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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
January 8, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 8, 1959

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TWO SECTIONS' "128. Fridaycioudy \ ~ 14 PAGES 14 !n bw, highest in mid [I[ " ,aturday, fair with i ~L Read By More Than 20,000 tperature. NortH- lX~ __ . (' 12 M]PH. ~ "k.~ Peopl. Every We~k 66 * ~ " " 99 Serving The Charles Town Ranson and Jeffergon County Commumty Since 1844 ~0. 2 WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 1959 COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 rENTS 5' St I ]243 }4 dy ty F "" " d ]S ' "gh[ N ' ectr i LrtS n ee C0un amdtes Pr0vtde undcty s Cold Blast, Hz ear Tragedy Averted As IF od " " " I W y D I I ff so Cou Fam'l Of .q vl . o , Clothung at Chrustmas Tnme rods Send Mercur own , er n ntv n v - ITh ghCh IT 8A_bbo BroghtSh" li4 I Jl .7 I / r]'wnMin rWr l r0u rnstmas Basket Program o re, u lvers eft Hnme s Rv Fire , %,J-LT.~LJ-.m-JL~JI. "lh~"~J-~l~'l " W ve le " n mm m~mm m uwwmmmv qP(wuw um~ um mw~ | ~ r H w A cold a , accompan.' d by[ A = ~ m ] @ @- -- [ The Christmas Spirit of good I Taylor, St. James Chu~ c~, o. high winds blew into this seotion~ |'filln~u ||a~II~filPIF~Tf | -- , ............ : .................. Opened in Jeffer-I .......... |will toward men was certainly lard .Arnet,t, .H.allto~n;. ~ary ana around mid-day Sunday and t:h'e] ~lSUJll.y II1h, lllq$%/Ul@ | A Jefferson county family-Mr. [~, mm w ~ weaL.her Chat was ] V~m w:un ..~ [demonstrated to the fulles~ ex.~entlAmelia .npKins' mogern ma!os d~ma,tic drop in temperatures I _ . . " _ . land Mrs. James Orndorff and l/WO taarm~ town Men asty as could be I |~||~|' ~ ||| ||~U |in Jefferson county this past Yuze [ and Mat, rons, cne ~anK. of C, ha.rms over the section which accompan- I Ta k~aa~ Tn,~,,A~u ]their 12 children were left home- i--"- .......... ": ....... everything bein ~ JUde season in iorm of help tor l Town; ~eve W{swei!, virgmm led the cold mass of a,i~ made it] |~ |~|~| UU~UUV [less Monday 'night when fire, caus ]~mt~ ~m|~ ~A~ ~aJ~k|m~ but (~therwisg needy families. Ware's ~un~ay ~cnooi, crass o, feel like an ice-box ou.tdoovs # ed by a defective chimney flue ~:IIN I1~1~ /~1 $I~IN tful, Bu, t in Spi,tee [ March Membershm/ ,, George H~drich, exec t yel he c~ax~s To~-..~a~tist Cht}rcn Sunday's early morning ~re~d-[ ~m~ Ta ~...~a|.a [completely .destroyed ,their two-Je ,__. ions of ,the high | m [secretary oI oeneerson county [l)onaio weds.,, w.nnam w: .wn~-ing of 43 degrees was soon iollow IIIUIIi/U LJ~I|J[~IIIL~ [story frame souse and all the con |]fll|~[ fl[~[l[" Wl[[l[:[l~.~I~r wn State Police [ ~ .-%__ ~][ ~__1 ~ ..... [Red CROSS Chapter, reported ,this [more, oacoD .~a. Viener, ~ima .~ee ed by a 22-degree drop during the " "=~''= .... ~ ...... [ten,ts about 8:30. And only the[ ..................... wo week tha~t a to~al oz za~ oz ~ne cnrlsuan ~ates watson vne rtev 12 hour nod whmh heralded the ; minor acci ' ' , ' , - pe " ' ' fact that several members of the r melt ~ed 'to %hem and [ unve OT ,ea Lr0ss ]oounty's less fortunate families [Stanley F. Hauser for Zion Epis- first real cold spell of the New .._The Jefferson County Demo.=cra! ]family had decided to wa, tch tele-[r, tHar.r~. LeeS ~,~zeri 31 and onNew v~.~, [ ...... _ ......... ]were provided food and clothing |copal Church, ehe Benevole, est Year. A low of 8 above zero was~ay" mght' jo ....... 'z 13 ,~t 7"30 at vision, for a Use after ,[,he others of Charles* Town are being held araission workers [ ~ [fmrsOhri:tem't?prt0hgrO:gh wthecCh[~t [~y~edri:nf ~eur~l~?rt~ls T~vwcn LP~ag" ~eYOrmded'nling,Cha[les T:wen OTfut?e ~ohe CptulHu:%~elLh?rlesTW.ns hmadhg~eavt bebeedn' pr~V~an:etdra~h~t ity ~hael TinCahl~te~llyFreod~b~C:gC~l" Iey mig,b,t have a[- - -:-~ .... -----I- FRed Cross Ohapter serves as~a|ue. , low sections of the coun,ty thee~.. ~. ...... ~ ......~ ]for.the entire family, i,t was stat-Jliam Ra.mond Pu,,it~t -f Wash ~t on New Year'.~ | ~~~ |clearmg house for again this year. [ The followmg also made con,tn readings were reported much low- wh~ a ...... ~ ....... f .... ~ ~, |ed , , ad make checks [ ~~-~ [ Mrs. He,dneh said the Chn t- |buVions of Food, Deborah Chap- er, ,accordmg to Lawrence Lloyd .... ~, ~. ......... e ~..