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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
January 5, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 5, 1961

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lf,;.s his 'Cm; ia income ta ; sS oos but for "r Hame= To Execuhve Churches,. 0iher Groups. Lomse Boyle Smt THI'RSDAY, JANUARY: 5, I9GI 3--12 ],.s s0,, m ,oyo,i soo , o,.ur.y Couml By Governor Make Hohdays Enjoyable Against Helene Boyle Q ta~. Junior Red Cross nlenlber~ Of lW'I'O four winner~ of the essay F ] When it come~ time to collect ~ m~ At Pentecoshal Home Settled Out of Court ,he Kabletown Elementary school [comest announced. They were ~income from social security your ~ ~i)~~ t and the Bakerton Elemenlary[Stella Dillow, first place; Ltnda l income tax returns are carefully ~ ~:i!:::~:~ As a rseult of the tho-,,hff,,l [ An order was entered in the school made over 300 New Years[Engle and Barbara Engle tied for | lexamined to determine the a- ~ ~ ' . ' . . "~" "" "lCircuit Court of Jefferson County Favors which will be distributed [second place and Mary Engle . -, ; ~:~: ::::: . ness ana generosny ot a numoer .. ... , - D [mount you will receive zn socml ~ ..................... ..... recently dssnnsslng the sua be- at the V. A. Center in MazXins-Ithird place. The club went out h) seeurzt a masts ~L [tween Loume Bole and ttelene burg. [sing Christmas Carols and on re- - . ~ of churches and organizations of. . Y P Y .... ~ .:~: ::.!:!: ::~!.,~ . . Y [ Records are important. Time Jefferson.County residents of the IBoyle, the case having been set. The Junior Red Cross program [turning presents were given out Town Postoffice'l:~ manner. I~:nont k~onin*, m,cnrai~ r.cnrt|~ i*: ~/~J~~J rentecosuat Home ,or the ,~ge~ I f r~ Th terms of is of great assistance to the Jef-jan~,re~rvnment.ssee~rveon:Ya~r~ r o ')r ........ ~ ...... ~- o _c. ___e _.c .............. ' tied out o cot . e , ec rd t( Christ Smith sa~d thss success was due I.. - 2. " - ",-, .... -:?:~ ~'~ located on Bolivar tteights had a I ......................... ~ ....... i~wtcna~t r.. rue +. r+v ry u " rn~ilinty O.,'.c'~,'.~.'~..f,~.. ] ;~ ,~ 1.,~- r .... ~ *~, *t~, "M~;I ~.1,, ] Lisle Well mvestea. ~e sure to get :-::~ ~~ ...... ':~ Ime settzemeut were not u~sc~oS(l. ' ierson t~ounty Chaplet ann is a ]good time. ..... .-s ..... . ...... ~c. ., . ,a.~ va.~ t,..,. -.0- ~'--.~, ..... .~ .- .-~ ~:: ~-.'~.~ most en3oyame an(/ nappy 'lnanKs, ........ .-- ~--, Sn" n . ,, a recor(l DOK anti Keep recorus m : :::. :~::: ' Lomse Doyle, tile pialntllr, flatt nth a nounced to- for Christmas efforts of patrons[ ..... ~::!~ ~ ]giving and Christmas it was an-J .... ~ ,: ................. :means for the young girls and] t'.,ho did not let sno,- ice or sleet I~~ C.~::I~ ~. , ~:'C].:,~I~ I -, .. ' . ":'.. *h |IIIUU tllt:~ Still bUlllU UllllV el~U ~t- ' ~ ' **' ' ' " o ::: ~,--~. .... ~% nouncea tins weeK oy the rtev. ' - B( e claimin boys to give of their services to [ ~O 'lg~ CHURCH SIIND&~ " 'i fff rts tlow Much Food D~d Y u ..... :.: ~::-:...::z:~ .... . gamst Helene )yl, g fl cancellatmns have deicl lhem m there o ,. ]~'-.