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January 6, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 6, 1966

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[ ~ ][| ||Jr[|]|[] ImAm ]1 ~ parents Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence self I have been well satisfied as[ guest New Years Day wlth her [ and Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Merc~, | . _ [~| | || yam.a= illlI _ II] Grove I a correspondent for this fine / sister Mrs. Georgia Piper Mrs.| and daughter, Carol were dinner | BY THE JEFFERSON PUBIJSH-ING CO.~ INC. 11 | I ...... I~i~sl~,a~ ]1 I Mrs: Jennings W. Hobson and'paper for thirty nine years. I| Garrett is kept home Quite a ~reatl guests on New Year's Day with | 210 North George_ Street Charles Town,. W Va. |J __| 1 By rlenlT w. Morrow ][ ~ ][ C||L|U|| ]] ] her daughter, Nell,. of Purcellville i have been the guide post I must.. ] -~-~, ~.-,~rl'~'~ ~u f^ ----=-~--'~.illn ~o~*~..o~ ~h~,,.,,,~, I ~-..-th .fnrmor' ...... ,~--~o~"~'btr........ and falIfllY ] ......... |[ [| [ Va. were overmght guests on / say for these many years g~wng [ Mrs aar-e*t ~- -~aa ........... ~,~o I M," ~,,a Mrs William Longer" [ /,In ~o(le zo~l~, *~ . ~ ........ ~ _ ......... ~. ,. ~ ........... ~ ..... = v |L IIITnursaay at tne nome o~ ~iss[to you reaaers tne goings and[ . " " ~ | -- " [Shirley Macoughtry. [commings in and around our] | Secnd - - D shRpZAtCh l T O stffice ~~ii!~4!!l~s~bheri~y~~rant~hi] ~ M ~'I ~ NA1ONAL NEWSPAPER ionIt prompts goivernm~nts "to P Y "Y ~" s : p "Howard L Ware Sr" in Charles,and as ~appy as th~ ~hirty nine VIET NA /~-'~N~ --'T-T'2--'I I A$~t" ~T,f~N actin one field and deters them Ient to think things through,, and Town. Also guests at the family I years that I may still be the little ~ HONOR /tOLL "%'~~ I [ ~',~l) ) . ~[ ] .~ ~ ~'~ in another. It provides more give a ~udgment. on the package gathering were Mr. and Mrs. Page t guide post on duty for Chestnut e: ..... ~~ a .~.W~_ ~_-., .... .-~y~ ~ i ~ ' _ ~. v ...'-. "checks and balances" than the. ins~eaa o~ on tne moeL on me Hinton. Visitors on Sunday at the Hill The most of all is the hun- ~*~t~ "-_---..-"-_ - ~ *- --- " --. "" "~ ~ Constitution ever deramed of. package. Two of the favorite Light home were Mrs. Light's ] dreds of dear friends I have made Gary M Viands Snecialist J Army in Viet Nam His addr~ ------ ~ And yet I shudder to think of how whipping boys in this country brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and I I trust my 1966 will be a real Fourth Class husband of~Sandra[ ~ "' ........ a ds RA 1y~- MAX BROWN, General Manager careless we are in forming it, today are Big Government and Mrs. John Welty and children, happy year. May every one have Littleton Viands of ~ar"e-~ FerI~s ~P/'~ ~ary m. v~ n , _ d DON RENTCH, News Editor --- HENRY MORROW, Assoc. Editor collectively and individually, the Supreme Court. What the Johnny Mike and Connie, of Way a wonderful year. r,- and son of M~" an~ ~I~s~Char" [ 9264, ADV-TMI-MACV, DraW~..~ , , What better way to begin 1966 government does in Washington nesboro, Pa. Xmas Day Guests les M Viands -" ~e~'~ "~er~," [ HVSS APO San Francisco, O~t~ National Advertising Represehtatlve, American than to resolve to do something and what the Supreme Court de- p T. A. To Meet ~ Dinner guests on Christmasis~ now serving*wi"th~'tl~e "U--S'196337 Newspaper Representatives, Inc., 404 Fifth Ave., New York a,bout the shoddy processes which cides in Washington should, in The Parent-Teachers Associat- Day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Detroit - Chicago - Atlanta - San Francisco. Los Angeles SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 Per Yr., Plus 12ets. W. Va. Tax For Business, News or Advertising Departments DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1966 TO FISH OR CUT BAIT President Johnson's timing for the current peace offensive in Vietnam is superb; the many prongs of the move, ew- denced by sending personal envoys to so many countries, is both dra ati cand novel. But, alas, notwithstanding the characterize the way most of us go about forming. - - and express ing - - - an opinion. A few years ago an enterprising printer made himself quite a bit of money by printing small placards which were laughingly sold to thousands of executives across the nation. the very nature of things, be subjected to the most searching inquirey and analysis. But there is no place in the thinking man's wardrobe for categorized condem- nation - - - condemnation that is based on labels instead of being based on what's in the package. President's good faith and the sheer magnitude of the effort, change" may come about as a re- we fear the offensive is foredoomed to failure for the simple sult of blind prejudice (which is reason that those to whom it is directed will misunderstand probably as bad, if not actually worse, than an ill-founded opin- it and misinterepret it. The men in Hanoi, in Peking, and in ion) or it may come about as a Moscow will view it as an act of weakness and will deem it to result of simple vanity and pride, be additional evidence of irresolution on our part. tianoi, and born of an unwillingness to admit Peking in particular, will probably conclude