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Charles Town, West Virginia
January 1, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 1, 1959

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' " ' ' '"'' lef~ Washington, D. C. by ,plane [captain, Frank Abrecht; Chief en-: -ND D 'RSONAL ACTIwt tL' txT a few days before Christmas to lgineer, Wincell Dunn; secretary J ,J~. x~. l~ . . lx=~o ~,, . . join his ,wife in Seattle, Washing-I Robert Horn; treasurer, Raymond ton for Christmas. She is visiting lBiller; building custodian, John ~J ~ ~ ~ ~ A~]~ ~ ~| ~ A ~ .her mother there. They will return IR. Rutherford; ,bhree year trustee, ||| ~|!. [IJ |L~ | ~|~ ~ ~ | ~ II by plane the last of this week. [Earl S. Luckett. Monday afternoon visitors wt] Mr..and Mrs. Ralph Bush and "] M " " E "'" bb ........ the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Ison Laird visited Mr. and .Mrs. Xy rs. t. . we seiepnone z4~z Webb were Mr. and Mrs. ElashaISherman Dick in Winchester on ,, Webb of Baltimore, Md. and Mr. llast Sunday. and Mrs. Marvin Waters and son[ Dennis Davenport, six year old Death of Rev. Baker i long article on his work entitled Charles of Pleasantville, Md. l son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Doyen= were held re- "Victims". . Mr. Bakers evangelis- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thompson]'prt 'had his adnoids removed in cently for the Rev Cookman 85- tm traveling up and down the At- and li.ttle son of Souderton Pa ]Charles Town General Hospital on yell-old pasto of Baltimere 'Md. I la2ntiCw.Coast v~t~ often in c3m.- spent S~turday and Sunday 'with/M:nedayn ~Ourning and returned who is known.bY so many rest- I p Y ~th t' e ~e Dr. rtowa. A. Mrs. Thompsons parents Mavor~ [ . esoay ann is gett g dents of the Bohvar-Harpers Ferry ,Kelly, world re-nounced surgeon and Mrs C E Garten and ram- [along meely. we hope the following infor-i and ....... one of the Johns Hopkins Medily. ] marion of his in~eresting life can i!ca! School s 'Big Four.. Dr. Kel- Mr and Mrs Ralph Collins of I~ A | | Ill ~ ~ Liithat L| be carried in Che local column. He ly,~eOO, WaSearaeep~y ~:el:g~ous man~ New "York accompanied 'by their ] Ill ~ ~ L | ~ ~ |~ was a Methodist mrcu],t rmer in I~,, j.~.~.^~~'~ ~o~:.~,,~,~ three young son spent SaturdayI ~,# ~|,,o n,,.,~,, ~ ...... Western Maryland before the turn i~U--,- ,,,=~,,,u,o~ ,~,,,,,, ~,=, at the home of Mr and Mrs Rov I ~J "="~' ~''"u'z ~""~'~ of the cen.tury ,and since then a i the Church's 100t.h birthday ,.was S. Bu, bts They were enroute ~tome ! ------ Baltimore and Eastern Shore pas ceieoratea ann gave an m~resun.gafter visiing the formers mother There willno .preaching at the tor until his retirement ~alK on ms."cwcm~ rmer" nays In in Greenville W Va [Hall, town Presbyterian Church at Rev Baker served both Baptist ,this area along with his in,tensJy .... ' " ." _ ._ - Ill'00 Sunday morning because of and 1VIethodist parishes in Mary- interesting address, ofUl~$r:Ij~g~Vnn ~S~sSei~o~/nen~le la Deacon, Elder and Communion ]and and conducted evangelical He 'had visi.ted ,this area severalW r Mr . _ ~'CA, ....... )' J lservice at the Charles Town Pres- . e e s. Leon ~en o~ winchester ri n camp meetings along the Eas,tern It~mes during the past several ~ ......... ' [byte a Church ........ ears "'i rviv r .. _ va. mrs. ~e~rlce x~rown ot Mar- r Mr and Mrs Bern ...... n" seaooaro Irom wanaoa ~o (Jeorgla y . ~ s su o s are rive oau- tin~:bur= ~#rs ~hil B~'~ - c~,...,~ I .. . arc u~5 spe b . ~ . o ~, ,,, . . =. v..~,,,,.,=~ art m " " ' before his ret:rement .from the ,ghters, one son, one sister and one m ..... ~, a,f,.