~ r~,~,, [ The Orndorffs, who resided in a |htt,.h.h~-~.= ,t,~ ~,-~-~,.h,,,.~ W ......... S ............ a ............ " ......... " . region. D. C. a sailor who wa.~ ~ts on the court [ ~~~ -:!~ [mas basket program this year [ter 128 Charles Town John P. local weather obsezwer. "~'.',~'2~': ~ ,.':,~'"~'.,~'~',.~'~"'e~"." [tenant house on the Arch Robin-/~'~'~r~',.-.:;~,'~: ~:,~+:-~'~..~"%' ~'r" the rain s'leet | ~~~ lprved to be o~: of the molten inp/Ambrose, S. J. Hockensmi,th, C.L. However, the frigid blast, was county wide Democratic 0rganiza lson farm near Wadesville not far/W~ters who invest, gated the case made highways | ~~~~ Ierative projeot und 1Robinson Clarence Singhas, all not as severe as the cold wave of ~.,. o~:..,~.~ ,~, oU n ....... t~ :,~ ]from ,the Virginia-West Virginia/~i~ th'...hh.~. ~.~.,.~ ~a,,.,v es ~ / ~~:~i~ lthe county with the Citizen's Fire/donatlng 'apples the Civic League last February 17 during which an L'"" ..~"~'? ..... "'.. "" .... ":.~'"~ -""/line lo~t all they had in the fire /%"~^~',~_. ""~--~":-"~.~'- %7 .... ' " ' ' ' " " s ' . ~ne county regaxamss oz age in , . zz:~.u ~ues~ay mszz~, uec. az on .ear's alters I |men many cawc orgamzahon. / hnnroe'at' XD essedeven ezro reading was recorded m ,~),o ~a=o ;, ..... ~ ~ .......... /They escaped only wrt~ the clo-/a h.~k r~,~ nmth ,~r ~.~i,~,~.m~n oon, .' . __.-.-.__l__lon was also e. _r . .~,,. .~oo u~.~z'a, ~,=.~z.z, uz,v .............. " ............ ' .... ~he coun,tv's high | nbusanesses, churchesand indiw- / ............ ~. .....Charles Town and which had beenv .....n ...... t~ r. ,,h ,~c *h~ [thes they were .wearing at the tm~e |v. ' ..... to vile wonoerltu neJp WIIlCA2 ~*~,.~ ....... ~ ............ .~.~. ......... fl shade ' [ ~~i~ |duals cooperating tot the fullest. | . . _ accom,pan.]ed by an 8-1nch snow- r. .... ~, e .... ~ ~,, ..... ,, ~.. ~,~, /or what they could grab and put | .v .... uro~ ..... ta* ~,~ the ~;ave of ac-| ~~~ | Both Shirley HunV, who served[of the churones of Chases "J-rOWS fall the day before. ~=~'~,~,~ "~'~:~" ":~j:'i~=~':=~,[,: Ion as they fled the ,burning home, |rm~h~'~f ~=~':7~'n'~',~ :~.]: =~.~ etc. which 'hi,t | ~~~!~ |as director of t~e progrum, analand Vne c~unw gave to me pro- While 'there was much unfavor ~...:"" fi:,~;i~ ...~.~:~,.~ ~,::| Firemen said that one of ~he |~'~::.':.~,:.:~::.L'~':.L~,f~L,~_~"'_='L': ~he Chris~tm~'~ | ~~"~:~~ |Mrs Heidrich said they wished ]gram, plus the much work wnicn able talk aboat the cold weather ' :,,,-.z X,~?,.~ .~::'-~,~.'~- -~'-'-':'- ]Orndorff girls noticed smoke in t~,^~.~v.:"~"_~ ~_~,~P~.~'.'J.~."~ :?Y_".~= ~"'-~ " ~ Tow Citnzen's FiFe 'wore tecnmcaJiy lnellgole IOI" iIleln ~,ubztvs :~HU illlscellaIleOtls IO2IILU,. ohce said New | |personally and on behalf of the ]*~he Charlesn .... 7 there was one group of persons h~.~L. ~,~ *)~. V ..... n ..... ~e ]'the upstairs part of the house and |~,~ ,~ ,,h ....... ,,, ,~.~. ,) ..... ras a mos.t ouiet [ ~ :~~]~ |Red Cross to t~hank the following/men aon~ed ,t make me projec~ who welcomed it-those who had ~,::;'~;;'~ ~'~ o==~ a'~"~":.~o,~"~v~,:,~ lquickly routed ~he family and [~'~:~=~"~'b, ~ . ~v..,~,f,~,:~.~. ............ ........ | ~ .... ~!~ ~ |for cash contribuions: Elizabeth a success, received new ice skates for Christ ......... ,'~%~: .... L" ..... .'* ..... .~ [summoned Charles Town firemen i~"~.. "~ -2Y : ..... :':'- .__ ' t- ~ "as ~-d ha"~ no* ~'^'~ *~" .... ing was fleict in uecemoer a:~/ .... ...... '-- """zen's l J~rooper waters SO, lCl I~'UglLL was out 6"30 tumty to try them out l~ire Company in Charles Town hal, f miles East = Although there has been a not- ' land two from the Enders Fire Co " p.m. ' wasformed The December meet- ' " m nozVh out of Winuchester and oun| School . ingwas attended by Senator Jen- taken on a back road noz'th of oo cD0nald .._ Name ~,e lack of snowfall t,hus far thzs .......... 'pan,-" in Berryville Va. answered Mia~,,, .... ~,, ~.~,-, ...... ,~ ;r,,~ ....... : m : 'n -- ""-'~r it must ~'^ ""m^-" .... ; mugs rcanaolpn aria ~enwtor rtoo ._ - ...... '"-- ":--- *~'e"" ........ u.,, ~,z ..,,.~,~... ..... .....- , v.s.bc uv ,~ c.,.cz,:,u [,ne alarm ou, T, oy bll~ blZlZ~" UZZ y .. ,, ss2 Pontiac] ~ ~~ |D^..d M,..d ^. Ark Ta.m that the major sn*owfalls of 1958 ~Z:noCr2YZ~eBm~btehrshaoVf t :%m ce|arnved on ,the scene the house/~flml and there the two rolled 0R U S 340 by ] ~ i~ |[~(]|U ||~:([][U |~| ~IlU JNUU|~|Ii n~;illl did not come until February and . . " I was completely gone Firemen/ 7"; ................. ll , . ,=~ la~ion. , . ~.,aver r'ugr~c maue nls way to n^of Washing-| ~ :~,~ ~ --__ March. At the December meeting Act-Ithen. concenVrated then effrOnrtSaO~ |the Middletown weighing station ..Is~. Chevrolet | HAROLD H KISNER | .... ~- .... *~-~ -~rs,-n Court I enterin= into -roceedings to- - _ ing Chairman A D Peters appoint ~ we~,~,ng aown ~ne_~arge ~ar ....... ]where he reported the incident to .. ~ ~w=..,.,~.o ,.,. *~..~ ,,~..~- ,, L O " . ' ' " ca~ue sneo nearuy .uu vlvve.u . .... l%~f~U~e 3T~?nbYjHarold H. "Chuck" Kisser as-ltY Board of Education organizedlwards a deolar~tory judgement l~&,~a~,~)~ T~ ed a nomlnatlng commjtteecom-ls,~arks from ~he burning housel~T--l,l~.r W. ~te*'s whose ~ubsequent ' ......... - ' ~ ' ' nda a 'nst the State Board of Pub JU %,%,%, ~11~ l~ poseo oI ~oger werry mrs uoro- ~ " mvesu~t.uon ~racea one men to to t~ ~ t ........ |s~s,t~nt manager zn charge of sales [for another bwo years Mo y ] gaz . : J ~ ........ ' : - [ c ,chin~, these buildings The high| ........... h ........... 'n re lieWorks and the Sta~e Board ol "- , my waperton ~rs neroer ~:ver- at ~ "- /~narles -rows ~meltzer an~ ~la- at 1 n /of the Commum,ty Oll Company, | at a regular meet, g,"t ........... '.. ' .... ]winds which were blowing at ,the ............ [tic$15rcl'~on who [will be chairman of this year's/eleoting L. J McDonald, promi- I School Finances. in the Circuit~|~$,~ m~ARAI~ nav~, c. A. 5aax ~rown ] time and sending sparks ,high in'to Iwen were pzc~ea up weanesaay ac : .' . membership'drive of the Jefferson nen.t Jefferson County farmer and Court of Kanawna Coun~;y. "me J~:~*|! |IVllU/ ~o propose canolaa~es ior te~ec-|~. ~h ........ *~d a serious haz-1'.,y ~naries lown ~ao!lce. r'ugz~t ~L~ent: sa,~ e~.t.~ ~m.~. R~/o.o..,o, .... o.oo...~o,own I-ur-- se of the friendly suit ,to be . Lion ~;o grace in the new organiz- i-": ='-'.,~'~L='_'L2: ....... :~ ......... l ioentifiea ooth men WhO are now Fin ..... [ Cross, it was announced today ,by |as board president again for his [ insti,tu,ted this week in ['he Kan- ~ ..... ~ ~___ atlon: That committee met on [ ...... ,a ,Vhe water wagon of the [ * the Wlnohester-Flederick court s rrann was re mto wha Count Court is to deter ,, ,, Monaay night of thzs week Offices ~ -- ~y Jan d~r~waw ~,~,~, ~ ] Mrs. James M. Mason, Ill, chap- [sixth consecutive term; swo " ] a ' Y , . : .0ma, m near ....... L ' -- ". " J C~ar{e~'~'rown Raceway was again [ ~.~.~. ~o, ..... ,,~ ,h .... was found~gui~: [ter head. . . . |office Shirley M.. Hunt, newly el- ] mine.whether the law u, naer wmcl~ ........ ,,,~ .......... .... ~,~ ~oDe I1~? av[:. t~e grace oz pres~ [ called into action Lto help supply [~,la~l'a~are~[~'v'~n~"~,~r,~";h '~:;" ~t a h~rin~ h,~ ~ The annual drive has ~een se~ |coted boas member Ior a s,x-yeax I me nve-percen,~ reaucuon was or- . .. v,t,=:, v,. ....... v. ~,..,:,~ ............. "." ";~-~'-~? ....... ?~Y .... I water o nnur onto the burning ~ .... -~'----:;-- :" ...... -:-.-~- 5,- h~ .-. - .... ~ '~"~- I f.. tho fi,-~ ~-h.,,,~ .,oot.~ it., ~,~ar,.h/*,~.m m~H,~ nno aouoint- I dered aoDlles to aovropria~ions ao ou~s~anaing eommum,w ser- vice-presiaen~, secretary ana ~reas t .... ~-~ _,~_ ,).~ ..~o.h,. I gzbb'S i, ravellng ~g ana naE alS- .... Merle , ' h the m, d b l islators lrom general vice ~ork in the ~anous commun- urer. While the committee has o!ng a " carded some of the clothes along nt ~v ., _ wtth a quota .that as yet has not merit and discussed at lengt a e y eg ..... buildings. . cos been revealed The 1958 goal was five ercent reduction in schdo revenue 0 ' , ~i ' " _' , ' o I ~ ....... ~d t,h~ fir~ oriuinated I., ..