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Charles Town, West Virginia
January 13, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 13, 1966

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........... ' ,I = , , ..... _,, ra I .... , II ne t a l , I ii have lived here for more than lginia many years ago If any of ... ' / IPlll ! II2 PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY [ |[l' ' ' I | ,, I II grandfather, James Crane was onet or learn of this I would appreci- / tended W. Va. University and I Booster Club of the Charles TOW" ~ ~ I |ill t ~1 I ]1 of the eight first Trustees .of I ate hearing from them. I also W. Va. Medical School I Senior High School. The club ha.s Se d~lm.~,~ Ice Ior o ~itment ti Vietnam, lilnal eclnoiic development and House of B'r ~ .. " "" " " " " I ' " MAX BROWN GeneralM er ]financially and otherwise, we stilllplanning can wait and wait until]county and u~:eg~S stermiornag:l an3~vs#fPy?ple of my home townI I~A~_AL,[~ ll~J~r|Dc , anag I e both the capacity and the I there isn t any excuse left for I lon- ...;+h ,~ ............... ~ /+ .. : ........ I |l..]b~A[,~|~ Jl[_ ~ I[__l_~ e d "dut todo other thin s Unlike' not doin me--i .... ~ s ,~,,, ~~ai *~ee **,u luu~tt I mien ~fllnK OI me pleasant l DON RENTCH, News Editor -- HENRY MORROW, Asso . E itor [ y g I g so tn ng aDout 1L I other land own[n- Vir::inians J ........... ' ..... ~ g . assoclauons ]n me l~resDyterlan . the New Deal ~n its early stages, that a~d to educatmn and md to M a National Advertising Representative, American ]tvhe GreatupO?i~y has never been [the growing American cities hiy sgr3?dwfa~h:r~cJ~hnLinnb~rogeerl p:nday SlChlof aydunChUr:PriedIIt Announces The Winner Of The Newspaper Representatives, Inc., 404 Fifth Ave., New York [be~Yn pol~ p.!o now. !t has [ problem,can^wait and waitLIn ]of the Stonewall Brigade. So my] women here and they are a great $100 PRIZE . . i -e ~ ~o~ up-, ~,,,~, ~ ~ uu- ~ u~a~ ~,y ~u~ I ties with Lura-- are stron- and' " . ._ _~ I Detroit - Chicago - Atlanta. San Francisco. Los ~mgetes [ proved, without having been en- [ until they become cancers; it may r ,..~ +~. ..... _~, ........ ~ .... [ ]o~ tt, me. ] Ithusiastically endorsed It is fairlbe too late then----but, what the ....... ~ pu,~ u~ t.~e mn cuu,~u-yI We don't get to Charles Town[ AUTAr~r~ n~a ~T~,r~aA~ wxT,~ ,rn ." more anta more It seems sort ot ver . .,., SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 Per Yr., Pills 12cts W. Va. Tax I to surmise that all thlswill now lhell [_-. +h~+.lI .w~i! ..... / y often any more, but I stfll~ For Business, News or Advertising Departments ] !~:gahrragg!{fW!~e2~a~dd i!~ntW~i~ [ ~t:[e~w~:hdaol~t~th~tthnn~to~g~ ii~m3io-I~h'~:rae~ig f an dht i h:ch:V!is: dowmwYhe sil MR. EMANUEL PAGE HINTON DIAL 725 2046 or 725 2047 I ....... | Y g from, when his daughter Lavinia] u . .. / OF HARPERS FERRY, W VA. " " ~ retorm in ~nis country at mista~bout a situatio- which "ak-~ ] ........ ! a n moer o~ umes. / " THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1966 I~m~naL?Cause of the situation in l increased demands of us inflictS- I ~a:ne?a my granutamer, Josepn] With best wishes for 196:c:re~,] I Vietnam should, of course, have I~ameansdibr~ad un~,wt::emsanhdoSuPdtl The latch-spring will be al-] till[am Burnett Porterfield [ I ......I P y p ' s I ways out for my Jefferson County IT IS A FACT top prmnty m any fiscal planning - . . ...... be raised. If freedom ~s worth frmnds and I ho al of ou will / ,, ,for the coming year But at the,fi-hti ........... ., , Pe 1 y / Washington, D. C. I same time we ~h-~,']d ..... ,~ ~.1 g. ng ~or ~ lscer~amy wortn lcome to see me. After all, it is/ Jap, uary 3, 1966 " " " iri of ..... ..... paying ~axes tor trot, at the mom onl 52 miles rom - - , A Lady was renewing her subscnptmn to the Sp t I gainst using Vietnam as an ex ......... " '.