~,~ ~ ..... ,,,,~, ] C st as Day w:th the:r son-m Ministery 30 years ago. His death[brother, Cen grandchildren and~Iagerstown Ilaw and daughter Mr. and Mrs. ~t a Nursling Home near Millers-inine great grandchildren. A ne-Elli'-** :,..~' ,~,,~,,,~. .." . ]Kenneth Anders and family in wile followed a long illness during p e , the Rev. Thos. Baker of Philsd~l~h~a I w~hich t~me he was a patmnt sev- I C e y Chase, conducted ,the fun- ..... ' ...... t A/2C and Mrs. Paul D. Mills Jr. r s I wm~ors zor a zew cars ms~ wee~ eral times a,t Johns Hopkins Hos- e al service . nterment ~s in , [of Glen Burnie Md arrived Wed pital. He was not a bed p~tient Orems Cemetery, Stempers Run, at the nome of Mr..and ,Mrs. cal-Inesday evening' to spend Christ= - van l-lOWell were ~ne la~r.~ers .oro- . , and wrth members of .his family Md .......... I mas w~th the former s parents Mr. trier In law ann sls~erMr ano he had visi.ted at the home of Mrs. Rev. and Mrs &lfred Collins are Mrs- Gu Hu~,~hinson' and two land Mrs Paul D. Mills and sons. J. L. Eackles in Bolivar .about six [ spending a few "days with the for- ~ ",_~ Y ........... ]They left early Friday morning ,to Inonl~hs a o ' . oaugn.~er oz ~un~mg~on w. va r f , g Imers mother in Greenwlle W. Va. d "'r ~ "'r "* .': ~ ~" ] eport, or duty at Fort Meade. ...... ) ...... ~ . an z~a . anu ~a s. tt.arom ~rana-iMr and Mrs M "" Hindma- ~e :haa conouc~eo an aover~ls- I ~inner guests a~ me nome oz ~,~ff ^f ~l+im^ro ~#,~ ~,,o ~r,,, I . . n. , n ]ng business from h~s home for [ Mr .and Mrs. G. E. Webb on Chris ~ll's ........ s~ ,~,,,~, x~ .....]o C s Town we e also Christ- quite some time. A native of Cen- I.tmas Day were Mr. Frank Houser~oU~,~v~"f'~,~ ~z~,,'"~'v',,~.t.'~.~'~ I mas dinner guests of ~the Mills. Vis ~ervHle, Md. he was educa.ted m ] of Sharpsburg, Md., Mr. Dale Cook Ohri~tm~~ Da- Mrs ~"-" ell is ~ / ~o n he evening w~t'h .the faro the Bai,timore public schools and I of Arlington, Va. ,and Seaman Ral member=of th~'Element~ar~ Schoo~ lily were Mr. and Mrs. Phil Perks later as a followed of the Nine-IPh Mills of Brunswick, Md., son facuit,, v, ~ a '~ [Jr .and children Doug Dewey teenth Century evangelist, Dwi-lof Mr .and Mrs-. John R, Mills, ' Mrs~'Ma,~, Hollowa, continues[and Dot~tie of Charles Town ,and ght L. Moody at the Moody Insti,t [Ralph who has been in the U. S. ],mite ill a~'~he horn~ ~f her d,a'~" ]A2/c Gary Rutherford of Charles ute in Chicago. His first wife, the I Navy for three years is stationed I~l~r Mrs John Haefe~ "- ]Town who is on leave ,from Diaz late Mrs Ado Brown Baker of Bal lin Norfolk Va and is vn a 30 I W'~he sm~tll Criristm " k d' lair Force Base in Texas. timore a'ttended ;the Moody Instit Iday leave. ~Ir. Houser is spending Itributed amon- maS~)eCs~s a~ ] Mr .and Mrs. Lester Moler ute with him His first parishes Iseveral days at the Webb home. ]'friends of t*'e Bolivar Methodis~ ]spent Christmas Day with Mr. and were six scabtered ones near HarlHe is the father of Mrs. Cecil E I--h rch -'h n o' ~_ ..hris~ IMrs. Roger Milbourne in Charles pers Ferry which ~he served on [Webb. " [t~u ,~re:naaftef kg s~a~l~ati~ [Town and on Saturday afternoon horseback for quiite some time, I Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Rocken- Iwas encl..s~d netted ~115 15 to ~-~ ]were visitors with Mrs. Annie Zinn with saddle bags filled with hymn/bough and daughter Patsy and l, ~oa e,,, ~,~ ho,,~f~+ ^~ ~,.~ r,,,' ,.