- jan in oe l f r state aid tochools rues and also county w,de willcontacted five persons to fill the the road, whzch were recove, ed by ts. ' -P " -- .................. cn en~ , $5,990. finances ordered by the State The Jefferson County Board isnow also come in fo~ speclal,tri- cruces ana will propose them for |~.. ~ ~ ...... *~ sec,md floor and ] e omcer. i p ~ccurred Sat Mr Kisner long active in civic Board of Sohool Finance McDon- joining the SttLt as a ~friend of the bute and recognitAon, as memoers e,ec~,ion, still it was pointea out |~ur=.~l'~.~aDi'~ll::"" " ] ,---'7--'-"--~--ea~.,ra.nonU" affairs in Jefferson Coun~ty, was |ald has ~een ~ member of the I Court ,by filing.a l~.t,i~tion ~ same. of Vhe JeffersonCounty .Jaycee= that nomination[ w!l! be received ~ ~r~e Or~do~fs were ,taken to a I U ..... ~--..J--. |~ - arc alsoalSCUSSeaat, len o~tesnave aeclaea to select, zne irom me iloor snol.UCl anyone ae r ~,he Viands S;r I awarded the JRycees' Distmguish- |board since July 5, 1943. . I The J~o~ .... " _ _ . . ' ...... ?. _.~ ............... " |house on the farm of Dick Zorn- I H Hrv Ib ~ I ed Service Award in 1956 for his / When Hunt was sworn in,yo of- [ ~ the West, virginia ~cnooi sup coun.~y's "woman oi. me xear" ~re :~ ~m~e? ~z~_m. ._ _ [bro vehere ~hey were given resi- I. _ w . a .. . ~tate Tr .... ~ [butstanding community work. He [rice Monday night i~ marked the] port program preparea ana pro- ana honor her as. such. ,, , ~.n m~eres~ea ~emocra~s are ur-[de~ce through the generosit~ of l kl_...~-I FaA..~& U~[ ..... =-~: "~' t h~ ~,~rv-d as ~,~ -h~i~m~n of th~/~h~.,~ Hmo ~h,~ h~s taken the oa~h I n~ed by the West Virgima Educ The zirsc sucn honor win oe a- geo to a~.~enn ~ne meeung Tues- I ~.. ,~---,--~ - . I ~21~[~ |nt|~| r~l~l| ~- .oemg dnve~l~ .... - ..... / .................... , nl ht t h 1 .... ' .u.~m~ I~I~MIgIIIq~M ~v~m| mm~u~ i~ie * ' ~ of Dimes campaign, having been appointed August' 6 ~ ation Association and the Sta.te warded by the Jaycee-etes Wednes ~ay 'g o e p get the organi- | "A call went out immedia%eh' for | ~, chkardaries' Town23 Of ....... '~a. n~tive of Charles Town Mr to fill pn unexpired .......... term on the | Department of Education The pro day evening, January 21 at 6 30 in zation off to a good start ~ food'~ , clot'hin"a and hi" rniture'~ f-r~./ Henw ~yder of 8hepherd~town ~lce station a-d' Kisser atte!nded Charles Town board and[hen .~a|~:inNovember]g.tam will,.be presen.ted .,~,~he oonjunc~on~w~,th a ~'s~ting~shed .... r~ly t ~re~id~,t ay and crashed'" I-I~h ScnoO1 and Shepherd Col- to fill an unexplrea, ~rm. wes~ vzrs*n~_ ~_~:~tz~u-,~ '-..~-, ..... ..~ ............. ":= "~": , Wednesday ghe Charles Towta of- o~ vrte .fferm~ ~ounty ~our% ior Ut.h bein~ ~,~,,,~ lege. ne served three years m cue / The board apl~mced Miss Jo ]convenes J axm , y x,. .... .ch m er of Commerce. is havm.g Parsers c00pem e I lice of the Cross por d that ]the new at the organl-a,ional rings Owens"of Navy with duty in the Pacific. The/Ann Bodner o,f ~oledo, Ohio,. us [ The county.~ SChOOl m~- m me new ciuzen s rare r~an in ~_ l~___L e--L._J--__ l~ /neighbors "and other kind Jeffer,/meeting Friday morning. in t~.e t Owned h,, r~.~'~ new chairman, who succeeds Ken |Home Economics teacher a~ ~hep | u~tion was amo aiscussea a~ leng wnanes ~-o~rn... . /~ [~L:~T ~a][~[][~V ~]' | son counians had come to the aid / Jenerson cour~y t~ourt sere. ~e Ine-" ~" v.,~. seth W Metz is a member of the |herds[own High S~hool She is ~his | ~h by board members and they lis The oaycee-e~tes are now a.cce~ .............. "'- n o *the family In suvh a ~enerous | will succeed Charles W. WhH, ttng ~'~ -'-" Methodist Church Kiwanis Club, monl;h bei raduated from Hills ,t/d things that need attention in ing ayplica)tions zor non]inauons ~-.J----- g*----~,--. -~ ~ qfi I ~ ..... ~: "he ....... *'~w om / ton of the Mlddleway district who ged with driv- , ng g . . maz,u~. ~,,,~ ~" ~ ,.~. na ~ .. - ' , Side of th~ h~h Jaycees and Masonic Lodge. ]dale College in Hillsdale, Mich. [several areas to improve ,the school for. this. honor and. o rgStmzutmns Dd[U~[~ ~,~[[|~[ ~| n ,~ | pie clothing and furniture except[ has been serving ~as Court presi- ~he tw~ ~,2~' Mr. and Mrs. Kisner. who reside [and she will report for duty at [ program. . .. ano mo~woua)sare .