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January 13, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 13, 1966

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Powhatan Garden Club Decorated Packages, And Arrangements The December meeting of the : Powhaian Garden Club was held at the home of Mrs. O S. Bloom which was beautifully" decorated in a holiday motif. The business session was con* ducted by Mrs. Kenneth Jenkins, President, with minutes read by Miss Louise Walraven, secretary, and the treasurer's report by Mrs. John Skinner. Mrs. Skinner announced that one project the Club will carry out for the state meeting to be held in March was to decorate tote bags. These will be distri- buted to each member for in- dividual decoration. Another pro- ject will be covered at the next meeting. Mrs. Vivan Bush was welcomed as a guest who judged decorated packages and arrangements pre- pared by members. Mrs. R. S. Stiles won the blue ribbon for packages, red ribbon--Miss Wal- raven with three yellow ribbons-- Mrs. Marvin Brooks, Mrs. Ral- ez S t gh haffer and Mrs. Barney PERSONAL - SOCIAL ITEMS ,tt burg, is a guest at the Knott Nurs- that she had been present f . | [ ing Home. Mr. Bodier, a book ent | | ] Mrs. Margaret LeMaster of N. 'West Virginia State Histoi George Street has returned from the Daughters of American [-I 4 | ,uame I spendmg the Christmas hohdays olution," published in 1928, / ~_~RJtl~lk~ | [of two weeks with her daughter would be offered to the sta! | ~kl ~'-~ | / and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles brary i -- | t L. Nicely and sons, Carter, Chris- The rest of the meeting t - / topher and Clinton, of Memphis, a memorial service to Miss George Painter, veteran. Pow-Tenn. Mrs. LeMaster experienced. Lloyd Bavlor. , a deceased hatan Brass employee, who now some unusual weather whale she ber. retired, is a patient in Winchester was there. The temperature there Mrs J ~,~,,.r~ q~,,m~ Memorial Hospital, havmg enter- ached 82 degrees and seemed lain onnchwt, , ..... io, ed there on Tuesday where he more like summer than winter. ~'~"(~n'~'.~.~.~.:.~'~,.~.~'_":~" will undergo an operahon for a .......... m small cataract on one eye. He ex- pects to be a patient there for several days. Mrs. Ethel Bishop who has been a patient at the Charles Town Hospital is a guest at the Knott Rest Home. Mrs. Harry Strouse gave a party : remembrance of Miss Ba for the guests at the Knott Nurs-1 Members paid tribute to ing Home during the holidays, l Games were played and prizes Baylor by remembering the were given. Those helping were contributions she had Gloria Smallwood and Jeannie her church, community, Gruber played the piano, and de- and organizations. Many licious refreshments were served, personal kindnesses and Others helping with the Christ- ions throughout many mas Party were: Mrs. Fred Don. friendship. Announcement was made this Members of the Auxiliary to Jack n-Perk Post No. 71, Charles Town American Legion and the Travell. Kevin Wilson, son of Mr. and week by Lucy R. Milton, Neigh- Charles Town Senior Woman's Club once again this past Christmas carried out their traditional Mrs. Barney Travell won the Mrs. Marshall Wilson, Jr., near ' 1 The next meetm will borhood Chairman of the annual Christmas gift wrapping project at the Baker V. A. Center near Martinsburg. The ladies wrapped a total blue ribbon for a door arrange- Town, is a patient in the King s ey, Shepherdstown, Uvilla Meth- ~ ..... " g ' 1 ~eoruar I at the home oz Girl'" Scout Cookze' ~sale that. Girl" of 2,303 g'fits during the period" of Dee. 6-17. And the above p"lcture shows three (.hades Town ladies "merit, Mrs.. Stiles" the red. For Daughters Hosp'ltal, Martmsburg" . od'st Church, Lutheran Church, .. ... Y : .... Scouts in Jefferson County will and one from Martinsburg, at work on the wrapping in Time Square at the V A Center as patients ~ble arrangements: Red---Mrs. Mrs. J. W. Bartlett has return- Mrs. Margaret .Ennis, .Class of ~avum ann the .postpone_aa be selling their Girl Scout cook- .., ,I... ~.._..,,.. ,....