~ ],and her daughter Mrs. Grace Mot 'books. After the dea,th of his first ISandy spent Sund~y afternoon at IMemorial Church Li -'" I . wife Rev Baker mamed Miss Vir ]the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ral.h I The annual I Out of town visitors during the ginia Broadbelt, a Baltimm'e ]Ricklenear Charles Town, parents I li-htlng was carried as usual ]holidays at ,the home of Mr. and school teacher and social worker Iof Mrs. Rockenbaugh I'~i a ..... |.Mrs. William Honk and family . .... " . ~ s ye r ann ~nose ooserwng con h v whom he met while doing rewval] A family Christmas droner was ]tribu~in in h r ...... I a e been Mr. Edward Anderson , .... I g ono oz ,~ne~r mveo and Mr n Id B ' ~ork among the seamen m Bal- I served w119h all of the//" seven sons ,,,n,~s w ..... e,.,l~w,, a#ro ~._ra,~ / . Ro a owers of win= ................ , .......... chester Va Mr an t~more during World War I. land daughters and .thew famflms [ROberts ~,. m~m .... f ~#,~ Bet+. I . , ., d Mrs. Ken- While Chaplain at a seamens cen-[present including ~en grandchild-[v _~+oll~"~,:." ~ " ~"~,,,~ I neth Orndorff and sons of Laurel ter in Bal,timore, Rev. Baker publren. [~." .~o~::.. ~.'f ~,,~ ~.. ~,~,, ]Md., M . and Mrs. Austin Bowers fished and widely circulated a! Mr. Cyrus Cavalier of Bolivar I;n~s~"l~rVs'.ZLul'a ~'~'e~(ls~l"~nem~)r: [,and family, Mr. Bill Bowers, Mr. - ~-------- I ,~," ~, " ......... ~ land Mrs. Frank Simons and son I I [0! Mr. z~Ooer ~'mms; Mrs. uiaays )of Charles Town and ~- on,~ ~r James Bowers of t nson and Mrs. Dunn Mrs M~e Webb m memory illi m ' W 'a Trml and sons of Bohvar. of Mr. O A Webb" Mr Jack Lou- Mr an rs 1 ' " ' ' . d M . A ee Costello spent dan m memory of Mr. John S. Christma~ Dav wlf.h tho f~,~o~'= m ~---- m,------=/ v~ a ILoudan Mr Roy Butts in memorw ~ .~ ~ ................ I I of Mr ' d'Mrs W -- -" M n parents mr. ,and Mrs. Edward Cos- I I.. .=an .... .. m. a y./,relic in Loudoun Heights Va and t.,rac_~ l-amsfllll in memory oz Mr ' " ' . ' . . Sunday evening ws~ted their aunt I llImm~mI~I&I~dl~ I IJack Ramsdfll" Mrs Vlvlan Har-IMissEsth rD n M, - ' ' e un in Mar~lnsourg I I/l-Im= ~IIN ~ /irls0n, m memory of Mr. S. W.I Mr ann Mr~ P-,,I~" "~~+#a I Bl~tt~Bl~O Udl~l I~1~1~t1,* I Iman in memory, of Mr. Robert Bil lin~ ' ' Y - IflillLUr_ :l I Iler and Harry Billet Miss Virgin I'"~Ir and Mrs Na~thaniel Gre, I iii~llll iilililll~" I lia Moler in memory of her grandI_ '~.". -.- , .~ ~ I ., ,,~ ~, r,~o r~,, i were omner guests t=nrisvmas t)ay I I ! '~-'NIrs :'=':'"R ad"~" .... ~morv'f I'wit'h ,their son-in-law and daugh- ey M ~elue . e a m me y o ' ' ~er :Mr. and Mrs. Earl Peacher I hillll ^. e.,,u I IhersonHarwo0dPotts" Mrs ,Marlandsons Mr and ..... ' " . . Mrs. dOlln k'ea ! UNL! : 1.I0 rAt, n I [ie Oden in memory of ,her faCherlcher and,family of Martinsburg Mr J v ~e. and Mr r " " . and M s. Joseph Milton I II __ . =Mrand Mrs ....... Howard Carper ]of Charles Townwere vlsrtors'' I -- ann sOaU~n~er ~mi oI ~ammOrem ' with the Peacheis" Sund~# ...... ~w,,,,~.~"~ I NLY 'Md pent Sunday at the ho e of FORA LIMITED TME 0 /I - r I I / IMr and Mrs Wtlham men etta ~ and famil " :i ....... - Mr. and Mrs Joseph l%analh I .................... ':" h II : m l''YZ~anvllleMF'ana . " Recent ws tor a,t 0he ho e of ' Ral B h w r Mrs. Charles Grey ,and daughters, ~0~1~! Price ~,~ Eac Mr. and us n ,.e e Mr and Mrs David Penwell and I I I Mr--en. .Mrs.worw ~o, oi i family .and Mr. Harry Dinges were ~.umu=.,=.u, ~v.u. inn r ' d e guests Christmas Day of ! A v o = v n o = / I.,e o.c ,._ i,their )mother Mrs. Virginia Grey I II I n ~ I ~ / / I l~ I I I xnose elec~ea r~o omce In 'me re-, and 'famil Mr and ...... ~/ ~V II IIli~ CIVIlII I I~...,. ~.^,.~ ^,_~,~..-..~ ..