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January 6, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 6, 1966

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[A I Mr. i qbnuR l | I ren's choir practice at 4:00 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mills in Boll-I l~~" :~i~ ~ land Mrs. LiKe Miller. Ben is at-I .... i"~ | ~._ ,,,,,mam-L ] [Saturday, Catechism classes at car, on Sunday evening. J eUI~I~UPInthCTJflIUJK| ]tending Hobart College in Ge-I grocery store ann news stano. ..,_2.,~-~~ | |]li~.. lfW~ | ] the parsonage at 9:00,10:00, andl Mrs. M.J. Raucontinuesquite~ [~i~i~] ~[ll['r[i['~U~|~[~ Ineva,NewYrk- I Miss Osborun will continue t?fI ~| ~~'~bl ! | [~LT~ [~ ...... | [ l 1:00 a.m. I ill at her home in Bolivari ~~~ii~ RV BIT~gy mnRRDW [ Mr. Herbert Wilderboor will be i operate Betty's rcestaurant o [ ~ ~ ~ * It.~] | |i| I~| | [ MEMORIAL LIGHTING ] ................ moving, away from Shepherdstown. which ~she is. sole owner. " _ ': i Hnlv I+nmlmlninn fill [BOLIVAR METHODIST ] ~~ IO:~>~O~:!?i$~'::~'~:::~:;~.*:~::~:'S~:>~,~:::~ I ln the summer Mr. Wflderboor I -- I kl ~4~ "physko, Am] Spld. d" 7:30 I:HnUh:mreCHms~s't~eD~r;f sL~v~newStaaub~ I ~ :.Dh6Mu:SdKheeVWr~t:!~:lDrercdm:delo~nt'l!i!iP;~!~eP~i;i!!]l~;int:id~c~tal ~ I ~~ ~fl Be Semoo Sub|act I:,a ,s" ,, , ]Mary E Sta~s ~ t~y family;~ ~ W~v WQ Bo[iBvQ i day, " January 3, 1966 attheNew[ Mp Jay Lehman' was in Shep-/ ~ IRe~d The Sp|r|tddv # . " . Street lvletno(list ~nurcn, uever- " . " :~ /AT tmeran tnurcn I Lew,s M. and Ida S. Harrison bye [ _'"--i -: ....:--.-.. [ ............ / herdstown for the hohdays at the/ ~ .~r~_~ -~_ L ]- I o~ Mr Mr Sherma H rrison end ~ ~ruce ~uenme o~ncmung ~ and s. n a ; , ." . remdence of Mr and Mrs. Cletus /~ ~ U Lutheran Church Sunday [ There will be a Service with]Mr, and Mrs. Tacey K. Cram by/ ~ She is survived by her husband,~ Lowe Mr. Lehman lives in Eliza-~ i~'~~ I~Go To Church Su +1 ,. ............ . .. ,. . Holy Communion. at St ....... Thomas their daughters; Mrs Margaret )ack ,ou~dS~iptu~e. P~m ]9.]-4. Io~a ~ormer ~nep.nerosmwn H~gn beth, New Jerse, y. He i~ the son rnymcal ann p rztual Will De[ Evan~ehcal Lutheran Church on O'Banno- by her sisters" G E ] ~0:~-~ ~om~n~ 1:~-~0: m:5-17; Scnooi principal. ]_~ ~ ....~ a,_~ ~,r;,;.... T.~....... ] 8"3 ' ~ " '=" "" J " ' " " II Tim h 3:14-17. ut ~L~ a~U XW~. VV *~aHz ~l~.~a,~, , the ~rmon sublect for the . 0iEp,phany, january 6' at.7.30p, m. Webb by Mrs. Edna Webb; Clar-~ DevoUo~a~ ~*=~ngc p~I= l~ Mrs. Sally F. McNeely was tak:/formerly of Shepherdstown. /8 ~l~lpq~l~ ~tH~k/ A~I/ ~E and 11 a. m. services at St. Tho-IEpipnany, or ~welfm ~ight, ence Littleton by Mrs Anna Lit./ ..................en to Kings Daughters Itospita~/ Miss Dianna Flock and Miss! ~l|l~b,l~ I I-~, VNAI~UAIV mas Lutheran Church in Ranson, lmarks the end of the Chri~mas tleton and family; Jack Ramsdill| W[~ng; ~v~aVnr~': a~e~e~eeaf:g Dfe~embr~rs2:u1975~frtre?at~lent/Joyce Lupold, of Muncy, Pa., were|~i J [ ll~l~VijHl~l ~ Sunday, January 9, it was announ season. With the exception of by Mrs Grace Ramsdill; Charles| ~,~i,~]. i~a~a h~ ~ive~ hv his3 . [ visiting for the holidays at the/ ~ ~!