~emg asKea to The annual meetin~ o~ the [ for ~ large ki,tehen table 'and 15 [ dent for the Past ~wo years. ~% $17~ ......... on Sou,th Mildred Street, have ~wo |Shepherdstown Hig~ S0hool a~out | One of these ~sme pro coopera~e ana neap m p~cK,ng vne Farmers Coo,'~rative ~ssoci~vH,,n chairs which is still very rau~h | Snyder na~ served in this caPa ~hildren [Jan 22 Originally the board had [ posal .for 180 d~,ys or actua~ m- woman ~or me nonor. - ill .... ~;h "-" - -~ " needed Red Cros~ officials said the! city before or,he" - ember~ of the ' " ' i ual r or anizationw De nela a~ ,~ e ~araane corn- * " , _ " named Miss Angelo Pollard. ,to the [ struction for pupals).nstead of the . A n.y mdiv d _ .9 ._ g - reunite, Center SatUrday, Januar- family could also use a heating / Court are: Jack ~ra~pnell for the k I ~m~, ~'^A I~|1,~ /~n faculty post but she la.ter cnangea I some ~'~z or l'z;~ w~cn now pre7 aes~nng .~ su.~m~*~ me name Ol ~. .... stove a washing machine and sev Kabletown distr~et; P. s. Mr|lard .... ,,~ ' n w m n oI ne 10 at 1.30 p. m. Any farmer that , J ~ LIUII~ ,J~ IIIlll %#11 her mind and accepted a s!mliarlvalls of holidays zor.worz some_ ou~anm_g o [a ~ has sold lambs or wool throu,-h eral more beds and mattresses. /for the Harpers Ferry Distric, -- ^o ~_._ m__ e .... &. teaching appoineanent elsewhere. |sl~os,..~eacner's meel.ngs, ec. ,_ _c~un:~_y,, ~n:egara/:ss "~e agaew-~%r the cooperative is a member ~d The Orndorff children, of which[ Charles .Whi'tt!n~n for the .M, id- l]0 ]e Ut rUIIU, rl~ll rYt31l ' In discussing the five-percent / An.greet p.rom.em w_mcn mus~ ~ .cons~aera~mn or ..~ e,. a_.a :, is urged ,to attend there are three sets o,f ,twins ran- / aieway mstrmt aria dames Ms[on --- -- reduction which ~he State Board [facea is reduuc~lon Ot pupi'l loaa, snoum gamin an appi}c~uon o!anK x,,~. ~i~).r n.~i~,~.t ,~ ~ ~e in a~e from 21 ,to two years / or the Charles Town district. The Charles Town Lions Club o hool Finuance ordered reducing the size of classes in Irom Nichols & STUCK urug Store ~':"..'~ ....... .Y=~'."~-L .... ~. 7. ,.C ~= .... ~ *h ..... "~- 12/ Other than organize the board W.~n met at the Thomas Jefferson Ho- t~eS]~ard to pull ou~ of its budget ]some .instances. and after filling ou,t same mall or asso~a~lon woum ~e m charge oI ~ears ~'age ............. | did very little at the Friday meet- ., .,,~,m tel Tuesday evening, January 6 and place in reserve because af a | Another poise listed ,~as the deliver ~o Mrs. Rlcnard Har~, ~"~,~'~-~'~:e~'h.~ ..... ~U ~,~.h,,~ - ~.~.,o~. ~,',,., e~ ...... ~ ..... | inF. bar with president Paul Barr presid-, decline m' state tax revnue to date. t need ~or establishing adequate Jefferson. Avenue, Charles ~own, ~ t~'..'=~vm, vt ~'''b~ --='-~'~""--'~M.. B=..ara uemas-= ...... callea~''" .... ou~'--YY"cnree-ttumes ...... ?2'~zuesaay.-"~'~/ ~,, , .. dson. of the ing. The program for the evenmg ~th~.......... hn~rd RdoDt__ed uro__Dosals made .,'base __Yva and experience increm- All apphcation blanks must be in l m r e in -" " ~ - roace resort .......~,~-~ , ...... ,~ ~,, li ....... :-~---'..~ o,~h~.~ "I- ~,~ ....., ...... , .... .r~rson-el, ~he hands of Mrs Hart by Jan- ter on arab a k t g and a re- 'he nrsc call being to Ranson Lions Scrap Paper ........ .,,,.. .. .,.~.~...o ~.. PO .. o ~ttpersn)~etzuenb o. ~'c'n ...... ,...~ v~$ -,.- ~.*v'r-,,-.,,,,-d ~--- ,- , ~ ~ . - , bur lar " Y r 4 port by ~'rankhn Clapnan on wool w~here a f, re which started a- . ~_ g y and Campaign which is always held A La~erv which ~ermits .transfe~rs also the need for providing ade- ua y 1 . .~ .................... K~alla~'tafl T~. 1 7 =ported at therh~rin~ t,h@ m~nth of January ,:.' **.^ .~..~ .... ~ ~- con .~a ~,.. ....... *~ ~,.~ ~,-~*~,,,-~*~--~l su--lles After the armlications have been umz~.c~mg. . rouna a ca~n.nney m the souse own xJ~aa~a~tt ~aa. ~. ~es in Ha~ers ~.~.,a...