 I thmk her rugs could be cleaner] To the Creditors and Beneftcl-| D.15 AT l el lrlVl ] judgment upon proper hearing/dents of abuse in the use of such Used electric Dryer, one used i Professional Building Call Dr -- - than they are, please come to[ aries of the Estate of Wilder C , I X Z-XL raOXz-xX u |and trial mR" be taken a-ainst/ .... " ' ' " " est Wash" . . -- , s. i passes, mcluutng Instances ot lgerator, all now at real big Van Metre 725-7215 or 725-7214. Riddleberger s Store, w -[Wilson, aeceasecl. I ...... /you for the relief demanded in! counterfeiting, and sellin A1 ~SO~UTcHEpRN I~~T:o:veP~i~f~5~si.enmSt: ! vC:T!~ay~~i::!~e!i:n~ ~~re~c:~r~2!I !i~~~i:'ii~~eliehdi! ]~~~ il ~~e~:!~t~ag::~d'lii~]~~:t~ei~l~a:!!nt~:f:::r c~e~e SALE: - My residence at 414 [ . =: ........ "I County, on Tuesday, February 1st I Jan. 13-1-t. I legally verified to the undersign- [ very Reasonably. c..~ J ,, rv 966 I Ill " ta Mildred Street; Two story lUel. rhone za-a tv. [1966, and will remain in session l led, at his office in the Citizens l Six Room Masonry Dwelling on ....... I WARE brick house with porches, ~ Oct. 21-tf. I for a period not exceeding twenty I . .. ~utm~ ...... [ Office Building, Charles Town, | Rt. 51 Beyond Middleway in " ~'~"~%'~n~'~ ~"~T'R"r [ ~t-Dm~t~ ~v~r~m ' oil burning hot water fur-] FOR RENT--.First floor 3 .room I revi'ewin~' an'd e'qua izi' g" the I Am availab!e for anycarpentry, 16t"~~ay--o~"'~un'e" ~l'96~6.'"o~the'r. [ ...... Jan. 6-2-t. J Photo Copy Hearings Misc. - apt tmr re.~) neat auu wa~e~ repairs, caoinet, remocteiing, etc . . next to P L & P Co , new electric hot water heat / furnishe~ Mrs Te~ Elliott Tel ~ assessment made by the Assessor [ .................. J wise they may, by law, be exclud- [ 195 Acre Farm on Rt. 9 Two D-.~... P~I,.,.,A~ , ( .... ) c attm u u uau lcnael wotta /zo Illi till , oncreted basement, " , ( ooJ= " "[ for the year 1966. i , " " I ed from all benefit of said estate. [ miles North of Ranson. Approx- rlKILIII UIII )hi I Box 414 Phone: 725 2615 :ed back yard and garage, in I Given under m,, hand and offi-]Jan" 6-2-t-pd. [All beneficiaries of said estate|imately 3300 Ft. Frontage on I I desirable residential section I Dec. 2-tf. t cial seal thi. 10tl J day of January I [ may appear on or before said day highway with wonderful develop- |r n}|nllp Thp ] ~riarles Town Shown b a - -- ......... her " ..~,..v.....,~..~, .... Y PP ] ~D DlW~,Tn~. dogirnh]o nnar4] 1966 i lcl3J /Xl.d I to examine said clahns and ot "/ment possibilities. Call now for [ ....... un " L" x.lxt, ~,t:J~'~ .L " ... .........t.... ~ . eat only Miss Sara S. Crane I . . " _. .. t EMILY A M STANLEY I _ ! wise protect their interest / an appointment to inspect this , . A# I U "1" 1 0n meres, large rooms good location, ~ . ". e 725 2532 REAL ESTATE Given under my hand thin 4th ro rt .. " " l everything private, utilities paid.[ Clerk of the County Court of l |p pe y. ISSUIng UT aSSeS i ................ uu da of January 1966 I S In WI D m sorry no children, Phone 725-l Jefferson County, West Virginia l Excellent business opportunity.I Y WETZEL Commercial Location on Rt. 340 . ." .... I 'R SALE: - Locust posts, 75]7320. Aug. 12-tf.] Jan. 13-3-t. "| Super Market. West Washington[ ............ .......To| between Charles Town & Hail- Announcement was made tmS lA PUMPER To Clean Cess. it locat u vz wxoo u r rt ur o town Five Room Dwelll Three week uy Joseph t" t on ry, wno each Phone 725-5602. | _ . | ~v .. | Street, Charles Town. Good "[ JEFFERSON COUNTY| ' . . .. ng was r^centl- r^ ele te a" chair I pools, Septic Tanks And San|. I G2t " / _ _ / Nouce lion. I |Bedrooms Llvmguoomwlmr~re e y e- u u s "1 ,o,.., qp,,i~o+~ ' " ma - . -" I I'~ H.~I~-. IlT.~+.~i 1~11/ I ........... I Jan 6-3-t /^ Modern Kitchen Bath and n of the West V~rgmla Rac-I "~ ~ IIK:;L~.$ vv et.tuu ~t ~ room noose llo west lblDer~y ......... ~' " " - , FOR SALE:-,30.00/ ..... | Of Stockholders c.,m,4 ,mditi,m Nice h-me [ n T * [Foil Basement. Restaurant con- try, and mportanee to the ] ROBERT JENKINS l on John Y McDonald, phone / t ~ ~r ., I ,___ ~.--=,...1.,,I. ...... , .hqare.. I lt~l~/-kb !~1/-~117~ /venlently located next door with I ............. i" " " " In "" "" " " W VA ",210. Jan. 6-2-t-pd. K~tchen and Dining Room Work-| Annual lYlee[ g [ .......... I ~r~n ~AI l~ | all fixtures included in price. | , ~~lers, experience preferred. Good] i, _room^ . es ^smng,e _ nouse.I l t51 /Prime Location - Last stop be- WANTED | PHONE 725-2728 ",, r~ IVlADI~ (bAlkrb~" ~erman salary excellent fringe benefits ti of the vain ~unvar ~vutaa ~,u uu*- Worth in ......... ~e - . , The annual mee ng " " r r FIRST TIME OFFERED" - 7rm fore reaching tracks - - Oct. 4if.- ) ~late, Carmel, coco.nut,.devi}! (including paid vacation, paidlstockholders of the Blakeley/bUHd~l~gsJrst age. ?oubleear[m ........ h ~ h-,hS "2 fire'[vestigating! DOG WARDEN [ ...... , party calves, COOKies, oaKeu hos italization, and sick leave)| .I ~ ~..-.-~ ..... ~.-~--~ .... ~ s .......... I ~ ........ " ...... "1 [ P Bank And Trust Company Ran- 1 laces 2 car ara e This elite Charming Five Room Dwelling , I I H II order on weekends Call 725- Writ ivin ex erience and re condlt on. P , g g. For Jefferson County to start )1 after 300P M " ~,~.~eg *. g..oP oo ~ ...... v'|son, W. Va., f?r the electro, on of| ~oh.. O-h .... tlf,,I Ke.,.~ Fer~lresidence, nested amid lovely/and Five Acres of Land approx. .... ~.. .... / ~I~IPItl,e II~lUell~e " " I .... ,.oo ....... --/olrectors ann me transaction Oil ....... u ...... / ................... ee-..., l A from Chariot Town .t,.n at / IL~UAI~ X JEWEl.ill - ' vac tie o Wood tanuscapeu acerage, Ulier~ tllc at- x ........... . ........... -- . . -- .................. 6-3-t-pd. I O. Box 360, Leesburg, Va.| any other busmess that may come| Acres. Good a m nh me. [ t,, ,,der- livin- with Bee [ Small boarded naddock - Priced Apply in person or write to/ ,Jan. 13-2-t. /before the meetin will be held/ea surrounumgs. uoueru convert ....... ?" -" Y ...... -- / tkl tMIYPU IM &IB ~AL~: - ~a~ rergerqn l ........ =~" - ..... ,--lences Prlc,~a t~ ~lk ~ room in lUll easement, we lll~ltU tt/~nt ~tt .