~ ced Monday by the ReD. Richard the Easter season, the Epiphany and Ka'thryn Littleton by their| ~"lie'"f~' "B~-thi"~~ is" no-~lace Mrs. McNeely is presently mak-/ home of Mrs. Jane Harris./ ~,~ ~+ fq~l~, rP~afllio~ E Neal, pastor" is the oldest festival of the chu- mother, Mrs Grace Ramsdill;] ..... "-" - f r invest]inK her home at the residence of[ Mr and Mrs Donald Smith]g 1~'~1~'~ ~.~. vvvv ~Dltllt~gUlt~Dltllt~tUlt ~$.~$. - XJttetLS~XJttetLS~ X~--~'~ ~, " .. and there ~s no room o - .... , Nursery held during worship rch year. Harewood Potts by Mrs. Nellie, gating beliefs in general. Other- Reverend and Mrs. George V.|have purchased the half interest/~ x ,=~ for pro-school children. Sunday ~~ Reek; Millard S. Housdan and~ ~ise we should have to inquire Hutter. Mrs. MCNn~ely is the|of Miss Betty Osbourn in the[~ DIAL 725-7321 ~ Church School at 9:45 a. m. for ~~ )~ ::~ ::::' ~~:~ John Loudan by Mr. and Mrs., why men believemot er of Mrs. Hu ter. She sI Shepherdstown News Agency andl ~ a]~z-ffi~.~ ~-~v-~ ,~,~ ~. adults., .voun~o men and women,$RA~P~ PP~I~t~/ Jack Loudan; Mr. and Mrs. Sam-I allsorts of things making" a sat|sfactory" recovery. /Market on Main Street in Shep-I~ ~!~ and children" Donald w Snvder naKIq K I'rKKI uel Sicura by Mr. and Mrs. Bobby I -- that there is Mr. and Mrs Kenneth A. Dur-~ herdstown. Up to now the Agen-[ ~ IPtl~Pff~hll~PIIXkl IPI~IPI~|I~P ~11 Sur-~rintendent Wedne'~a~ ~-- -- ~a i~m~ amau.= Loudan; Paul Schultz by Mr and no life on the ham were in the area over thel cy and Market had been operated I ~r~v|Lr =!~.s Lutheran Church Women . Ep!p" h m~rs. ~. ~. ~ uu mrs. ~oy ~cnultz; our levee ones I moon, mat pota.holmays v~mtmg, fmends and for:Ires" ~o]nt~y. | ~ ~~ .... ~-;,~ .... ,0 ,, ,a.~ .,1 ~+ r~+~.~+~,~':*~z.~:~j by Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Butts toes grow better ativesMrs. Durham is the The store is a combination] ~.~,.,~@~@~-j~~,~~ the home of Mrs Harland Ander ~;o;, .... * *~-~ ~ .... ~ro ~- Ridgeway family, B. C. Sponsler I if planted m the .,~,,,,~ a~ ,,,~ ,,,,,-~. ,,, ~,, .~. ,~ ........... , oarK of the mo-n s n" . anc~ Lee ~-. rmover ~)y Mrs. J~ u. ~ , o , Trimty C~rcle meets at 2.00 E Webb on Wednesday evening ......... ] tha* the m~on af ~ponmer and mrs Lee ~ rmover; ~ ~ ~ " p. m. at the home of Mrs. Floyd were Mrs. Mary B Henley, of ^,.,. ~.. ~.. ~.:_ ~r_,.,. ] fects the tides, Even a frown can wet-- i: THE MELVIN T. STRIDER CO. COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME Charles Town Shepherdstown 725.706S-PHONES-876-2683 YOU CANNOT BUY A BETTER HEATING 01LTHAN i Washington, D. C., and Mrs. Lar- ry McLean and daughters, Mickie and Cindy, of Suitland, Md. Mrs. Henley, a native of Lowdown County, Va., is not in very good health at present. The ReD and Mrs. M. C. Scott of the Pentecostal Church of Christ recently visited relative., in Ohio and Kentucky Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Webb spent Sunday with their son-in-law anc daughter, Mr. and Mrs. George McCarthy in Beltsville, Md, and visited their son, Ernest Webb and family nearby. Sunday was one of the darkest and dreariest days in this area in many months. We need rain very badly but in spit of the heavy low hanging clouds on Sun. day the rainfalls was more like a heavy mist. All streams and both rivers are badly in need of much more rainfall. Mrs. Minnie Virts continues William and Mary Catherine Butts by Mr. Roy