- .'1. Y . f door to door/ Max Brown, Editor +1 Jefferson-Advocate the other day and she explaln_ed, that it/ cuse, as distinguished from a ]~h~:t at least, n appears unliKeiylbrya Rou~e 340, and 66 miles by/ Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate , .... - me rresiuent or the t:ong- w y ot front Royal, and the Sky Charles Town W Va was one thing she bought each year whtch she d~dn t flgure l reason, for not dqmg what needs] ....... I ........... "[ , I ~i~ actually cost her anything "to be done at home Practical t forreSs lnWUire snow~ mucn incdnation I wnne ur~ve. AS rtoyt ~oster, wnom | Dear Sir: - - '" - ]politics dictate that the PresidentI ' c as'ng taxes Nothwith e loved so as children at the|Please renew my subscription She then explained that by carefull reading t ne adver-I standm th~s " ~ "t~ "" farm '' , ~ come forth with a "ublicl-. acce"t I " g " , it's s "ll barely I , used to say: ' I m just going~ to your paper as of Jan 6 I rising each week and taking advantage of the bargains nere/ ...... " nossible for "o -" o+ ....... horn"~ ""- - ~'+" ................ " ' l~~~ ~ . ~o ~ o~ up uu~ ~ ~, a ,,~ue wrote. Tnanl~s ou sincerel to our able ouageL And since ]t has . y y r y had never been a week for whmh she had kept a record that . bud etr commitments to Vmt I , . ] - .................... I been eshmated that the cost of I g Y ...... - ~Dont forget to notify me when I serwce during the past year she dmn t save enougn ~o pay ner suoscrlp~:~on ~or rne wholeI the Vietnam o,,eration in theInam anu at me same ume aolmysubscription to the Spirit l Wishing you and the Staff aI ,year. + I ........ ~,,,i,,~ .... ~ ......................... ~,. ,,,a~" ~,o ~,,,~ .,, +,, ]what needs to be done at home. I needs renewing--I couldn't do very Happy New Year, I am. I rachcally every sale made ]n the vast Jefferson county [ twelve bllhons of dollars over the I ..... I " ' Y P P t - .... The answer hes m taking a good without the Count a er Very truly yours, .... i nara se, )nu ,ox a our everisn Vit~ kinde ~gards o y u Blanche Huddle Eflertson trading area ~s made to a reader of the Spw t of Jefferson-/cost of the last year there is a . a~ ~ ; : + " " ~ ---~~' "- Advocate Our advertisers know that, and they also know] move afoot to pick up this ex- aim to ut a man ,n tb moon, I 1 E~ lyn, I~ n ...... "~ ......... ,-,,,+ _ .. .... ,~.M.t cess cost by trimming other pro a good ard ecom look at non- incerely you s, Ashville N C : _- _ rlla ]s qUlCKeSL cneapes way ro Sell lnere no u.ert . + . " .... , _ ., ...... ' " ' - . ..... " ...... , grams An(i, as anyone Knows, essenua oct use ~enui g, ana~ ;a: t ~anler cra Le ~ecemuer 30, 1965i _.- - .... := . way to reach so many qUlCKly lS ~ne reason ~na~ ~ne wlset.l_ " ....... a ood ar" = : .... ~ ....... advertiser uses the Spw t of Jefferso, n-Advo ate .But the ad-/unedP'~aeUYiSafueStst?in:s tfs d3 ig# aid. rh~ ~cC::oC: ~0OK ~ tsOr~ I 12 Sara1 )ga t. l;ir Xdv ra en,' mgr ~, - - .,~ ,, - l~. -- veruser is no~ ~ne only person wno Knows ~na~:. The woman/not only trim but comnletelv e- a condii )n tl ~t it, m af )rd the I C mberla~ d, ~ 2. Charles Town, W. Va who renewed her subscription is just one of thousands who]liminate those programs which increase cos of V: ~tnan and it ] at lary 4tt, 196 Dear Sir:- " bel A l'er/el I am0na follow that same course each week. They do it because it pays. ] haven't even gotten started. It all can aft rd he v w l~ ogramslM Mt : Brow , i ditor Enclosed you will find check (KEEPSAKE) / sounds so nice and easy We ~ive passed ast ~ear mt ot yet I SI rit-, dvocat, for renewal of the paper - one of HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ ] priority; we keep all the ot~her fully im lem. ~ted; ~nd i can al-[ C' arle. Town, W Va. the most. pleasant moments, of the Where the price is guaranteed right by any Keepsake /existing commitments virtually so affod r: cm eat ]efense ID orS ":- week ~s when Irecewe my HOME Dealer in the World. ~ ha~ PAPER, the Spent Advocate ............... /intact; we don t raise taxes and budget ~ en ith t~, Vie~ tam ex-I ~had t e leasure ,f y( tr "'- _ . . _. t elatemy, we ex end IIappy B r n ay greeemgs we don't raise the budget up- penses.dde~ Bul if 1 rare is I P~ ~er 1 ,r a go, 1 : ~any yea 's. I~ ~v Thank you, We do our own watch repmr, gold work and engraving West Virginia s oldest weekly newspapers, The Independent,] preciably; we just continue to do cutting) be lone et it ,e done i in gr( vn up t i henandc ~h J n .... Mrs~ UralCarland FREE ESTIMATE in Shepherdstown and the Grant County Press, in Petersburg,/ without the things we have al- in the atte~ cate~ )ries. not in I ct )n nd at~ ad d the ou] v trormerly mrs. t~rover E. Ott of . _. both of which umtl marked ubh tmn b~rthda s last] ways done without. Theres )ust the firs two ~S( tool here h~ re a hst of 1 ~e Bohvar.) TWO WATCH MAKERS - THREE GOLDSMITHS q . y p ca y " ' " . On D t A " week. The Independent is still in the hands of its original pt )fls ated 1 97 898 gw, n a L . ~ ( U y t All Times) publisher, and f: )under, Clifton S. Musser, whose contribution] STATEMENT FROM Board t] ~t I~ n up o dal on the ~ ~)s~ ~r:Yi ~e ~e~h~, ~I:.