~ ~ ............. d *'hat ............... ,-- --~ ----~-~-' ..... -~ o~'~e im-rove- recezved a committee 0rf lmpavtml Election of directors and officers ed %y the Rev, S. H, Patterson and , the next Record Hop would be order reouP~res that Jefferson Court men[ in the th~ans.porta~tion sched- judges will meet and pick the win for ,the.coming year and plans for occupiedby the l~..v:. E. E. Bal- Members of the C~harles Town ~so'a said theheld Friday evening January 16 ~ .... u ~,+. -25 948 from ~t's cur- ule for some schools in the rural her, the, name to 'be announced.marKe~!ng wo.oi aria ~amDs ior ~timore, ma aoou,~ $~au 9amages. Lions @lub will hold their monthly ) ,.) ~ " ~ I~D~ Wlll De alscussea n c a r co]lecti n urda me time Dec at the Junior High' School also ~.o,~-o'oer~tin= 'budget the board areas ' and the person will be honored at .... "_ _ . About 5 10 Tuesday afternoo s rap ~ pe o ~t Y: was in Bruns that the .clubs monthly 'scrap ~,~h~ ~o m~ak~e f~rther study toO~her matters which the board0he January 21 dlnner. . ~!~ memoers are as~ea to a~- firemen answered an alarm on JanuuarY 17 i,t was announcea d bhe in- paper collection will be January deter'mi'ne sources'for transfer of felt needs ~ttention when ways Any woman who has rendered . n I m West Washington street where a Wednesday. All persons having coming year ed to her 17 and that the club would haveanother $5 124 The board also or and means axe available is a pro= ot~tstanding service in communi,ty . car belonging to Charles Engle p~per for the drive are asked to a joint meeting, witch the Inwood- dered that 'all "Sl~ending be curtail gram, of expanded guidence ser-besetment and developmer~t is el ~ had caught fire as the result of a have same on street that day was made Bunker Hill Lions Club on Jan- ed except where the healeh and vices by personnel trained in that igible to be a nominee for t~he hon ~mm ~ ~f|nn~ ~,~e short circuit in the wiring. The where the collectors can see it. Li n Harr to the schoolor it was stated ~uaun i'h ~nmtmul~/ II~;UM@ fire was extinguished About 20 Anyone w~shing to bring their own m a large uary 20th at Inwood. o y safetv of the children are concern field and additions ' " ' . ' - . .. " '" . _, ', sz he winer of the free - s roll the high _k J., Bank minutes l~ter after the cur naa scrap paper to the Laon s paper 'ng were iWilt .was t ed. ctvrlculum,e pec"Y . - ' , ' a hand meal for ,Vhe evening. With no fur The Board adopted a resolutionschools. Will r~,, ). ~,,e~,,er~0wn been pushed to a lot near Wxlls room located acros., a 32-calrber ther business the meeting adjourn N~me ~vu~u$'~ Service station, it caug~n*t fire a- more Lumber Company on Mil- from Whit- Sam M. Skinner was named gain and again firemen extin- dred street, can place i~ by the -- , . g y president vehen the board of dtrec- guished ,the blaze, door. ed. 0ut~t~ndin 0u~g [ors of Jefferson Security Bank or- "' ( ' M )i ganized at their annual meeting Relt.gt0us" " [ ead( shl)" TI aim!" "tg Sch * I ' )( an At Dinner Jan. 21 in Shepherdstow'a on Tuesday. He } , has ,held the post since 1955. , my; e, Heady r ~ H. Price was re-named vice Begnns Mop,day les Toy n i4et t( d Once ~gain members of the Jeff president. 0f The ~harles Town Ranson P T tother educational ,techniques. croon County Junior Chamber of Renamed to the board with the U:nn:._ n. .~., Am ! A. met Monday evening in ~the[ Mr. Payne giving a brief his- Commerce wil~l honor t~he most out executive officers were: John~ L. |'IIIIIUII Ill ]II /411 ] I new Ranson Elementary School to Itory of educu~on, shared corn ,standing young man of Jefferson Egle, H. Max Derr, Albert F. Kave Church; 200 From urcl es Exr e :t .,d | hear a discussion of the subject, I pulsory educA~tion is a law which county duri.r~g the year of 1958 by ~bert, L. Datley and C. F. Lyne. J necessia,tes a separate me'hod ~o hav, ing him as guest of honor at a Named cashier again was C. F. hum,ble'" 'begin I coun,ty even i~houg~ it's operations || "Thep~nel.Roie of .~he Teacher" by a ]~tea~h the able student. I:)SA award dinner to be staged at Lyne; assistant cashier, S. Brooks ~'n,ty's oldest F are largely outside the county and| Members of ,~he *panel were Mrs. ] Mrs. Mer~han.t said that as a ,the C~arles Town Cl,tizen's Fire Lucas; bookkeepers-E}iz~beth Os- The Second Annual School o of wrigh, t Denny Elementary ~1 develop- most on an international scale. | Owen Conklyn, teacher at Wrigl~t | parent she feels parent~ must par I~all Wednesday evening, J~nuary bourn and Eliza~beth Widmyer and Leadership Training will be held School, Charles Town. !e story and The company was founded in|Denny School; Roscoe Payne, prin|,t~cipate in the learning process. 