-.m, In l~aa9 ~i:ii:: ! D ID. M. Itughes, d,rector of iheJ,h.t th~ w.,h~ l,w,l wid-w ~ff lhe unfortunate in their commas| ..................... I ..... "~ .................... :. " ................ " ........ " ......................... ily. This program is supervised | ...... =___._.= .............. t a , I'he Charles q own mad carrmrs ' :: .... "~:~*" home ll hme h~gh th~s year ' ...... " ~:.:: ". the late Albert T Boyle by reason desire to express their apprecmt Someone has come up wdh the ....: .:-~.: :: /::: . " ' " by a Committee made up of Mrs. |=--~-----=--=-=---------~ ........ " h" e' ce edl " ._ ~ ': ........ ki ...... ~1~8" "-anUs as bein~ I~~ I TheRev. Mr. Hughessa~dmem-]of the fact that she and Boyle sales av ex ed " .~ " t " ~ mn to the t:ounty State ttoaa bu .~u ....... v.. .~, s --~.-::::~::: ~ Calvin Shoemaker, Mrs. Joseph[ ~~|~ otalw~thfour cent J .... i ................... .... ao ,f .:i .~,] ~~~ tbers of the Bohvar and Camp Hill Jhad never been legally dworced. J Warrenfeltz and Mrs. Alonzo[ ~|~~ |~ ,~ s ,' i pervtsor ana ms crew oz men ior t.~. a*=za~= ...,~,=z .. t,..u-~.~ ,, .:::~..,. . i . ho~mg an ncrease [ ............ /,,a ...... .m,~d hv onoh ...... n in ~ ~~ ~ IMethodmt churches, along w~th .Therefore she cla~med she was I tha ~ne~r spmnmn etmns m opening -,,,,,, ~,,,, ......... . ..... . ........ Peters. n 10 000 over any I._ " ....... [.~a. ~ ~~ :~ l other churches held a Umon Ser l enUtled to one-third of all the per ] ! SALES and SERVICE ~ar ~ne seeonuary roaos so me ~ru .... ' " I I : " ,. . , " .... ~ ........ 1 ~ll~ ~l Iwee at Thanksgiving and gave the ]sonal proprty in his estate Hel-I ~er ....... ~carrmrs coulo oenver the man t Dairy proouets lea wltn ~our 1 1,~ ~offerin from the s trice w'" - ~" "~ ~ ": ' " " " ' " | ~,nitn ,uzxner sea, ' . .... , ..... ' - ~ lroir :~ I g ,'e mcn l ene ~oyle claimed that sne nat, Announces Winners W E B B'S ~d-' .... ';. "lover these roaos, Smim sai~. /nun~rett ~ouneen pounds per per ~ W~41~ "amounted to about 65 to thet - :" .... "- - - I zea~ions are ~nat tne t ...... ~-o- m I~:!~lll ~ l , Imarriea tsoy~e only azter ne nan/ vy snows and cokl weal ThanKs were a,so expressea oy[~ - . ... liar I [Itome to help provide an enjoy-[divorced his first wife, Louise.Es at Conte t ed, rather than retard/all the empmyees of me.rostof-] The fruit aria vegetame group i 211 |able Thanksgiving for the tlome. J _ ] J RADIO - TELEVISION-- g at,tivilvwith nonn~,~Jficetothepatrns~rmewspmn/wasacioserunnerupat~ournun " I m~ .... ;... ,. o~.;o~.~.o ,~.,I~ ~ " ~ J At the ho~ their leader[ APPLIANCES )their homes they had ]d~d cooperatmn m mafl!ng t. [dr_ed nine pounds per person.GEORGE R. HEIDRICH ]Halltown Presbyterian Church, [Junl0r ~1~ ~,~0~ ]Mrs. Michael E. Rice the Try-I Charles Town, W. Va. to address Christmas Imany packages ann earns early I Mea~ consume(~ per person was e.,~,.-,,,~ ~ lTa~lPi.h .... 