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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
January 8, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 8, 1959

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and Mrs. C, uilfordof Mar Ycar w th paxent . Lc:tcr Larue of the p wer hou-',e, up cr uc t= wi0 :on SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON rArmrr ADVOCATE WEATHER AND OTHER fell Hill. Mrs. Harry Shirley and Mrs. Mr. Howard Kelican of Millville, Mr. and Mrs. William ~rye and ,l'~l"I~,~I~ ~V I *,NI" kl{Y S 1959 '] R Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrets Buddy Lancaster o fthe General who just returned from overseas, son Bobby at Brunswick. Md. ''' ......... ""~'~t " .... "" .... . "~---'~ ~TN[I'=I ILL were dinner guests Sunday withTelephone Co. were Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Turner and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wiles and F their uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. dinner guests with the formers I Mary Ann Dillow of Millville, Mrs. two little daughters Cheryl and |, uneraI Riles Monday , terv. G. C. Pearl. mot, her Mrs. Julia Viands. tBetty Hovermale and little Davie April Sue of Harpers Ferry were., .,~,-, ..L .,~ :..~__- I " -- Mrs. Pearl John.non of MurrellMrs. Nelson Bush and Mrs. ]Viands of the Bloomery. Saturday visitors her parents I elr~llZ,ilJetH t~tlJ, tnt Drive CAREFUIA,Y. The I.IFR By Mrs. Georgia Pearl Hill was a visitor Sunday with Mary Gray were callers one day"I Little Freddie Parrs of the Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viands and -- ~ IYOU Save May Be YOUR OtYN. ...... Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wilt and with the formers parents Mr. and ]Bloomery spent Sunday afternoon family at the Bloomery. Mr. andMrs. Elizabeth R. Lipson, Negro, I family. Mrs. Willingham and daughter| with his father Mr. George Par- Mrs. Wiles moved to Loudoun wife of Nathaniel Lipson of Char Weather I cold night. Monday morning cold After snendinf, the holiday at near Bardane. Ira in Charles Town. Heights, Vs. on Saturday. lea Town. died Friday ~nornin~ in I II II .:~" -~ .. Mr and Mrs Obie Johnston ' Mrs Beulah k as I can remember bu,t bright rays of sunshine across home wvuh their famlhes Mrs. An - "" -- ~: ..... :~;'-w I Mr. Melvmand .. Mr and Mrs. Billy Viands of the General Hospital here. I lip IJl Bloomery ~pent the day Friday Sh( wa.~ born on September 8 I / [I me W~lt Mrs. Ida P~pel, Es. ~e n ........ ~Fntts spent Saturday evemng " .... ~ very ~tr,~ ,x,i~ [the table where I am closing for " - 's'La aria uaugn~er ~onme were ~e t ............. - ~ears u~ay caimrs wire ner parents .... ~caster, Georgia Staubs and Mzs ........ ;[w~th friends m Brunswick Md. with the lusters parents in Ran-1908, a daughler of the late W~l- ] recall such a dry now. Best wishes for '59, trust to . back toMr. ana ira's. ~il~on t'OpKms ana , . son. Ilium and Hannah Edwards Re- [ L,II'I~/ILI T I~TIDII~r'D /~/~ I Edlth Garrets were called - .... . ..... le- I Mrs. Le'ster Ott and sons Mich- Mr. and M~'s. Robert Frye were man. I [LVI /. ground is very dry ]visit again. ,~ow to speak of and I Mrs. Howard Wilt and Mrs. La- ] work Monday .... morning at nthei EP-am gzanooaugn~ertown ooyce at I ael and Donald were callers one dinner guests on Sunday with the I Surviving are her husband at, I 'a one week ago this I vern Talton were business visitors [aporatmg plant m Ranso . .-.-" ........ ,_,,,,~o ~f ,zew I day last week withher mother formers sister Misses Mammie and home: three sisters-Mrs. Isabelle [ f~ O T. ~ N! I A [, 1 n sic e of Gnarles ~. x.,v~uw x,,/~ ,,- ,, . . . st at sunrise there lin Leesburg, Vs. Tuesday evening. Isure after such a o g g ............. ave IMrsJames Dudley Grace Frye in Charles Town. ]Hackney. Mrs. Rosa Gray. Miss [ .......... arance of rain which [ Mr. and Mrs. William Wilt were I work during .summer and fall the xorK ~s spena(ng_ a2enst~rYir~elaw ] M'r Pe ~ .... . ,. , ] FUNERAL HOME .a wee shower clear-]luncheon guests Sunday evening Iladies enjoy their stay with their w~nn, ls ~ro~nc~j~ s "r)il;,~" Jr [] r. arid Carried I ipson B.