that the desire we were wrong. to end the hostilities, on our part, is so great, so overwhelm- The,best insurance against get- ing, that a peace conference is available to them at any time ting caught with our opinions on any conditions they see fit to attach to it. down" is to be reasonably sure It seems to this newspaper, admittedly unwise in the nice- we have all the available facts ties of diplomacy, that the first step, which has now been before we form and express them. Opinions, by their very nature, taken by the President, should be followed forthwith by a are never either "right" or second step: communication to Hanoi, Peking and Moscow, "wrong". But facts exist or they in no uncertain terms, that what the President has said up do not exist. There is no better to now is the final and absolute last word on the subject; and way of shaking an opinion to its that any attempt on the part of the offeree to alter, modify very roots than by showing it to or enlarge the original offer will unilaterally treated as he predicated on a false foundat- a counter-offer which, in Anqerican and English law, consti- ion, i. e., non-existant facts. Few Lutes u rejection of the original offer in toto. We are well things can make us look more silly than forming opinions on aware that, by any other name, the ,second step outlined the basis of erroneous or dis- above is and would be an ultimatum. Precisely! But we have torted information. Another faro- reached the point in Vietnam where it is time, not ordy for rite pastime is that of forming us but for the other side as well, to either fish or cut bait. opinions without hearing both PACING IN JffFEILSON COUNTY stantial." These figures have a greater significance for the estimated 18,000 people in Jefferson County than they have, almost without exception, for any other people in the United States. We not certain whether or not ours is the only County in the United States with two racetracks; but we do know this is the only place in the county where two racetracks adjoin, back to back, if you please. Legalized beting last year in West Virginia placed more than .seven million dollars in the State treasury. It also cre- ated l)roblems of a local nature in the counties where it was done. By reason of its attraction, it brought on traffic prob- lems, road problems, and crime problems. All of this leads us to make again an obse wation we have repeated on previous occasions: that road improvement, traffic control, and means of combating crime in Jefferson County are inadequate to the necessities of the times. Will the legislature and the Governor please take note. The card said, simply, "MY At the present time we have a MIND IS MADE UP. DON'T CON President in the White House FUSE ME WITH THE F CT~. making round-the-clock decisions Everybody laughed, scarcely stop that, in one way of another, affect ping to realize the ironical truth: each and every one of us. It is that most of us do makeup our reliably reported that many of minds prematurely; so to speak, those decisions are made on the and are loathe to change them basis of "consensus" of public once they are made up, regardless opinion. I am not altogether sure of the facts. The "loathe to by any means that this is a good sides of a given proposition. Still another pitfall is the tendency to form ()pinions on the basis of "hearsay" evidence. Hearsay evi- year a grand total of nearly four and one half billion dence is generally nothing more dollars was wagered in the United States on the outcome of than gossip. We should also horse races, at *,he various flat, harness, and pacing tracks, carefully scrutinize our owni This is the amount that was legal~'J~llagered. There is not, opinions and those of others for obvious as0 s, any figure avail b|e for the amount that when they are formed dr express: was illegall~ wagered thru bookies and other off-track de- ted in sweeping generalizations. Many a good idea has been con- vices. We can only sm nise that the unknown figure is "sub- signed to the trash heap simply of' December 23rd., published an account of the death of my bro- ther, Harry H. Bates. I was very )leased that some one (unknown to me at this time) cared enough to write the account and have you pt~blish it in your fine paper, which I subscribe to. The write-up was very good but some parts were incorrect. He never lived in MartinsbUrg~ He was a true "Clipper" and one of Jefferson County's staunchest sons. He was the son of William Grantham Bates and Susan Smith Bates, both life long residents of "Clip" or*Middleway. He was the brother of Cot. Robert L. Bates, a professor at V. M. I. in Lexington Virginia, and of J. Thomas Bates of Middleway. I am enclosing $1.50. If you have .some extra copies of that ~ssue, I would certainly appreci- ate receiving as many copies as that amount of money will pur- chase. - Thanking you in advance and may you have a good 1966. Yours very truly, (Mrs. Neville R.) Margaret B, Ridgety Apt 103 7730 Eastern Ave. N. W. Washington, D. C., 20012 Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Dear Sir: - Inclose check for my paper also Mrs. Lewis. I sure do look for- ward to your paper. Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Yours truly Mrs. Ruth Drish 331 East 38th Street New York. N. Y. 10016 December 27, 1965 Mr. Max Brown The JeffersomAdvocate North George Street Charles Town, West Virginia Dear Mr. Brown: Your generous cooperation with our efforts on behalf of the United Nations Children's Fund last fail are deeply appreciated. It is a privilege to express our heartfelt thanks on 'behalf of needy children and mothers in all parts of the world As staunch and efficient UNICEF supporters, all of you and those whose concern you have stimu- lated are most certainly entitled to feel that you have a personal share in UNICEF's Nobel Peace Prize. Yours most sincerely, Victor de Keyserling Director of Information Services Timonium, Md. December 30, 1965 Mr. Max Brown. Manager Charles Town. West Virginia Dear Mr. Brown: "She of Jell week Read The Spidt4dvocate Go To Church Sunday way to make decisions; but if this is so, as I am reasonably sure it is, it behooves each of us to be a whole lot more careful than we have hitherto been in arriving at our own opinions, all of which go to make up the national con- sensus. It is bad enough to be "brand conscious" about the nat- ionally advertised products we use in every day life, and in this field we sit docily by and let Madison Avenue techniques deter mine what we eat, what we drink, and what we wear. But when we let the Madison Avenue techni- que tell us what to think, when we permit the merit of an opin- ion to be weighed and determined not by our own testing but by someone else s, we are in trouble. Reasoning from the authority of books, from the opinions of others, is not knowledge. It is faith. And when it comes to pub- lic opinion I, for one, prefer not to be a blind little sheep, follow- ing the leader, with a second- hand cart full of second-hand opinions, and with none of my own fashioning to sell or display. If, by some magic mystery, I could have three wishes for 1966 they would be: That people would tffink; that people would think; that people would think! Here is the key to the truth that will ultimately set us free. Mrs. Stuart Crim Entertain at Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Philip Creamer and their family entertained about twenty five friends and relatives at theLr annual holiday family dinner which was held at their home. "Locust Grove" on Thursday afternoon. Miss Nancy Keen returned to her home in New York City last week after spending the Christ- mas holidays visiting with l~er parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Keen. Miss Shirley Macoughtry, Mrs. Robert H. Hardesty, Mrs. Mar- garet Kilmer and Mr. William O. Macoughtry III were among the guests attending a party held on Wednesday evening of last week by Mr. and Mrs. Brown Hendricks at their home near Shenandoah Junction. During the evening the guests were entertain ed with a series of interesting colored slides of the Holy Land shown and narrated by Miss Mac- oughtry. M/Sgt. and Mrs. William H. Huff and family of Goldsboro,N. C. were visitors on New Year's Day at the home of the former's grandmother, Mrs, Bonn W. Crim and her daughter, Mrs. Clifford Rowland. Among the visitors during the holidays at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Snyder and their children, Beth and Nicky, were Mr, and Mrs. Paul Welch and their five children of Richmond, Va., Mr. and Mrs. John Littleton of Ithaca, N. Y., Mrs. Clarence Littleton and her mother, and Mrs. Gary Viands and daughter, all of Harper's Ferry. and Mrs. Russell DruscheI of Newcastle, Pa.On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Sny- der and their daughter were din- ner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby Henshaw and their family near Middleway. The Reverend and Mrs. William H. Kieldsing and their son, Bill, returned home on Thursday from a visit of several days with rela- tives in Wheeling, W. Va. and Carrollton, Ohio. Demonstration Club to Meet Th Summit Point ttome Demon stration Club will meet at 7:30 o'clock on Thursday evening, Jan uary 13th, at the home of Mrs. Robert Butch. All members are requested to bring to the meeting their baby picture or one taken during early childhood. Mr. e ct Mrs. Norman FRz, kee, en route to their new home near ,Macon, Georgia, spent the New! Years holidays visiting at the home of the latter's brother-in- law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Macoughtry. Miss Wallis Anne Snyder has resumed her studies at Shepherd College after spending the Boll- days visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Snyer at "Sest Shenstone". Mrs. William Schmidt and her son, Mr. Richard Schmidt, return ed home on Sunday from Rochest er, N. Y. where they had spent the holidays visiting with her ~n in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Furness and their small daughter, Anne Marie. Bobby and Patti Glassford were visitors during the holidays at the home of Mrs. Doris Barnes and her children, Kimberley and Day. id, in Martinsburg. Mr. and Mrs. George R. Crim, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Crim and Mrs. Harry C. Frazier were among the guests attending a buffet sup per given by Colonel and Mrs. E. F. Doane at their home in Charles Town on New Year's Eve. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chrisman entertained a group of friends and relatives at a dinner party' held at their home on Christmas Eve. Their guests were the for- mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wal-, ter Chrisman and their daughter Doris, of Leetown, the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Furr her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Dunn, and Mr. Earl McDonald, all of Summit Point. Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Cheshire their daughter, Deborah and Pat ricia and their son, John, spent Christmas Day visiting with the latter's brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Kline and their family at their home in KirbY, W. Va. On New Year's Eve Mr. and Mrs. Cheshire held "Open House" with about twenty five guests calling at their home dur- ing the evening. Mrs. Walter South and her two children of Charles Town were visitors on New Year's Day at the home of her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dunn. The Reverend and Mrs. Roy Vernon, who had spent the holi- days visiting with the latter's brothers and sister-in-law, Mr/and Mrs. James H. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Snyder and their families, left on Wednesday of last week to return to their home in London, Kentucky. Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Furr and their infant son, Randy, were visitors on Sunday at the home ol the former's brother and ister, ion will meet at the school at 7:30 Perry Lancaster were Mr. and o'clock on Wednesday evening, Mrs. Johnnie Mercer and daugh- January 12th; guest speaker at ter Carol, Mr. and Mrs. William the meeting will be county Sup Piper and family, Mr. and Mrs. erintendent of Schools, Mr. T. A. Melvin Piper and family, Mr. and Lowery, who will explain and, Mrs. William Longerbeam and answer questions regarding the family of Charles Town, Mr. and current school expansion program Mrs. Calvin Lancaster and dau- The public is invited to attend !ghter, Diane, Teddy Jackson, Lee this meeting and gain a better lRallison and Fred Ashbaugh. understanding of this program. I Visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Among the visitors during theI Johnnie Mercer on Sunday were holidays at the home of Mr. andI Mr. and Mrs. Granville Mercer Mrs. Orville DeHaven and theirI and family, Mrs. Margaret Cross children, Ronnie and Gall, werel and son and Mrs. Hironomus of Mrs. Geneva Collins, Mrs. Wilson/ Shenandoah Junction and Mr. Rowland, Miss Phyllis Rowland Curtis Everhart. and Mr. Jerry Turner of Win. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Mercer chester, Va., Mr. and Mrs. Linden ~ DeHaven of Clearbrook, Va., Mr. and Mrs. George James, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clark and family, all of Charles Town. Spending the day at the DeHaven home on Wed nesday of last week Mr. DeHav- en's mother and brother, Mrs. Brent DeHaven and Mr. Graichen DeHaven and Mrs. DeHaven's mother and sister, Mrs. Herbert Ramsburg of Ranson and Mrs. George Clark of Charles Town. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heare and son Rusty were visitors at the home of the latter s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Swartz in Rip. POn during the holiday season. Richard and Michael Edwards of Adelphia, Md. were visitors on Tuesday of last week at th home of their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Crim. Also visiting at "Monte View" on Sunday was Mr. William McCorkle of Wheel- ing, W. Va. Mrs. Georgia Pearl Good morning ~lear readers for the beginning of another year of 1966. May it be a happy and a and daughter Carol were guests on Christmas night with Mr. and Mrs. Granville Mercer of Shenan doah Junction. Visitors on Christmas evening with Mr. and Mrs. Humphry Wilt were Mrs. Estel Rickles and dau- ghter Norma Jean of Ranson Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McDaniels and family Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wilt and daughter, Cindy, Miss Linda Piper and Mr. Lee RoHinson. Mr. Clayton Talton 'and son AI- brt of Hamilton, Va., were dinner guests New Year's Day with Mr. and Mrs. George Talton and Mrs. Georgia Piper. Visitors the past week with Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Pearl were Mrs. Mabel Wilt Mrs. Marge Garrett, Mrs. Georgia Piper, Mrs. Edith Garrett, Mrs. Deloris Jenkins, and daughters Mrs. Helen Jenkins and daughter Karen, Mr. John Love Mr. and Mrs. George Talton, Mrs. Clayton Talton. So nice to have the folks come in and say hello. Mr. and Mrs. ,Paul Wilt and little granddaughter of Charles Town were visitors New Year's Eve with the former's sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mc- Daniels. Mrs,: Rachel Grove~and daugh- ters, Kay, Ellen and :Rose Marie were visitors Wednesday with, NOW AT In Hitl-DMe Shopping Cnter ALL OUR MEN'S -- WOMEN'S YOUNG MEN'S -- BOYS' HUNDREDS OF OUTSTANDING COME SEE--SHOP And SAVE .... NOW AT .... HILL-DALE SHOPPING CENTER Plenty Of Free, Free ] arking No Meters To Worry You I in every ton of INDIAN MAID, uniformly sized and washed, is a clean-burning, smokeless coal that enables your stoker to give extremely high heat value. 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