~tu~,,~.:,. ~-. ... ~"~" ~ ....., ~ - - - ...... T"' anu waml.n ~rrfilK tor with mounted" Ferger6n: . nKnou er lnuustntsMountal-"h"-[" |'n-several -ood'yur insl ection in every detail _ Six Room r meuwenmg on JEFFERSON / ................. planter weeder and mov#er, station. Good wages, good working[ BUll(ling: mtanson, w:. va:,, on ......... n.. an u ...... and workmanship of this Utra second Avenue m r, a n o=n.Situa COUNTY COURT / ['~ rPP~o~n~" Jltct ~vor hal~]pd Pnnditinn~ ]~or~li~c r.,,~t h~ i./weanesuay, aanuary ~o, x~eo, at aucataun~,n ~u.c~,n ~uun~. ~,~,~,~ h,~m,~ ted on Large Lot lz:~'xlz:~ t'rlceu I ,,u,, ,,~.o~ ,,,~..~.,~un or. ......... ............................... ............... nondale ............. " Phone 229-4801, Inwood, W. writing and mailed to P. O Box[ 2 p.m. ....... Part of land near .Shah - . . NOTE - some of our other list- at $13,500 to sell in.a hurry..Charles Town, W. Va. | Charles Town, W. Va. ~all after 6 n m "X" oL this newsnaner Snirit of] Jack it. tiuyet~, Some gooe acreage m me linker. ,.,.~ ~ ~,., ~r,~,,.~ ,.~,,eh,~ with Very attractive tour nearoom Jan 13-tf r w Dtr Jefferson-Advocate Charles ToTal Executive Vice-President, Cas ton area. Excellent locations for n .... rm mm, rooir Gr,nt dwelling on corner of 1st. Ave. J - W Va ' Dec 6-2-t | Jan. 13-24. summer homes or year round an-A " fa"rm and Preston St. in Charles Town. I I [I I = mpare the new Homeaker PUI L| f;TI E living. ~u-ew barn near Leetown andWall to Wall Carpeting . Large ......... ile Home at the Apple Valley HELP WANTED: - vart. or Defau]t-havm "t een nade in 2 story frame house and garage, indnslrial area of nearby Living Room with FirePlace - 0 tIITWr DTf LI e Sales, North of Clearbrook ume: A leading AUtO lre anaI ,,. ....... + debt ecured Fairfax Blvd. and 2nd Ave., Ran. count:," Dining |loom anu oaern ltenen .jl: ul ur it,. Xtr XL lt t' Jtt near the West Virginia Line casualty insurance company hasl ,~"~ vaY,~.')Y''~Yt - -- son Good condition f". ...... Large Screened perch Beautifully .......... ~oo~ an on~nin~ Cnr an aeent in this oy conaluonal sales contracts, me ." ....... " .... Colonial t~ rm. oricK resmence .-a ..... a ...-.! _~7~_,.,^m.. ~^_ x~t;~l't~x uute xx. rnone - ...... o ,. nnBar icmod will oll tbo Cnllnw lOtS IU t/ernutage itl(lge ueve ._ v Qt ...,i. , .... i,t =uu ump.ut, .=u- 22-tf area. it unexperienceo, we Will ."...... "'."" lonmentonKabletownRoad. Love ..%, .... eed. A wonderful home priced .... train A onnortunti,, lng vehicles at pUDIlC auctmn . "~ ......... SUltaole tor DUlIUln site ............. k~., oj, p lrllltlt|Ullt- ~. . ---~ ~ ....vv : 1 ly site tor a nome. uo,antry living g 1 tul~ 1~.,~O~: ........ Write P O Box 1072 Silver 202 E. L~berty Street, Char es ........ 6 Rm. frame, stucco house, 1 t~ ......... F ....... ~..~..a~.... ........ " ' ,i, ..... ~Ir xr. -.., Tanua,.. w|tn me conveniences ot mouern,__,,__ u_., ,.._L^_ -..-.,a.,,~ 'rnree Bearoom DWelling m ,,u-vat=ta~,ua.~ &UVVI|, V. Ya,, OIl &' LttAa,~ .1 t,7 uaL~.~ J.VLU~L.lklt~llUItl, attla, LtLV~ FOR RENT SaP nm6g M:d 20910. 21, 1966, at 10 o'clock A. 'M. day developments, glass&i living porch located on B.elvede Heights, Tw..e Ceramic Charles Town homes -- on Washington, Samuel " " "" " I960 Cadillac Conv. Ser 60F03 14 room house on East Washing W. Washington St. Toe trams, tatrge Lwmg itoom RENT: - Modern three room apartment consisting of room with T. V. antenna, Kitchen, bedroom. Tele- 725-5648 or 725-5391. ~. 