S. Butts; Mrs. Betty Stotler by Mrs. Grace Rob- erts; Mrs. Nora Staubs and Mrs. Myrtle Stuart by Mr. and Mrs. William Potts and Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Carper; H. C. Lamp, George Fritts, Sr., and George Fritts, Jr., by Mr. and Mrs. Flem- ing Fritts; John G. Moler by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Moler; Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Biller, Harry E. Biller, Earl Upperman and Anna Kight by Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kight; in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Keyser by Mrs. Mae Ra- mey; Frank Sperry by Mrs. Mary Sperry; Charles R. Dunn by Mrs. Gladys Dunn and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Snowden. Flowers on tthe altar through Christmas were in memory of Mr. and so on and so Mother. And when he has a on. Our question is a shorter one: Why do Christians believe as we do? Are our reasons good or bad or do we believe without any reasonable reason at all? Is there solid ground under our feet, or is tbe Land of Faith -- so to speak -- only a marsh? Religious beliefs are not like the beliefs of science. The scien- tist takes the object he is exam- ining into the laboratory and analyzes it. But no worshipper would think of taking God into the laboratory and examining him! You can dissect frogs and you can see the spectrum of sun. light; but it is impossible in the same way to dissect the joy of faith or to chart the spectrum of the Light of the World, Fur- ther, religion, especially the reli- gion of Christians, is in a class and Mrs. John V. Kite and Boyd aden by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C.I of beliefs of a peculiar and non- aden. I seientific (though for from non- sensicali) sort, namely all beliefs ACCIDENT PROTECTED?t that involve confidence, as Chris. Let's face R! Accidents do hap-I tian faith does. Scientific belief pen. And they just don't always asks for proof first, then belief will follow; but with anything happen to somebody else. When involving confidence, belief has to an accident hits you, will you be come first, then evidence or proof protected with enough insurance follows. For instance, when you coverage? If not. you should look learn to swim, you have to be- fever--she always fears the worst ! Did you know, Mother, that more children fall victim to spiritual neglect than any of the crippling diseases we dread? It has wrecked the fond hopes and bold dreams of hun- dreds of thousands of parents. Yet it isn't a disease, at all ! It is a HESITATION; hesi- tating to start our child in Church School, hesitating to go with him and worship God, hesitating to discuss at home the need for moral and reli- gious foundation for the whole family. Face it today! Do something about it next Sunday! Choose YOUR church. And make it YOUR church, And through a lifetime of worship and faith it can be for your child . . . HIS church. WITH SOMETHING ! very ill at the home of her son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, John Edmondson of Harpers Fer- ry. Mrs. Virts is past 94 years of age but enjoyed very good health ~ until within the past year Mr. and Mrs. Leon Edwards ~: HEATING OIL ent Sunday in Round .ill, Va. with "relatives.. Recent dinner into the insurance program avail lieve that the