~ltimore Md' ket rallied sharply on Iand several nieces and nepnews. I ~e~ng and becoming ]with 'Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Pearl at I families. "'" 2"~" ~'~-~-' ~-"--"-'~'of t'he'BioomI' n were xt ' Priend~. . were. received:~ .atHomethe I Charles Town x uesday morning I their home. I Billy Jackson, Galen Wilt and ana aaugnuer x~a~ v I,,ek wi ISm~th and Strider l,~nerai " I P p . - . ' ..... =. . I Shepherdstown t~e and warmer seem l Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hytonen[ JimmiepartyViandSof Missattendedlnez theTurner.bir- .err'Mr" and Mrs. ,~ ~ ~ ~ T,~,~N.-.~-. i] ~amn~: " thday he old a er amoa here until ervico Monda i spring day UP here I have returned to ,their home in plaster [p. m. at Z~on ivietnoo~s~ ~nuren | I ...... [ 35 - Telephone - ~esday morni;ng cold IF'alls Church. Vs. after the hell- ]Given by her parents Mr. and Mrs. ~wo^sons o o ms )nn n-,caliersI' ry fast with the Rev Homer H Bu lest ..- .co nether nice day glad I days vacation at their beautiful [Guilford Turner of Murrell Hill w~.,.v ou~u~{ ,~. u ........ "1 Mr az dustry reports big in-[officiating. I ,~shine and feel the [ranch home in the Blue Ridge. A I when she celebrated her sixteenth w~ l~'t~r; ~n~a l~rs:hAl~IVe~ranas I: n Sylv, lea. Burial was in DuHields Ceme-' ~a.e sun as it came ] wonderful place to vacation. ! -- ~ ............ r~~ Mr and Mrs William Dillow Jr. I- - .#~dow where I write ] Mr O C Pearl was a business I Mrs ~ ~ ~eari rece~veu wu u ......... ~- ; "- '- ...... B'" and daug,hter Tana of the Bloom- [ I irom ~er Drosner-ln-law ~V~I " ~ -- " ........... ] warmerand sureandenou haP- visitOrmorningin Leesburg, Va Tuesday iron Stettler of Richmond, |rid I that he is in Norfolk Nebraska vis a i 0wmrningthe willowaS:[ gazedtrees I medicali Mr. CharleSpatientTaltOnin GeorgetownWh is a liting his daughter and family Mr. if~liolYw,ttm~otll:~llh~nd~2thy M/y~el I wi,th sleet and stay | University hospital spent the hell- / and Mrs. Charles Warrick and "" l i day late in evening I days with his wife and two child-[they were motoring to Denver, I~t Point ~f 1RIrOsCk~liMf.smallwood I I ' morning warmer I ren Sandra and Dennis at the[Col, to spend New Years with re- ~w~. ~ . , .. . ~ / good bye to the weep I home of his wiles parents Mr. and | latices there. He reports it was OIr taar~'nCsa~:g ~i~ ~2e~Ybraol'[ ~d 'bright sunshine A [ Mrs Howard Wilt. [ winter in Indiana but in Nebraska Le no - ! ay l~riday morning [ l~,~'r and Mrs. Eugene Wilt and lit was more winter but regardless It.her 8nedrllStje:n~sn'law Mr. and I !so enjoyed the sun-, ]family of Murrell Hill were visl-]of the weather he ,was enjoying mrs. oe.o. ~ ~ .. . . . -. | i the en.tire trip [ rdrs. "tiny 19iJiow ana mrs. _ieo- ] ~Oming cloudy in ev-| tors Saturday evening with the ~ay morning cloudy | formers paren, ts Mr. and Mrs.[ Mr C W Lioyd of the parson- rgia Parrs of the.Bloomery spent / ..a afternoon Sunday I Humphrey Wilt /.age wa~ ~vIWs~torMMs?~aY mi~[~,~ [ F~daydnaWx~s.hingit~in~ Drie~da.nd] Lly attd cold penetra- | Mr. and Mrs. William Wilt were mg w~ .' .... ' ~te evening tempera-]dinner guests Sunday with ,the ]at their home. Mrs. Pearl has Mormtaln: NMre; ::e:di:ceJ~CkcSTln"] I ~;r|beenmuchindispsedwithabad ~ a" ' "'Ouee ' "~ case of virus ers on nis sister and brother-m-/ / Mr and "Mrs J P Love of law Mr. and Mrs. Travis Viands in | Are Pleased To .An [near'Charles Town were guests CharlesiTlWlnl:ndaalsod~sm~[ band `mr and Mrs G C Pearl tars. ~,'ranz JacKson near wzar-| rttment As ExClusive Represents- Tuesday with his sister and hus- __ e .