( ~. Ur. Anna ~ L0renz0 ALL WORK & MERCHANDISE - GUARANTEED to the Fourth Estate in West Virginia needs no recounting] E.M. DANDRIDGE workne ded )be ( recte by the sc . .. + y ~! _ r + . . ThseG te !sCn tb y,P ness ,[ s~3~o{a,gl~V?9~ ~oara. i uet my enen exper- ooll~eai ea ure and stu, : Has Part In IV Program OPEN 9- 9 FI I. & SAT. ~~t~ehuPe:~}3dfmJe~f~s~eeu~Yof Charle seg;:rit~ t,n~t~ t, ~n ~tar~ .th th3 lo~ the: L eroupA]+ ~! ~av~ t~a i no~ oe too well Known ~o our readers, ~)uv ~s ~ne lOCm paper [ ....... Y , cation, ~ ate ducal ~nai fficials R, z. P. A. P. N el was .ou] :y Dr Anna Marie Lorenzo, form- _ .............. " ~vtr Max urown, ~olmr st )enende t to thousands in the South Branch Valley, thanks to the ded-/_ .. ......... and the" .peci l Edu at[on 1 Stud- " n ( Schoo s. l iserly of Charles Town, has a little II;ll/I;I Oq ~plrl~ ot detIerson Auvocate [cation of its able editor, Mrs. Ralph Welton, who is carrying| ........ ;'; Group a poin ed by the J fferson m ne : as bee ] entione~ nu ~- part on a TV program for the /LIHtlklllHLll~$ Jl--1'll~l--lld its banner with the same .devotion that characterized her| narms:*.wn' w. va. County ~oar< of t! tucat m, if I e r us 1 rues in yc r 90 ye rs ~ o hospital where she is Interning, 230 MAIN STREET -- PHONE 725 411 ate husbana ~'~" ..... -. - + .... am elec ed I wouh not mvo ,to it~ ns. its sol ~ .*v. S. t. N, ~1 to be shown January 18th on C. "" ~'" x am sending +ner~wim the ~ re ide " " ......................... .... + ---' ......... ' .... "-il ............ ~"- : "'- be tatr uce( to th wor of the s here I( ~n~erla td ~ d B.;~. News Specml. ~ ,,CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. ~e~ev~s~tm, raxao, ~yzm~caton, anu ~arg~ ztebropot~n ua 3' statement ~ taJKect aoout w~m you ~,~,.a I is still active in servinv and a Dr, Lorenzo ~rathmt~d +' from newspapers have, of course, an important part in the life of last week. I appreciate your kind ~'"~*~. . I ..................... servzces ve I zeel that since mostCounty every community, even the small community. But none of " ry much. Yours very truly, Superintendents were formerly these media can ever quite capture and depict life in the thousands and thousands of smaller towns as it is captured and depicted by the small weekly newspaper. Its charm lies in its lack of professional polish. It knows the people whose names appear in its columns, and tempers its handling of their affairs with dignity and discretion It most often knows far more than it cares to print It is most frequently accused of not printing all the facts, and the accusation is true. With what it knows, it could be sensational fifty-two times a year. But. more often than not, it decides against sensationalism in favor of humanism. The Independent and the Grant County Press have ren- dered a priceless service to the communities they serve, in the best traditions of a weekly newspaper, and we are happy to commend them and wish them many, many more years of publication. NEWSPAPERS STAY LONGER A survey completed for the Rockville (Md.) Montgomery County Sentinel revealed that more than 96 per cent of the weekly's readers keep the newspaper in their homes for two days or longer. More than 81 per cent keep it three days or longer More than 84 per cent of the Sentinel's household copies are read by two or more persons per edition, and in 33 per cent of the homes three or more persons read each copy of the 10,900-circulation ABC weekly. Charles Town, W. Va. Jan. 4, 1966 superintendents and supervisors of instruction. Until recently a superintendent was not even re- quired to have a masters degree. These superintendents however are