13-tf. RENT: - Eight room house aodern conveniences, located I-Iarmony Lane about three from Charles Town. Vir- E. Benner Broker. 13-tf. the largest selection Bulls in this m'ea is the time to pick a goo while we have several to from. H. C. MULLEN & SON ItlLLSBORO, VIRGINIA PHONE 668-5482 jan. 2t.pd. HELP WANTED: - Experienced electricians and helpers. Working in Fairfax Area. Full time work. If interested please write to Box 460, Fairfax, Virginia, 22030. Jan. 6-tf. WANTED WANTED: - Hunting land, Write Mrs. Dan Watson 15514 Avery Road Rocky|lie, Maryland Jan. 6-4-t-pd. WANTED: - Clerical work Can furnish references. Phone 725- 9161 after 5 p. m. .lan. 6-2-t. Special Services UB IIII I BER STAMPS MADE TO ORDER Order Your Needs Now Spirit-Advocate Phone 725-2046 Office -- N. George St. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. ' IIIII II SHADY ACRES S.E.L.E.C-T While you have a wide choice Now Selling Beautiful Wooded HOME SITES On Route 51 -- Miles West 92OO 1965 Ford, Custom, 4 dr. Sed. Ser. 5E54Cl19850 TERMS: Cash JEFFERSON COUNTY MOTORS, INC. Jan. 13-2-t. LOANS UP TO 40 YEARS TO REPAY Prepayment Privilage Without Penalty FOR FARMERS - Including Orch- ardists, Outside - Income Farm- ers, Part - Time Farmers, Large Farmers, Small Farmers, and all other Types & Varieties of Farm ers. FEDERAL LAND BANK ASSOC. Shepherdstown 876-7441 W. W. Hammond Jan. 13-3-t. NOTICE:- Will excePt used fur- niture to start house keeping. Any item will do. Susie Bender~ 407 East North Street, Charles Town, W. Va. Jan. 13-2-t-pd. IIII II STONE AND Field Dirt Hauled Howard G. Shade CIRCLE SERVICE STAT ?N Telephone 725 7514 Dee. 9-Thru Jan. 13 m mmmill !m SEPTIC TANKS 31 NALPL.EX ~(~With the BUILT IN SECOND OF CHARLES TOWN Cleaned & Serviced AT so high in hiding, so smooth I~ ACRE OR MORE ALSO t~eveling that one coat looks like Rest-'ctlous. STONE & FIELD Easy clean-up too--yot)_ ~Your Investment ProtectedBy ..t=. Try = .r, DIRT HAULED 4yers 0al Co., Inc.[ "" P U, NESSLERODT (OWNER) Dial 725-9120 PHONE 725-2721 I Or Call 725 5949 Richard Dodson i AST LIBERTY STREET t Oct. 7-if. Nov. 25'ff I I II I I II I III ., Town:W. Va: THE smrr. voc UNV ,Y ton Street, Charles Town. 2 baths. Brick construction. One of the old, history.laden homes of Jeff- erson County. Good location for professional person who might wish home and office combinat- ion possibilities. 15 acre farm on Middleway Road. Excellent condition. Good investment for person wishing small farm. 12 room house on Bolivar Hei- ghts. 3 apartments. Good business investment. 8 room, 2 story brick house on East Liberty Street, Charles Town Large basement. Floors in good condition. Plaster in excellent con dltion. Nice residential area. Dec. 9-tf. FOR INFORMATION ON LISTED PROPERTY CALL: Jefferson Realty Co. 324 North Mildred Street Charles Town, W. Va. PHONE 725-2914 AFTER 5:00 P. M. OR ON SUNDAYS CALL: Richard Forsythe 876-7541 Leo Rodgers 725-2826 Nancy & Laurence Lloyd 725-2443 TY MOORE --- -- --535-6864 Gaff Propps 725-2657 II I W" ~t~@ P~$ Contractor-Builder PHONE 725-5510 Charles Town, W. Va. Recently restored quaint stone and frame residence with 1 baths on 1 Ac. land in Middleway Attractive stone and frame Coach house on premises. Just reduced for quick sale .......... l0 Rm. house with s toreroom, 2 cottages approx. 