~..._ ,~,_ ............................................ " ~ ...... '~reiaa williamson; yeuow-qvlrs ed to her home on South ~am- t;narles TOWn ivxemoaist t;nurcla, ~,~z. on rzag ~.uguette w~ ' . .... ul t.e zaca.ty luo~, u-. a.e iauies shown m the picture are: (iezt to right) . - lurs. ,.;alvin ~mming, nits. loh- ki...... . ...~.^ ..__ r." ..... ~. - "~- "~'--;-* Presb"'--i--- "~"-~" '~;--'^ ~n t presented ies soon and that they anu t~irl ,^_,... u__ o,__,, .... ,. .. ...... . .............. , o ,,er wmtc---mz uei after spenulng the wuzz~t- a. w,cz ..... .. ............ oe ,y umm, ,ars. m,er an, urs. essie ~roy, the mt er oz luarunsaurg. The unarles Town S Bloom " :" "" ....... i 'er son and3 The Wa-side Garden Club The i Following the meeting $ SCOU[ OttlClalS noDe Ifle pUOllC l " r i - mas noHuays w t. ~, , v , . " . " adzes we e ass sted on the project by members of the Legion Auxiliaries of Paw Paw Shepherdstown ................... 1-,,and Mrs Jr Red Cross Vir~,inia Ahalt ] bers were entertained graci( will once again snow a generous ~,,~ ~...~...~.,,~..~ " ' ~umoers were arawn zor an ex- uaugnter-m-~uw, u,. _ ..." . , o , ...... response to the sale. The money ................. change of gifts after which de- James W. Barlett, Rochester, N. zft Shop, M ss Pam Link, Mrs. ivY me~r hostess. raised from the sale of cookies licious refreshments were served Y. osC :rsYa ine, j e Irge wr m,I _, during the drive will go to the not await an actual regular sess-i i II .| m m It by the hostess from a beautifully Mrs. Charles Appell, Mr. and . _ ,_ . ...s . on.whoi n0 IINI local Girl Scout Council to help ion. Terms of Court, under the lwnTnm 8 Inane lind decorated table. Mrs Jack Jewell and son Jackie, playful the roll .m ama [2mus, i .................. ek m North and gave out gifts to all the in providing a camping, scouting .~ew Rules, are now used primar, i|V~|||{[~ K.|~||~ ~|iU |~| spent Christmas we " _ ........ [ an aft r ra cr at1 e uy ~or the docketing and trial of The s ent guests was nero the . d cr s p og m of. e "v [ e and South Carolina Y P -uests" the same evenin Dur ]D,,J TI._ indoor and outdoor recreation, cases requiring jury trials. Cases __ ILl =p or, ,vmia the night with .Sgt:" Sherman ...... g._ "I n au !, ,}plFl! AOV :rogram, thha:si alnec :gofO ompany nanges Name to Sates Tax Ik, ceints oTin2 g? l lo'w Sumt rrmS: i!ge 2 yrnaMn d s a!l: In Cw 2 acks'] and spiritual development of the be disposed of during a regulari erly from Jefferson County, but Co---i i -_ " Girl Scout You can contribute term or between terms, at the .... j.-___ w_ AA DAm,^ & I,,m has recently bought a new home ..-" ....... :Y=II a rmme nau a ham and turkey am- to this worthy cause by buymg[mutual convemence of the court r[aa_ o, aH m Sumter, South Carohn ... "-- .u ...... t ,,.=, uz ,,t I anti me llHgants anti meir attorn- ! ,. ; ...... : .- --- " - a New Year's Eve , arW a~vvzulli t~ la~a~l~,a~, Xl$Ul~ n son J~o~u 1~ J ies when a Girl Scout comes call s (mugmer l)or s An , y, in'g on you " eys. ] ............... released today from the West of Jefferson Avenue, were hosts l Mr. and Mrs. Barney Travell] I rotomac Light an(~ vower of the corporate des etween Fo - Vir-inia Chamber of Commerce .............. r gave the staff of the Knott Nurs-i I - _. :=' :, . ~ [ I.A&L.. h .... e,,&...J--.. I C~empa~y~l ~a:ogne ~toSmname to~ mace L~ghtnaf: MP:rWf:n~n:s P~i Teff'erson County showed a whop: ~ta:u'a~yml9Yh~.l~e~e;;eitou;r t~urkey ~g Home a, Christmas party. 