11 b*~, ,-~ ~ha~ ~hanha~'~c~a~.rn "l~a...... It | ....... ]th~s year so. that they eould, be J178 pounds. Th~s included poultry local farmer and real estate manlChurch, the Pentecostal churehlbtember$ lies IIIng !Hard 4-H Club was called to or-I ........... } ~enverea Wlil2OU[ a heavy last antt IlS/1 as well as tea meats ite of the hazardous[ . . , ' [ ' thus been named to membership [of Christ of Bolivar and the BoP 1,~. . ~. ~ ~, . der. Nancy Pope and Minnie Stag[ WeS~ WaSltlngton ~tl~I litions and the drift- [minute russ. / Per capita consumption of other of the executive council which I ivar and Haroers Ferry Methodist ILn~r Io ~I~K. H~I~ ! her read from the Bible. There / ,---~------ --------------- e enormous flow of/ During this rush season the nor{fods was one hundred forty six ~ was formed last Monday in Char'churches: theGarden i)eDartment'] ............. " "'----~ I ..... ' I z the Charles Town ~:1 ff::l~:[n s:affuLthe~t Postso:v |pounds O:ndflOU:~atoOen: hundTd leston, W Va. during a pre-leg-tot the, Harpers Ferry'- Bolivar ! Members of the Junior Red J DR. VERA FISCHER, Optometrist J eeeeded in an order- [ " g Y | "ght po . P , - islative conference by Governor ]Woman s Club and the Woman'slCross of the Jefferson County en Christmas, assistants They are dred eight pounds of sugar,, sixty elect W W. Burros. Club of Sheb,_herdstown made snec,_ I-h~.~,~.v .......... "~ ...... ~, ................ ;,-, ",h;o ~h,-~;'_. J EYES ]E~ED -- G]L&SSES FITTED | Mrs Ruby C Webster and Mrs seven pounds fats and od, forty ia " t o e h e o h ..... 1 gff ,s t th om~ t . e, lp!nake [mas assisted m bringing happm- I Hourz:--9:45 - ~:00---Clozed Tue~llay and Thun~l~ J ~ ..... net rosin., w.u .eweu u. pounos eggs anu seventeezz a onoer~u aria cn enui t~ i | "OPEN E'~rENIN~ By h@potntment Craig. | A ' to work w~th 18 selected earher w i e nr st- ess and cheer to many of the court ]the two rural routes and Clyde . [pounds of coffee, tea and cocoa. ,,~ work hy r~presentatives of[mas for residents and the staff. [ty,s less fortunate during the I Phone ~$5 US ~. Charier ~t. Charles Taws, W. YL I -"~~ /Via, Perry S Nicodemus, Rolfe/ ;"?~ ~ ( L~ ! --o -eft so Count " I " -~ ' ~ .... ": ;'" rre Mi ke and ~ _ _ _ moor, eaucation, ~usiness and the ! Tla J er n y JuniorlPast week. I .... , , , ,,,,,,,-t "=~ ~ / ~" tia yes, ~. wal n e ~y - J I~ kl j~_ | 12 legislature I Chamber of Commerce and a Mrs. I Junior Red Cross members of ~---~--:-:---:~ ~i~ J~ln~lsaan~hWonel~eW?~YX~~;:ds[ IL~LL The eouncilwill meet in Char. lThompson of Leesburg, Va. also | both the Charles Town Senior I " i By Mrs. Lena Ambrose leston Thursday to .work up re-]contributed to and assisted !n pro|High School and the Harpers Fer ...... R DY MIX CONCRffE NE S | ~ I , commendation whlch BarronlvldlngaveryenJoyableChrlstmaslry High School made over 400 I Deferred From Last Week plans to study and possibly incorl~ason for the h~mes~a~fn2ndthl~lfavors for Christmas trays which _~~ I VflllD PfllIMTV I Merry Christmas All porate in his program for the leg lRev. Mr. Hugs s, . . I were distributed to the VA Cen- ] / UII | I hone everyone had a Merry |suture which convenes on Jan. iresiaents, mis week expressea aP-/ter in Martinsburg and to the CALL CHARLES TOWN 899 OR I IChristmas It'~vas really a white 11. Jpreciation for the generosity oflCharles Town General Hospital. V'I IT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, W. VA