2 Acres land on Rt. 9 at the Fountain. Offered to settle estate with potentials for ready income. FARM: - 207 Acres part wooded 8 rm. house, 2 new barns, 4 ponds This land ideal for one man operation or for development. ORCHARD: - 780 Acres, approx. one half in fruit. This property is a portion of a large operation and is excellent incmue producing. Details available upon inquiry. 226 Ac. 100 in apples, balance woodland large creek on premises Ideal investment or recreational. Large farm house and packing shed. Reasonably priced. DAIRY FARM: - 192 Ac., large dairy barn, New hay barn. 3 springs, well, 2 ponds 10 rm. older home with 4 fireplaces in good condition. Located near Rt. 11. with Fireplace, Modern Kitchen and Dining Area. A well built home in a pleasing location. Business opportunity in Sum- mit Point. Owner would prefer to dispose of land, building and stock as soon as possible. Large five room apartment over store. Full particulars upon request. Lovely Four Room Dwelling on 75x125' Lot in Blue Ridge Acres. Fully Enclosed Side porch and Large Carport with attached tool shed. Priced very moderately -- Will be shown by appointment only. i Attractive Aluminum soling dwelling on 5th Ave. in Ranson. Four Rooms and Bath - Forced Air Oil Heat - Priced to sell In a hurry! Five Room dwelling plus toro- room, situated on lot 14 ' front and 200' deep on MarUnsburg Rd. about three miles from Char- les Town. Forced air oil heat. Bath . Very Liberal ~lmmeing arrangements available. Lovely Seven Room COlonial dwelling on Large Lot in Middle- 303 Acres. small stone and 6 way. Beautifully Landscaped. rm. frame house, excellent stock Three baths Two Fireplaces. All farm reasonably priced, modern conveniences in a home 160 Ac. stock farm, 6 rm. brick that still retains that Exquisite Colonial residence, large creek, charm of The COlonial period. long highway frontage near town. Eighty one Aeros with dwelling Excellent potentials for develop- and numerous outbuildings near meat. Opequon Creek beyond Leetown. FOR RENT Approximately 56 Acres in IreS- 7 Rm. Col. brick house - Clay- turo, Priced to sell at $I8,500. moot Ct. 5 Rm. bungalow. Claymont Ct. Ranson Real Estate 6 Rm. MOd. residence - Jeff. AND Ave. 6 Rm. large home W. Liberty insurance Co., Inc St. five room apt.. downtown 3rd. Ave. - Ranson, W. Va. Lg. 4 Rm. nicely furnished apt. Phone, Charles Town- Phone 2 bedroom trailer - Jeff. Ave. Modern @room bungalow-Ranson 725-7071 725-7910 For details on these and num- April 29-1-t erous other listings contact. Alfred R. Linaweaver Brokers 212 N. George St. PHONE 725-9111 Charles Town, W. Va. , ,, and Mildred Streets. CALL CHARLES TOWN HOMES FARMS 72..5-7942 LAND Jan. 6-tf- WANTED EMPLOYEE WITH SOME BOOK-KEEPING EXPER- IENCE AND ALSO SOME SALES EXPERIENCE. HOURS 9 TO 5 k APPLY AT PAWN SHOP On Washington Street -- Charles Town, W. Va. Big Selection Of---- V" RE :URI~II I'tl Buy At Prices You Can Afford Stop In Today And Let Us Show You This Gigantic Display... ON MARTINSBURG --- CHARLES I WN ROAD NEAR ROAD TO AIRPORT OPEN 9 TO 6 P. M. DAILY -- PHO 267 6331 "=