water will hold you ALL FOR "rHp" CHURCH li h t. guests at the home of ?dr. and able to Post Gazette rea(mrs ~or up, fat and clumsy though you The Church is the greatest factor The premium-qua ty ea Mrs. William Henretta were the only 10 cents a week. It's insu- may be. You ean-wait forever on earth for the building of charac- terand good citizenship. It is a store- ink oil that is eonomb~l, latter s sister, Mrs. Daisy Creamer rance coverage in case of acci- for proof; the only proof you house of spiritual values. Without a and ~ru er clean burmnglan P - " d son, Tom and wife, of Ardan. dents whether you are at home, wil! ever get is to believe it is strong Church, neither democracy . ~, New Year's Day guests at theat work or at play. true and then act on your belief, nor civilization can survive. There ~ Henretta home were Mrs. 'Eliza- Complete details about this pro You don't know it now, you have arc~four sound reasons why every ,,~ 1'%1 beth Hem'etta end son,, Jack, of ~r~ ~l ',Martinsb~ and M~,2 :~!~erman gram are you~, bywriting to tlje~ ~,~o live in ~faith fDr man~, years, person should ~ttend cervices regu- R~ristrar Ag~l~z,~:Wahsington N~ "~L~hristian i*aith is" like tliiit; you ]arly and support the Church. They , t~',~l ~'~ ~ Manor, of Jones Springs. are: (1) For his own sake. (2) For .... ~f~,t~:'~ Recent visitors at the home of tonal Insurance Co, Box 957, find the evidence by acting on his children's sake. (3) Forthesake }~'~-~gQ'~ i~J~ Mrs. C. E. Webb were Mr. and Pittsburgh 30, Pa. faith, of his community and nation. (4) :{~J~~ ~W Mrs. Larry McLean and daugh- "Good Morning" delivery of the ~ .... a, $., t,,l|,,f ~ For the sake of the Church itself, ~~ ~[| ters, Cindy and Jennie, of Gay- Post-Gazette is yours by calling v,~ ..... :,, ...-,]-- . which needs his moral and material your local newspaperboy or deal ~ot that ~nrisda.ns nave no support. Plan to go to church regu- /r~- ~. loi~d, Suitland, Md. They were er today. I goou reasons xor mmr connuence, larly and read your Bible daily. ,~4~r /~'~ ~ accompanied by the farmer's Rear/ *he pittsbu,'~,h Post~a- ~ But these grounds are better seen ~,~~ grandmother, Mrs. Mary Henley, .7" ......... I by a Christian than an outsider. +__L__ FOR QUICK DELIVERY, CALL of Washington, D.C._ ...... et~e. ] We look at the universe in all ~urs. aonn nowara nas returneu ~ ] its beauty and grandeur, and feel .., .._7 10 [home after a pleasant visit with ~/~ 'r~ PUIID~U CIIMI~&V [ as a famed astronomer did, that mane #z~- o friends and relatives in Kingwood ~ Ill ~liUIlt~l ~UIIi//4 ! [ the universe is more like a great *ie cravat T~ f~VT I~#'X T~rJ'~ and Morgantown, including his I thought than like a great ma- I~kZ~ll~Ld2~ ~ll~ ~L~.~ l./~ I son and family. Read The Spirit-Advocate | chine. Such power, such splendor, rtxu~r~xm~rt~ 1 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Conklin [ such order, can only be the prod- ~~~1o~ ~ I and daughter, Tylisa, of Towson, ~v .. ,~e ] ucht of an Intelligence and Power ' ouee uz l greater by far than the universe ...... Annual Meeting I : | God s witnesses READY- o Charles Town [ man named Augustine. His moth- the regular Annual Meeting of[ father and not -~e. His tW) great HOT WATER NOW ADDED I You are hereby notified that[ er was a Christian, but not his CALL CHARLES TOWN 725-7612 OR i the stockholders of Bank of Cha-[ loves were beauty and ~ ReUeco ~~i~z~~i ~: " January ii, 1966, at 10:00 a. m.,[ the church. But on his travels ~~! ]~i:~1 VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, W. VA I es Town will be held on Tuesday,] tual power. He found neRher in .ii~ii/" ~i~I ili =======================I'" ~': THORN LUMBER COMPANY I Eastern Standard Time, at this| he came on a man--a bishop ~.