I / Ag~l~k|Tiq~ ~11 I|lkak| /,,o ur, oni-,,ed it with'our loved In addition to Mr. Heidrich loll those who remembered the/ Other members of the Charles 12 1 | ] LULUDIr |:~'~ "~n~tVaM, An~hvo, ~nd I Burros selected Harold O. Powers JHome at both Thanksgiving and JTown Senior High School, under ............................................. Christ as "" THORN LUHBER COHPhHY | I ....... Ihad a fine turkey dinner Christ- and Emmett Bush, both of Char-I m . /the supervmmn of Eumce Bush, _ _ a. ~. ~avme |mas Day with our daughter and Jeston; ~narms uoae~, ~eckley; ] There are now 13 residents intTeaeher-Sponsor of the Junior I Ill, I iIltl'l t~o,~a,~ ~. and Mr~ ~onra~ ~a. Mrs. John McCuskey, Clarksburg; J the home and the Rev. Mr. Hu-/Reff Cross program in that school Mfllvflle Plant No, 899 Chari Tomz ][ " ]~'~'"~'~'~'o~h'~'~n .............. James E. Wagner Jr., Bluefield]ghes said there is now room avail[purchased and decorated a Christ s~ .......... me " Martinsburg Plant AM 7-8955 I Record Book T~me | ~ Edith Weltv of Shenan- and Dr. Ja s F. Tucker, Insht-[able for caring for another three|runs tree for the Central Hall in A new year will be with us in|~ln~"~T,,netion and'/VIl" and Mrs ate. I men and three women. "Charles Town Hospital. ~| ~ ............... i is ............. " a very few days The quest on , ' :id~d~.l~ '" . o I John Welty Jr and family of Way ~ ~ ~" ~ i i ii have you secureo your copy OI/no~hnrn ............ P-'~ ~nonfz................ Chri.~tmas da.v ~-"J'' Farm Record Book? There are/with Mr and Mrs T W Weltvl . "~ili | many different types of record|..a u.o " i U books available. Commercial coni'-fi;~;n;~"d'.'~ i ' age TMr I ; cerns, extension services and|and Mrs Calv;n I3u;ler and d~U: i~li~, " cooperatives in some instancesfare ~s~ " " s ur ghter Mr. and Mrs. J~m K~dwfler have record books you can ec e - free of cost. These books wWe(; ~v~nr~e~ig:r~St~Cg~rlStal~al~::dY. jJ~jj~j~jJ tally very adequate and a I son " ~;'~:~:-~ ~ !:~ ' - -- ' adapted to most situations. "~ ~ .... ;+" ~alwanz of Read ~i I/fill hlllt g" a'[Sister Mrs Clifford Spitzer and ~:~::: ti~ II ~II~M I~M~ gl sion Service offers to those th t [ tam|l- " , ' ~ li~; ~ [] I . . want it a record book that is very I JohnY~nowden In Hospital !~ ~l[] I I monument ~a~abloem:arcckeeP's?gf btuh I snWw d%e ~;mrYety n~t~a:rh:tJu~hn ::':(i::: JP -~ like a copy of this book, call, I ...... n'-stown Ohio is in :~ ~lt~ )LAWI[ENC| li write or comeinto the E tt inoSiOn [n Vosplta Uan had been for sev- !:~J~ [ Office in me t;ounty t;o ~'~ r ~aw~z ~ .... s...ute[eral weks. He is well known by ~, ~ ~~~//~ tluess work m a Pr SaD U~I e o Everyone,~ ~,~ -,.,, ~ h,~ ,tha.m~nd:arund here. We hope for good records. The numb r f : records the farmer is required to h~M~.'and'l'Mrs'.~arr~l'l"~racket 2 ~ keep is increasing each year. The | ,~ ~ra~erstown "and Mrs Gledith income tax return and social se-'~ .~.