1[ W Ismis u /41115111151 I/IIIILI$ JIIIU!UIIV I P Y Y ping increase in sales tax re- --n a; ....was served fancy sanawicnes, punch, coo ies I I - dlUilUU ,~, ........ azsu ~tzaz. u....,.L . i3 ]West Vlrgmm, was announced as the adjommg Northern Vzr- ceivts this ast month of Oct- ......... ....... candy and mmts were served.[ It Yhll l lSll)lslrl by Charles D. Lyon, president oft ginia ,,Power Company," Lyon ober over October 1964. And tho j" d vlVi agaha,"'sons'John, J]m:land gifts were exchanged. ~.~ . _ i au~.,, n..v~u, v~ian~,n nme electric udfity. The cnange lsaia xne change names willincrease which amounted to 44 --" ............. .._ .-JI I I For Clean And .... x-A. .- I .--..--- Its effective with the iling, lemphasize this relationship, and percent over last year is the ene arn:nc :n Ia. a eXl ir -.l a lU__j.... p ..... U_L,_ II . _:.-.-_-.:-Z-.L'S, wmcn nave oeen tneo smce me I ch ul " I ivirs, r g ' II ----..twL0WO C0$T HEA s ed ed for this week, of re- we hope further that will serve hi hes " ar a{lme rmor R{iOle# g t m many ye s for Jeffer m Janne Mr and Mrs Homer Y last Term of Court The extentThere will be another dance i uire tic i ..... " g Y, " L , q d no e w th the Pubhcl to remmd our West Vtrgmsa oust-Count . '. ,, _ COST HEA of the actmn to be taken on both at the Jefferson County Youth serTic, Commissio- a* ....... ,h ...... a; son . Y; ....... Samsell and children, Billy and l u# .... _ ............... - ...... ~ ......... v ~. ...... v-~ -~.- ~rooKe macmora said mis uct- ile f Marlowe Mr and Mrs the old and new cases will not [ Center, Incorporated m Charles Iron J ro~tl, ho,,~i* ...... ~,;.. ~ ........... E en o ' " "l ~*" ~" r~oore ~e|~l~ | i lr~. qP~.;.I._D==e;..~I - .... ........ " over ales tax increase is me e and children Char be known until next Wednesday, Town Saturday ni ht it was an- " - ................. John Kackl y , - . -- " when the docket is called, nuanced Wednesdgay' by Mrs. l..Whechange_ sa_change f:namel nant fl h oPrgr is de largest everrecordedbytheeoun- lotte Ann. Peggy. Millie ofBerry-ITh hltltlM [I fT rr.a....... . o;.,;] o.^ [ Leod Rifle ,~,.oo;,~A,,, I ....s, ,,--. , Suszaztu wm I:..";, ...... " W in seven years ne has Deem ville Va Mr and Mrs wnarles =v / I u l L La l l will be from 8"30 until" 11 30 w th" t c rp r te orgamzatmn, per- connected w th the JeffersonAdams. children. Martha. Chuck- / cedure, adopted for the use.of ........" . .. : . ]sonnel or procedures. Physicali The name Potomac Light andtCounty Chamber of Commerce i.., .... ur ,, trlal courts in l~JO, many ClVll The nacKs, unaer me leafier ,= u= ev , - ....... ............................. -] changes, such as building and ve- i Power dates from 1916 when see-I The county went from $46,691- Ma-ah'a: c 'l'tlren" l ora Lee', Rob- the American Revolution, met on [ [ | cases can De ulSposeu 0z uetween snip oz ~loyd belet ot Ha era- h'cl i en ifi a i il " " " ......................... g " i ; e d t c t on, w 1 take[eral smaller, local compames were 51 m October, 1964 to $67A7942 in -r minchester Va Mr Glenn January 3, at the home of Mrs.|| ............ regular terms court, ann neea town, M(1., prowdmg the music. place over an extended period of I consolidated. Later that same this October, with Jefferson I"a a'ha': son Riclcy of' Frederick,. J. Edward S_aville, with Mrs. Em- ]months l year, PL&P began a close relat- County showing the largest in- Miss Mary Mauaha' Mrs Kable, egenL presming. L[ And ForPrompt Deliw " " i th Mar land Corn ' co nt ---', .... " During a short business session i .............. ] The parent Potomac Edison! mnshtp w th .e ._ y .. _ -, crease of anyu y in the state. Earl Fuller, of Ransom. Mrs.'M "" .......... |] CALL .... "l T T i| Comnanv is a Marvland cornor-Ipany ann snoruy mereatter. De-I h. leavin- on Mum- rs. e ann ars. t;. wuziam/ I z IIation which serves portions of[came a part of the Potomac Ed-Ilal#n e^, lay' f'or'California. She then will Moore elec d as delegates/I , i iJMaryland. West Virginia. Virginia [ son System. IJ~in~13~il leave California on January 28 ann rs. ..Langoon as a nll K M %MI U n and Penns lvama 1 alternate oelegate to me uont too "me ~- ll/l rillha *l n A w._ l il y " . In compliancel Presently, Potomac Ed'son of] ............ to fly back to Bangkok, Thailand .......... -It .,o '~ I ."_:'_'T_ I I with the various state laws and lWest Virginia serves an area of l r w. r om Her husband will join her in .men.taz congress in Apr!l o -ll DISTRIBUTOR utuuonal Hall m wasnmgton. MONDAY. JANUARY 17. ilregulations, the operation of eachlsome 2,654 square miles locatedlture. Mrs. Paul Love and Mrs. Japan Several of the Magaha ,, ./I .-, ,, , am 'o .,', .r i] state is accounted for separately, in Berkeley, Grant, Hampshire,|Jack Catrow were elected mem- familv was unable to attend be-i[2.. ...... [[ ell; avenue i .... ............ J" il Until the filing, each state oper- I Jefferson, Mineral, and Morgan [ bers of the womens committee of I causeof sickness. } _ c omrmu on was mane. to/ me wnarms Town uemor High DIXIE rence Street, Extended. i[ ation bore the name of a pred- Counties: Population of the ser-|farm bureau, i Mrs C N. Dorsey spent last ........ /i Ranson Wo Va, i ,,, .: .... ,,.. i]ecessor company, usually dating lvice area, which includes over l J. Wesley Haer, Director Field tThursctay" night with her sister cnoot to..nmp sen representa- I uves to nariesmn now K-110111 musva y [] I back to the beginning of the mud. 1 40.000 customers was nearly 108.- I Services for American Farm Bure and family Mrs John L Miller. i [11111112 r i ' " a " " Your State Government Day" I i t. nttond. ~[ e n electr c utility company. 000 according to the 1960 ensus. | u spoke to the group and stress- of Shepherds|own. They attended ...... .. i ................... II "Many of our friends in West] ted the importance of the farmers the 12th Night Supper at the ars. usnongannouncea ! 'Virginia have long been aware l ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY 'having an organization, home of Mr and Mrs. Nathan .... Rhodes. Miss Ruth Phillips has return- FRIDAY SATURDAY SPECIAL 1 ~P "FlowKote Rubber-Ba~e Wall LG. GRADE A Where could you find cheaper eating, than eggs at this low price --- ONE TABLE -- DISCONTINUED COLOR Assorted Types 50c qt. OFF SHADES-. SEMi-GLOSS STUCCO WHITE --- $3.00 gal. $3.00 ga l. O $2.98 gal. Paint is extra easy to apply with brush or roller...leaves your room ready for use in just one houri No paint odor. "FIowKote'e covers well...provides a truly practical finish for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms~ and halls, and it costs so IItUel "RowKote's" rlch velvet-like fin. ish is completely washable, of course. Buy the paint that's worth the work--the beauty lasts! RUHER BASE WALL PAINT 22 Re dy.Mixed De eeatee Oelm'= Peoples Supply Phone 725-2002 Vinyl Flat Charles Town, W. Va. d ' ed to her home on South Samuel Street, after spending the Christ- As spokesman for the song mas holidays with her sister, Mrs. birds Jn your community.. John Packer near Pittsburgh, Pa. I urge you to keep your feeders filled with WILD This spedal selection of clean, high quality ingredients including