21 a 6:30. part-time bookkeeper, Dorothy in the Charles Town Methodtst Undersbandlng Youth. Instruc- Howard Wilt, Jr., chairman ofEye. , , Church starting Monday, January to~:-Mlss June Poisal, Director of ~n Brass & 1892, with only 14 people as e,m.-| High SVhool" Robert Haxdman, | Mr. Hardman usserted tt~t the ,the selections Committee announ- Cashier Lyne ha~ been assoclat 12 at 7:30 p. m. the Rev. Robert Intermedia'te Work, Hagerstown n l~anson ployees and it has enjoyed con,tin/n~ln~al'Ransoa ~lementary . . .......... of _ _ |,teadher must eeach America a lit ,eed Wednesday ,his committee met ed with ~he bank in an execu, tive H. Hiller, dean of the school an- District, publ/c school teacher at ~n the cornuous opera[runs and growth since | School" Mrs. Preston Merchan, |,tle more, t~a~ we mu~ make our ; rs met in ,then. ]Junior' High ,parent; and Mrs,|children ,proud of America. Tuesday nigh~ and seleoted the capacity since 1927. nounced today. Two sessions will Hedgesville. young man to be ~honored from P~ports submieted showed the be h~ld each night, bwo nights a Helping Adults Learn. Instruc- ecompany's ~Even though ,the business reces|Frederick O. Byrer, elementary| Mrs, Byrer said that the ,role of a group of eight nomina,ttons pa~t year highly successful, week for three weeks, Approxima- tor-Rev, Everett G. MiUer, D~r- ~ents during sign during 1958 was reflected inn school parent. | the teacher is to st4mu~la~e the which had been sttbmi,tted. Judges tely 200 teachers and officers from ector of Adul,t Work, Baltimore "~ revealedthe Powhatan ,industry ;to some 'Mod~m,tor o' the panel was C. In~turaleager euriosiey of the child for ~he selection were five Jeffer- R "gllUUIPIIpar 30 churches within a radius of 15 South DistriCt, pastor at Ferndale ,'aw pours extent. , the company still vo~e~ _.~ Primz, ..-rofessor .~t Sheoherd|and._ to develop a "yearning far son couney men who were not Mrs. Ne$ I miles are expected to attend. Md. ~non dollarsDec, 31, a bonus of 10 per cent on C~lle~e | learning". Sunday School teachers and orS- bile conduct of the school ale: nd bonusesindividual-earnings for the year to --..-" - ........ f,~ ~.h~ ~n ]Mr. Printz briefly summarizedt/hemselves eligible for competit- The school is desi ned to hel Others who are assisting with alone ,.'o o.~-, ...... ~* z'rogram czmz~rnan ........ tng in t~he co.test. New Correspondent g P .. ,~ o ?":~'"~Y~T ....... ~:'-~"___7ing was James W Strider who In [ the commen*s. Buddy Stone, general ,ch, airman ~qws tna.tpoincea ou~, however, ~na~ more~....~, ..~,~ ~o ..o~.ou.~,~ ~,,a o~ cers of all denominations to better r~oseoe R. t'ayne, Registrar; w. e~s of thethan ever this year i.t must, be re | The invoca~Uon was by Che Rev.of ~he Di~lnguished Service A- FOr ~|~| U , prepare themselves for their dut- Edward Morgan, Associate; Ed- nora ~ ...... ' ..... w., .... |Russell Urqu'haxt. ward project, said the winner of ,.,,_ewa, i in churches The currlc wara l~ee Pine Treasurer' Miss )n Works c0gnlzed that the bonus is ~,~ r,... t. ,,,., ~.,.~o~..~ ,~o, *~e es the . - j , , , ' ' , .......... .... v .............. | The Rev. Dtanley F. Hauser pre- the ~ward will ,be presented a alum has been expanded this year ~dy Hoover: IAbrarian; Charles -able part guaranteed payment, but rather is ,~..~,.o. ho~ ~.~,~o o.o~ t. h~. Mrs. Randolph Barnes has suc- ' ar .... ............... /sided at the bu,~lness meeUng at scroll and plaque at the Jaycee f Charles dependent entirely upon the e n ...... ".::"~ ..... th- area of children's work one in ville Visual Aids, and the follow- J-~r~erson ln"s~ v^f the com~'n'~ ~ each ~. ear ro~e. ~rs~, Vne tom w~m ~ne gram,| which ,t~me ,he reported,that Wade dinner and his name and qualific ceeded Mrs. Joe Hough as news so as to offer six courses three in yers, Assocmte; J. Edward Sa- ~0 in --" ~ :-" ' .... "~_ She mus~ g4ve .the child the funda Thomas, assistan~ state fire mar- ~tivns will ,be entered