outstanding educators-out standing on the street most of the time, reminiscing about the "good old days," cracking a few jokes and giving a pat on the back. This type of educator has led the W. Va. school system down the path of regression in- stead of progression---down the ~r. Max Brown, Editor Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate (~harles Town, W. Va. Dear Max: path of decision without reason. I wish to state what many ed- The Wood County~Board of Ed- ucators in West Virginia feel to ucation .went from without the be a major underlying ause of state two years ago to hire a mid- complacency and lack of progress westerner, Dr. Grant Venn as of our school system on a state- their superintendent. A relatively wide and county basis, young man with drive and vision, Dr. Venn has succeeded in mak- Mbst of the states fifty.five hag that county's educational county superintendents received system a model for the state. He their undergraduate and gradt;ate is widely sought as a speaker training some fifteen or twenty- many topics in- education in this five years ago. Basically they and other states. were teachers who were elevated to the superintendents position This county too could have a by the local county board of ed. model educational system. With ucation. This is all well and the money now expended and good, but as time went by and with most of the personnel now teachers renewed certificates, re. employed, this county could be ceived advanced degrees, attend- a pathfinder in mahy new areas of curriculum development and ed institutes, etc., the county subject matter improvement. superintendents did little to up- What does it take to start? The grade their own knowledge in the field of education. As a result man at the top must have the knowledge, interest, ambition. we now have many superintend- and initiative to take the first ents "sitting out" the remaining few years before retirement doing step. little else but keeping the system 'Very truly yours, William J. Brown much the same as it was many years ago. These same circum. Go To Church Sunday E. M. Dandridge STATEMENT I have been engaged in school work for the past 28 years, 15 of which as the principal of the Page-Jackson H. S. of Charles Town, W. Va. This experience has caused me to have a most sincere and lasting interest in the train- ing of the youth of our county to be useful citizens. During my 3 weeks in the hospi tal of the University of Pennsyl- vania in Philadelphia Pa. soon after my retirement June 17, 1965, I concluded after much study that I should seek to con- tinue as an active official in the Jefferson County Educational System. I feel that my 15 years as H. S. Principal together with my prior special graduate study in School Administration and Sup ervision should especially quali- fy me for membership in the Jeff erson County Board of Education. I believe that since the County Superintendent of Jefferson~ Cou- nty in the monthly meetings of the principals discussed f~lly the needs for our schools in general and the goals set forth by the successful H. S. Principals due to their special training and exper- ience that likewise H. S. princi- pals should make good members of the County Boards of Educat- ion. I have always been interested not only in educational work but in the general activities for the good of the county I am the Lay Leader of the Mt. Zion Methodist Church of Charles Town which shows that I am a religious work- er If I am deemed qualified to become a member of the Jeffer- son County Board of Education I will be a sincere worker for the good of all of the people of the County One of my cherished aims for the county is that we shall establish a school that will train our youth in practical vocat tonal work as well as college pre- paratory work. 4"14 South Mildred St. Charles Town, W. Va. January 10, 1966 Dear Max: Just a line or two to tell you that. as of April lst my address will be 123 Highland Court. Lu- 230 West Washington Street -- Charll s Town PRESENT: ON UNCLAIMED LAY-A.WAYS 4 (Bulance Due- $29.00) Famous Brand Diamond Rings, Speidel Bands, Bi chstone Rings, ,Solid Gold Ear-Rings And Many, Many More Big Values. ---AND 'SAVE MONEY TODAY--- Open Friday, Saturday 9 To 9