~ ~ ..... usie f She I ~ curity records for the employees' ~e;~]Sstan~naaUg~aet~r l~Ir a2d Mrp ..... and employer are very important " .t ~J--I~e~ It is not only very importantDa eGa~~Vni~h~eby , r: eoo USLIN and daughter Mon- Protection' GUarantee Your family mona- with the trademark you but to the Cemetery where it la erected, A Rock of Ages exduaive, PAPER-- For Wrapping and Printing Paper Products Towels, Tissues, Bags, Locker Supplies For Homes-Stores-Etc. Ask Your Dealer Antietam Paper Co. HAGEESTOWN, MD. PHONE---Regent 9-0600 C. ODOM, Owner went home with them to the week. Wayne Welty has been sick all week at his home and under and Mrs. Bill" P6tts aIld' family' tn Bolivar Christmas Day., 81x 108 - SALE $ .68 - Double Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth ,Owens Of OR FITTED Tabbs Station spent, Ch~istm~ PLAIN Day with Mr. and Mrs. Cliffor~ 72 x 108 - SALE $ .51 Single Spitzer and family, Butch Ba: PLAIN OR FITTED the doctors care. It is lucky there is or he. would have missed the eiatire week. We hope he soon gets O. K. again Mrs. Mabel Harding and son Frank are moving from over near Chestnut Hill to the Gibson prop- PILLOW CASES To Match WORKS DR. O. T. REITER erty here this week. " " 81 x 108 Double - SALE $ Mr. John Frazier is now with John Street FOOT SPECIALIST his daughter Mrs. Lillian Keeler PLAIN OR FITTED and son in Charles Town. Amherst 7-6141 Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Gageby 72 108 Single - SALE $ w. w ill Be In Charles Town Mr.WereanddinnerMrs.gUestSDave MondaYGageby withand PLAIN OR FITTED AFTERNOON and NIGHT daughter. PILLOW CASE'S To Match Mr. and Mrs Woodrow Dolly From 1:00 to 7:00 P. M. 107 South Charles Street Telephone 519-M EVERY THURSDAY ARE YOU CO.RED ....... FOR THIS HAZARD? Damage by vehicles is only one of the many hazards covered by our Homeowners policy. Just one package policy pro- tects you against financial loss from fire, theft, wind, comprehensive personal liability, and many other hazards. Call us now for complete detailz. H. S. CLOPPER, JR Insurance, Real Estate and Bonds 120 E. Wasldngton Street Charles Town, W. VII. , Telephone 216 "?flf!VVTVv force for and family of Cumberland spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Stanly Eye and daughter. They. al so visited Mrs. Doliy's parents Mr, and Mrs. James Myers. Mr. and Mrs. James Welty and daughter of Baltimore spent the wekend with Mr. and Mrs. Geo- rge Greenwalt. Gary Viands who recently join. ed the U. S. Army and is station- ed in South Carolina is spending awhile with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Charley Viands and his wife Phillis of Ranson is with him at the home of his parents. We hope he likes the U. S. Army. Christmas Visitors Visitors during Christmas at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mar- vin Breeden and family were Mrs. Owes Johnston and sons near Ranson, M~ Ernest Breeden and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond all of Ranson, Mr. and Mrs. George Lan ham and family of Fort Meade Md. and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Penwell and sons of near Moun- tain Mission. c Pair .99 Pair USE THE CLASSIFIED8 Advertise In The Szflrlt-Advoeat~ I _ i III SMITH S~IDER FUNERAL HOME 304 West Wasktngton St. Eharles Town, W. Va. 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