in the con- correspondent for Middlew~ay and youth, one in adults, and'one in l~g ~u~tklcitYruCOwn~ietee~ ~ I,. ~a,J- ~n aoai~uon ~o the Donus ~ne m~,~,tals ch'~llen~e him to evhink bo - .......... ~hall, had on request inspected lo ,test w~ic~h the West Virginia Jun her fiirst column of news appears .the field of Bible study. The cour tter a~, ... _ k,_R_e . _. A. nudes company gave fine employees a ~nd develop a l~bi,t of thinking, cal schools during ehe middle of lor Chamber of C~mmerce is con- on another page of this issue. Mrs. ses and teachers as as follows: rcaney, J~erryvllle; lfl'oL K. M. Dan it's em general raise of 4c per hour onWe must stress quali~y instead of December and h~d made several ducling to pick the most our[and Hough, who has served as cortes- How tq Read and Study the Bib dridge, Charles Town, Rondo faotor September 29, of 19'58 and each quality. S~he said EdUcation and recommendations which are being lng young man in the state, pondent for Mid.~lew~y for several le. Instruc~r: Rev. T. Ward Kemp Smallwood. Charles Town; Rev. economy employee was also rgiven a thor- 's0ho0ling are tvwo different Cerms ~arried out. o~ ,taxes, spent lo- and Will find must cer qu~r- into the President .Powhat- ,indus- and the ough ,physical examination a~ company expenses; and during the month of November the company's physican administered flu vaccir~e to all employees who desired it free of churge, Sixty of the company's employ ees are now included in the corn, bin,ation insurance and trust Plan and seven more will b~me elig- ible for it during 1959. Reinlnger also sta%ed that be~in sing January 1 the ,foilowin~ In- crease in ilasur~nce benefits will be Continued on Page ~t-A she said. Second, the role wi,bh p~rents and comm~n~ty.,~ The teacher must be ~he lnteppreter ~f a child's pro gress to parents and see ths~t the parent has a clear understmndtng of~aei~ievement ,tests ~nd the mean ing Of I.Q. " l-' Third, the role with ~he cm a~ growth and behavior. B~e must be able to evalua~ the ohiid's ,pro- gress and see ths~t he ~s home, work Mrs. Conklyn. quoting many aultaVlori,ties, discussed briefly ~- ergenous ,grouping, phonics and Mrs. Richard Adams, secreemry, read the minu,tes of ~he last ,meet= inF. Mr. Wllliaan Perks. treasur- er, reported a total ,b~tan~e of $176.21. l~r. H~rry O. Evans, mer~ber- sl2,p ~a~rman, announce4 a l~tal of 233 ~nemberS. " Attendance banners went ~o Miss BOxwell of Wright Denny, Mr. Harry Lewis of #he JuniOr High' and Mrs. Kerr of RanSon SchOol. READ THE CLAS$1FI~D8 Pas~ winners~off t~e DSA honor in the county have ,been Cl~rk Purr, Shirley Hun, t. Richard O~ass Harold Kisser and l~bert ~tone. ATTENTION--FREE GAS THE RANSON ATLANTIC SER- VICE STATION {,on the Ranson Clrele) WILL GIVE AWAY 10 ~Gallons of Gasoline to the lucky winner each week. Drawings on Saturdays at 2:00 P, M. WADE BENNETT R. M. SMITH, DistributOr. May 22-tf.--l~ years, will be unable to cor~nue because of many added duties re- cently. S~e h~ts served faithfully and the publishers regret t~s~t ghe will be unable to continue, Mrs. Barnes. a resident of Mlddleway for many years is very well known ,thro~lehou~; the community and she will be gl~d to receive any news i~ems from ~nyone and at moot any t,me. Her teleltaone sum bet is 58-P-022 and ~he w411 be ~lud to have you call her width your news i~ems. ATTEND CHURCH 8UNDAY former ~h~platn U. S. Army. pas- tor a,t Bethesda Church. Balti- more. Working Wi,th Junior Children. Instructor-Miss Lucy V. Bickel Director of Children's Work, tlie Baltlmore Conference o! the M~h odist Church, Working Wi~h Primary Children Instructor-Miss Florence M. Whee let, Director of Children's Work The Washington Conference of [the Methodist Church. [ Understanding Children. Instru. I ctor-Dr. James M. Moler, principal Willisan'G, MHler, Harpers Ferry; Rev. I. P. Blackman, Martlns~urg; Rev. W~ W. Beale, 12Lartinsburg and Re~, Randall Parsons, Shep- herdstown. Frederick Licenses Frederick n~arrl~ge licenses is- sued recently included the fol- lowing: Earl Olenn Rodgers, ~0, ,I~rpers Ferry and Norma Jean Danner, !8, Brunswick, Md.; Jerr3/ Bane, Summit, t Point and l.~la M. Gift, 19, Charles Town. !