-. _ . P,~ ".. / | Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hytonen oftlwe, W.. Vs.. ..... ] For The . I allSChMUrnCd d.VeavenWerg wU h rn. loco rseJncneV nt s's a r ' y[ / gue s~ m -- Y ..... , -~ ~h-i~ | in Frederick Md. on business. / | ................ t I Mr Sylvester Frye of Bethesda | AMAZING NEW I ana mrs. ............. ' II /ant nome. xfley salfl Lne mvsu llllpul ". .~.~ --~.~. ha tt~aaL- nr/ tt~t$h*h|e] [ '~ " ' " part of the lunch was t.hose|;a~:en~r ta'nd~l~rse~b~r;'Vrye:| ILED BY DOCTORS II /good sugar cured country namlr'... ". ", ] andwiches the hostess served t FOR RELIEF OF II / Mr .and Mrs William Dinges ! " t l [and family who have been living/Mr~ 2emrsge EMu:rngananac~d:nhr~/ II /at Lovebtsville Va are now mak/ , I II / i' g l eh rar l'acet fge b:ne l nu en 1 l~a2dfl:/r?srt~iar~dy~~nlVIil~I~leand [ ASTHMA, SINUS, ~o ........ e |Mr Travis Viands of Charles, t ann on top el tilue l'~lOg , I .,~ " ..... / Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Hawk were |r~ra" a~ ~Irs. ~eeOrzg:r JoOp~ash | visitors recently with the latters/ . .- _ '- -t ] mother Mrs. Mary Cogle of Silver ] ~lg~r~es ~oc~!~s a~dBM:t~swand 1~1"[ / Mr "C W Lloyd of the parson-| were Sunday evening callers with| A remarkable new * Puff- /Grove , ' " / ' '..- ........ aS: ~t/ Mr and Mrs Robert Frye and] .~__~t tron" has been developed age was a wsi~or weune~u ~ / " -- -_---:~L :~,-~ - [] by electronic scientists. It lthe home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard theYlV~ser:sa~S~,:iinn~gr~eeSt~roW~tnh./ t Wil, t ] [~#;] [] is being acclaimed by doe- 1 On Sick List Mr. Adam Ott was taken to thel [] .~~'~ ] tots after they buy it and | Sorry to learn of Mrs Lizzie Charles Town General Hospital/ [] "WII see it work in their own ~ : .... " .... li"* on Sunday for obse~wation and x-/ " _- _ homes, for their own fatal- LongerDeam oeing on ~ne s~c~ su ... . - l~-o~- ~- h-~e ,,ou are much im- rays as ~r. warden ,thought it[ - .--_ lies- and for their patients "friend/a~ .... """and"W'neighbor ~ ....... Mrs. Ida' betterwe slit havehope sometar. Ottlx'| ~~ F __ - _ __^, - in their offices and operat- i proveo so glao ,T,o Know your suuu .... _ - - ~-.~-~'" ing rooms. ] ...... could be with ou at this will soon ,be able to be back ,home.| - - ._. ~ PURITRON clears any |n~u~ - --' "~true friend Visitors ~t the home of Mr. and lin time of sickness is worth more Mrs. William Dillow and daughter ii~"~[|~ room of irritating dust, t time. must, aaa a real ~"~bl, Siz. unit ~ odors, pollen and smoke, l than a "rea, t deal of medicine I Tans over the weekend were Char / ' . ~ : .... ~- les G Dillow yN/2 of New York ~;:~;'17U.~,,.,s~ its better than a kitchen /fina it true myso,, so oesc w,s es ....................... dO, .. $a.~S ' exhaust/an. | for a very speedy recovery. Mr and Mrs Mearle Wll, t and ' ql~ Ju** #ug In; il's p~rtablel R | ' "" - ' rda F R I E N D O F T H | WHAT DOCTORS AND USERS SAY ABOUT PURIT ON I lson David were visitors ~aCu y i evening with Mr. and ,Mrs. Elmer -- ---- -- ..... l exDeetttioni. "First time in tS years my son has slept |Jenkins of Murrell Hill. , ~A~, ~ ~k/]| ~ II "~V Iraelea ~or a with hi~ mouth closed.., not fightin~ to ttient'* (Penn- breathe. No sore throat, no cracked tips. To | Mrs. Deloris Jenkins and child- /,4 l~.F~ J.~li ~L LJI_ or) . . . "For the inventor and manufacturer, my thanks.'* 1 ran were , supper guests Sunday , I woke up * "Tried so far only one day and found it trouble"( New gave~r~e]~ua relief, Thankst" "I get [evening wi,bh ,the formers aunt and -"'Controlled L~thm~'w|th: hay fever and that*t" why | /family Mr. :,and Mrs~ner Jen- Yes, thl$ Rel/able phar- bought Puritron. Believe me it it wonder- ful. Mmkes me breathe easier.., and aleel~, kins of Murrell Hill. , ~au t~tii~t~. ~,v, w..,,a.~ Back To School macy is dedicated to the After several days of real vaca- W. VA. SMITH AND STRIDER 370 CHARLES TOWN, 18- 6t. JANUARY 12 TO 31st, Inc. I PLUS-.