(..::::;:iiiii~:~ ..... :~.: banking house in Charles Town,[ -- whose sermons had the intel- Ranson Plant- Call 725-7612- Charles Town | West Virginia at which time the[ lectual power and moral force W~!i ~l ~~~ ~ | Martinsburg Plant 267-8955 i following matters will be voted| Augustine had been looking for, upon" l ann me worsnip service at ms ~v':::;:::;:~:.~:~:~:.~. IIIII i , !l I I 11 ,~',.~ ,-, ~ *'-,'e-".-~' ~,....,.~"in",...s ,+he[ church, had the .beautYd Auguso ~~.~ Ji ~,.~.-~,,'~^"+;^" ,,,"~ ~.~..~.~-~~+^~a~ ro~.lUt~. .] tlne had always mlsse . To make ;..... "t ~-, ~,~o,,'~'~o"+ - +he] a short story shorter, Augustine , , Copyr/gh~. 1865Keist~rAduerti~ing S~r~ic~, Inc., Strasburg, Va~. :H.~" "' ~,o.,,,,a ,,~..-,.,~,,- ..... .". Y" " lbecame a believer through the [ Sunday Memday Tuaglay Wadno~lay Thursday ~iday Saturday ] ~ ] cnarter of tnls Dank wmcn may I--,-~ --,~,-~ .... ~ *-- . xmm oz" ~uop 2~mnrose 1 nas be examined at the bank at any[--uall ............. 2" ... [ Jo,hua PMIms Proverbs Ma*thew John I Timothy Hebrews ] L~ ~i " --+ y O~ll ~K~ 11a..NIOSC I 4:19-24 34:11-18 19:20-23 7:7-12 4:46-54 4:6-16 3:12-19 I !!~] time during office hours prsor to[ Ch~;,H~ ........ h ~, ....... the aforesaid meeting ........................... ~ ~| '~! . : .... ] their contacts with other Chris. ] (~ ~ ~ t ~ ~ ~" ~ "P ~ "1" (~ t "I" ~ t ~Z~ t ~Z) t (b) The annual elecuon o~ u~r-[ tians. Every real Christian be- ectors | comes a rock or reliance on whom (C) Aday other business which[others rest their faith. Notthat THESE FIRMS INVITE YOU TO A HOUSE OF WORSHIP EACH WEEK. +|:! may come before the meeting, in-[ true belief is rubber-stamp or cluding, but not confined to, rat-[ second.hand! We come to per- "~'Ri if]cation of a progress report on[ .sonai faith through the belief of H .... :~1 ~ the approved building program. ] those we love and admire; hut CHARLES WASHINGTON [ The MELVIN T. STRIDER CO. ] J. EDWARD MAGA A il The resolutions and amendment[ this is only the first stage in THEATRE---Ranson ] COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME ] .ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 'ii of the charter are for the pur-[ erecting .faith that is personal "ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW" ] Charles Town, W. Va. Phone 725-7008 [ APPLIANCE CENTER thePSe commoner authorizingstock anofincreasethe bank]in] others~d f~st-hand.becomes TheblendedtestimOnYwith thef , ] SUDLEY FUNERAL HOME ] North George St.. Phone 725-,5S1~ from 8,800 shares of the par value[ divine whisper within, that ,s~s INC. Sheph~wn Phone 876-?,685 ..... ~" ~ ! of $25 each or an aggregate ofl +Ire children of God. If you were. J. RUSSELL FRITI~, [ [ ,U $220,0()0 to 30,000 sh~es-of the[ God, what better reasons for be. PHILCO DEALER [ [ a~ nf,~e,e~.WESTERN AUTO par value of $10 each or an aggre- [ ~ef