sun- flower, millet, katrtr-milo, oat groats, wheat and peanut hearts--will at- tract wild birds to [eeding stations in the yard or garden area. Fill your feeder with Red Rose Wild Bird Feed. Buy it from us. PHONE 725-2002 ROLLING STONES, HEAD PINS CONTINUE BATTLE FOR TRIO LOOP LEAD LADIES' TRIO LEAGUE STANDING OF TEAMS I'eam W. L. Rolling Stones 41 15 Head Pins 37~ 18~ Pin Splitters 32~ 23~ Comets 32~ 23 Thunderbirds 32 24 Pin Busters 28 28 Coffee Cups 28 28 Rolling Pins 26 30 F' 85's 23 33 Early Risers 19~ 36~ Lucky Strikes 10 46 ---O--- II I I The Rolling Stones and the Head Pins continue to battle it the lead in the Ladies' CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Trio Bowling League with the former team still holding onto a 3 point lead following action Wednesday, Jan. 5 at Shenandoah Lanes. In the Wednesday action B. Stagner rolled the high single set score, a 514, with C. Gano second high with a 510, while C. Gano had the high game score of 199 and B. Stagner the second high game score of 187. The Rolling S ones had the high team game score, 517 and also the team set score 1466. Millie Anderson is still the league's leading bowler with a 167 average, while C. Gano is sec- ond with 1,58. A. Clime third with a 154 average, C. Heishman and B. Stagner with 148's finished in a fourth place tie. Dinner guests Saturday with and Mrs. Charles Appell were Mr. and Mrs. Victor Horner and family, Hagerstown, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jewell and son from Berryville, Va. Other visitors were Mrs. Virgie Ott, Mrs. Marie Hummer, son Billy and Mr. and Mrs. Benny Dignazio and family of Charles Town. Mr. and Mrs. George Fries, East Washington Street, Charles Town are the proud parents of a daugh- ter, Kamalla Lathe, born Decem- ber 31, in the Winchester Memor- ial Hospital. They also have a son Kerry, age three, also born on December 31. Mrs. Fries is the former Miss Linda Jean And- I rews. Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Remshurg i and sons of "Neighbors Retreat," Knoxville, Md., left Wednesday for their home in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., where they will live until June. Mrs. Remsburg is the daughter of Mrs. Lillian Keller, St. George Apartments, Charles Town. Miss Sara Crane, 414 So th Mildred Street, Charles Town has purchased a large home at 1213 Highland Court in Luray, Va, and plans to move there about April 1, to make her home there. Mrs. F. E. Brenneman is a pat- ient in Charles Town General Hospital, having entered there the first of the week. Visitors Sunday with the Slush- era and Wilsons were, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Bohrer and Kimberly Brindle, Big Pool, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Wilson, Jr., and son Kevin, near town and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bohrer, Inwood, W. Va. Mrs. G. K. Wysong, of South Samuel Street is visiting her son- in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Cofer at Norfolk, Va. Sunday dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs: Charles W, Appell were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wilt, Mrs. lessie Appell, Mrs. Howard Wilt, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Upright and daughter, Doll son Bud, Miss Betsy Jewell, Jo Ani Jewell, of Hamilton, Va., and Mr. and Mrs. Jzck Jewell, son Jack, Purcell- ville, Virginia. Mrs. Rosa Z. Hollis of Martins. THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1966 aee le, * A PAIR SEAM OR SEAMLESS 0 PHONE 725-2002 -- CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. li I I il l l/I In CHARLF TOWN Fashionable working women choose the stockings that support them in style... by