-.TWO BARGAIN TABLES tion during the holidays the little kiddies in our vicinity began quite a different vacation on Monday morning. Back ,to school again and as usual some were glad to return land those not liking school w0rk would 'enjoy being home With 6heir toys and ,to play, so folks' were dis appoin,ted as Santa was so good service 0f,l our.hOds hold. Call on us for :a'nything you may need in ~rugs or sundries. And dO be sure tO bring us your Doctor's to bring sleds but no snoWtO an- prescriptions. ~ou'll value joy a good sled ride, ~ome little boys enjoyed the, trucksghdi*rai our expert compoundirlg even thou ,they could ride and our, fair ptic~s. I guess the trucks ~rid,[~lhs-are NI OLSCH glad for a rest if they,~,i~st on four wheeJs after sue2i, ~t. joy ride STUCK during holidays. Mr and Mrs. Herrritlti~ ~arrett were visitors Saturday. ~VlPh' the PHARM.A.C ' T'S Frank Garrets of `millville. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Obt, sons Donnie. Van, Nell and Oral. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nicewarner. Mrs. Myrtle Wilt. sons Larry and Ster- ling of charles Town and Mrs. Margaret M. Ott of Mannings were visi.tors of Mr. and Mrs. Hum phrey Wilt, daughters Arbutus and Antionnette and son Garnet formers parents Mr,.. an~i~, Mrs ...... Phone 173 on Sunday. Mrs. Annie Wilt ~ttended the funeral of Mrs. Rebecca ~yles on Monday. Mrs. Annie Wilt. Mrs. Mabel Wilt and mother Mrs. Margaret M. Ott spent Wednesday with Mrs. Nellie eden a,t Mannings. Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Wilt, daughters Arbutus and Antionnet te and son Garnet were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Claude ale kel and daughCer Norms Jean on New Years Day in Charles Tawn. Mrs. Annie Wilt. daughters Ar- butus. Antionnette and Rosebud were vlsl,tors of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wilt and daughter Patsy 'also Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ott and family of Charles Town, W. @@@go@O$$@@@ f l I I Have you been Charles Town on Wednesday night. A/le Garnet J. Wilt returned to Florida after spending a fifteen There are certain precau- da, y holiday vacation wl,th his'par tions you should take to ents Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Wl}t. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. discourage burglars. Before and Mrs. Humphrey Wilt and fam you leave for that vacation, ily were Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wilt for example, be sure to stop and family of Mannings. the milk and newspapers. .:G0 Cents '- $1.00 "B~?Mrs. Julia Whipp Viands : CltUCKED FULL OF BIG BARGAINS) ----- Mr. and Mrs. Johnnle Hampton l (}W is : of Bal.tlmore. Md. stopped over ltlG,-,-the TIME TO GET SOME of the On Friday with their parents Mr. bEST and BEST BARGAINS Ever and Mrs. Garland Henry for a :short visit. They were on their Offered in Our, Store. ;way to Elizabethtown, Tenn. to visi Johnnie's parents for several ALL CASH SALES NO RETURNS. days -- Mr .and Mrs. Leonard VanMet- er of Martinsburg were Wednes- .... ~ day afternoon .callers ~i,th ,the lat- ters stepmobher Mrs. Maude Small ' " woOd. T Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Prites of Charles Town were Friday evening guests with their son Mr. Melvin Fritt~ and Mrs. Beula~ l~rlets. Mr. l~orrest Chvtrnblitt 6f Middle way was a supper guest on Tues- 367 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. day evening wi'th hlsibrother-in- law and sister Mr. ~ncJ Mrs. Rob- err Frye. Mr. Sylvester l~rye of Bethesda, Md. spent ,the New And ask a neighbor to take in the mail. Most important, make sure your possessions are in- sured. Call us for details, 30 AND 40 INCH MODELS JUDGED NO. 1 BY U.S. TESTING COMPANY MODELS FOR EVERY BUDGET SEVERAL SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM BuY NOW AT THESE SPECIAL PRICES I Our factory-trained experts are alwoys ready to ive you dependable service on every *appliance purchased in our stores. FULLY CHARLES TOWN -- SHEPHERDSTOWN -- MARTINSBURG