in_you could you than CharlesToml. W. Ya. Phone725-~11 ] H.S CLOPPER. ~. I ,?ESs~IE~*~ gate of $300,000; $220,000 of such[ ~ose t~od in fact has g~ven? g ! common capital to consist of[ (k,aa on utlla., copydght*d by t [ INSUR CE, REAL ESTATE [ _" . _ "_.. ' l I t~Darles "l'O~ W. NIL II 22 000 shares of$i0 par value ,~_~d. ~ ch~t.tta ~-duc~on. Noaoaffil [ [ IU -- . -- . ; -- -- " ~ the Chu,ehe, e4 Chdst |, the R AND BONDS eacn to De ssuea m excnangeI u.s. n,l,aJ, Coam. it . CHA LES TOWN . -- ue l~g,tloe Hill-Dale Shopping Center E T E for 8,800 shares of $25 par val :[ ESSO SERVICE CENTER L GGEr[Ts DEPT. S OR Phone 725-7081 Charles Town, W. Vii ,, each now outstanding; and the] MeCLURE B. WILLINGHAM, Owner ] ] "THE HOME of BETTER VALUES [] remaining $80,000 of such in.]leff nn ~nuntu ghows crease consisting of 8,000 shares[ a ,,,-. ~,. ,~vw.,~ ~,Phone 725-9904 Charles Town, W. Ca. [ ] Charles Town, W. Va. ]~ of the par value of $10 eachto be], " .... " ] J E F F E R S O N ] ' t] sold at not less .than $40.00.per] Increase m mumuer m HARDWARE CO., INC. A snare. olders of common smczl SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE / ] POWHATAN BR SS '|| of record January 10, 1966, will| D...I. ..... B..,& V... 8HERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT8 & IRON WORKS be accorded the right to purchase[ DU~lll~b~ld~ r l ! tar H.W. WAGELEY, INC. [ " [ [[ tthese additional shares at $40.001. r rtion to their Dun & Bradstreet, Inc, inter- Dial 725-2921 Charles Town. W. Va. ]" Phne ~5-224S Charles Twn' W" Va"] RANSON, W. VA. In every field there Is one outstanding value to which ] per share m p opo r] . . . allothers are compared. In memorials, that one is Rock i respective holdings of commonl national business information of Ages, the only menlorial guaranteed both to yon [sto k of the bank-on that date. [ age:nCy now marking its 125th KABLE OIL CO, INC HALLTOWN PAPERBoARD CO. COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. end to the cemetery where it is erected. You get this I Anv nroxv form sic, ned in blank] Y r, has released latest statistics | | CITIES SERVICE U exclusive Double Protection Guarantee only with rr~ ~will becompleted by-insertion ofI onthebusiness population of Jeff " ESSO DISTRIBUTOR / HALLTOWN, W. VA. ] Charles Town, W Va. JJ [the names of Mary M. Porterfield,[ er on ~ounty. Phone 725-7510 Charles Town, W. Ca. / / Martinsburg, W. Va.. Leesburg, VII; [! morials that bear this seal". ' [ Robert R. Smith, and James W. I Mr. G. L. McCann, district man. ~c~rtJb -urg nJte rks ] strider, who will vote in favor ofi ager of the Baltimore office of Shapherdstown, W. Va. ns R W0 , ]propositions (a) and (c) above[D&B, reports that figures obtain- [ RANSON REAL ESTATE | | and reelection of present direct-| ed by a physical count of the Dun SOUTHERN STATES I & INSURANCE CO., INC. I I ors. I & Bradstreet Reference Book for Charles Town Cooperative, Inc. / RANSON, W. VK. / RANSON MACHINE WORKS [[ 109 WEST JOHN ST. MARTINSBURG, W. VA. | James W. Strider!January, 1966, show there are 227 | President retailers, wholesalers, and manu- RANSON, W, VA. [ PHONE. 725-7072 -- 72S-7071 [ Phone 72S~~i~] ~L~PHONE~.,6,.+I,~ FLOYD G, ODOM: Owller ~December 7. 1965 I facturers locally, as compared L Dec. 9-5ot* with 214 a year ago. / ,i~