~a~ .... f...I y. . Mrs. Mar~ln I ' I I ~ll'bl~ ll~Ult, l ~IW~OIUil U1 UIiI~,,~I~ U [ ~rimp~ i~nd famil,r af ~hn,,,la r ~he Friendship Fire Company were North Charles Street Near Liberty I /' - .... ': ..... Town visited,the family in the ev- .I i as IOIIOWS: t'resloen messrs xooe ,..,.... ,,, ~o~,~ w~uz~ w VA TELEPHONE 486 I ]Ballenger; wee,premdent, W. Bond Mr and Mr Willio,~ z~..ot- o,~,~ "~ I Fire chief ,Lloyd Jones Jr.: .as- Mi~s Es ................. Itm I t ~ uzzez- rupe vzsl~ea mr. ann I I m _ram m E. M. Small.rod; Mrs, Roger Mirbourne in C arles .......... I I I I I I I I I I I I Town Wednesday afternoon. I mm I I I I I [] I I [] i , Mr. and Mrs. Wallace,,. Obt and family of Millville visi*ted the for NEW YEAR 1959 mers parents Mr. and Mrs. Ber- , nard Ott on Christmas Day. Sun- . day Mr ..and Mrs. Kenneth Anders ............. 1 I -- and family and Mr ..and Mrs. Wal- ~: ~ A K H ~ ~ r ~ A ~ A ~ r ~ lace OVt and fam~y were dinner d I'l I'1 ~11 II II I~ I,~ I~ 11~ !1 I1~ I~ ~- guests of their parents Mr. and Mrs. Ott. Mrs. Elmer Wright Jr. of ~alti- more, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wrigh, t and sons Richard and El- All Wool SPORT COATS CAR COATS SUIT'S All Wool SLACKS SHIRTS SWEATERS All Wool and Orlon JACKETS Come in early and get good selections mer Jr., Mr. Samuel Strickler of Halltown and Mrs. Mary Jenkins of Alexandria, Va. spent Christ- mas Day wiCh Mr. and Mrs. Bill Strickler and daughters in Berry- ville. Va. Mrs. Je~kins accompan- ied the Wright family home for a visit of several days before re- ,turning ,to her home in Alexan- dria. Mr. and Mrs. l~arshall Barron and sons Wayne :and Glenn and Mrs. K~vtherine Ran'alli of Char- les Town visiCed with Mr .and Mrs. Paul Mills and sons on Sun- day evening. ! .Mr. and Mrs. At.ton Muse spent ml Christmas Day in Leesburg, Va. with ~he 'formers mother Mrs. Gen ~try Muse and family. Mr. and Mrs. Doug Bowers and family of Bolivar were dinner guests Christmas Day of .the for- mers mother Mrs. Winerd Bowers and son. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Frye, Mr. and Mrs. Alton Muse, Mr. and Mrs. E1wood Bowers and son Mr. 'and Mrs. Bill Bowers and son enjoyed dinner Friday with the family. Mr. Sydney Clevenger of Hag- erstown. Md. visited his brother ~)~tOU"*~'~'.~"~ and sister-in-law,, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Clevenger and family Sun- day afternoon. Miss Sharon Clev- enger is on the sick list at this as low as writing and confined ,to her 'bed "+" "~"~'~*~'~ with the virus. Mr .and Mrs. Wilco McAboy and family of Kernstown, Va. visited as low as ,Mrs. Winerd Bowers and son Sun $2).95 day afternoon. Mrs. Virginia Grey and daugh- ter. Mrs. JosePh Ranalli. Mrs. El- as low as mer Wright and Mrs. Mary Jen- kins shopped in Winchester, Va. $3.95 up Saturday afternoon,-'and enroute as low as $19.95 as low as $11.95 as low as home visited Mr .and Mrs. Mar- as low as ,tin Grimes and family near Char $t.95 les Town. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O~t spent Saturday evening wi)th ,their son ,and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Wallace O~t and famhly in Mill- ville. Mr .and Mrs. Bill Bowers and :son Stephen of charles Town were T 0 W N A N D C 0 Um N R Y C 0 H E R S dM?neElsgUeSt~wCuhdisStm~2 h?~-Yuz~f cle, Mr. Frye Mercer. Mrs. William Trail and sons Da- vid and M~rk (ff Bolivar spent Saturday evening with relatives ,and friends in Halltown. Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Chapman, Vergi Run~barger ~nd dau- ght6z' Miss Be,t~y Rumbkrge/" of WEST WASHINGTON STREET ,, PHONE 911 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. (Free Parking in Rear for Our Customers) Watch Night Service on New Years Eve at the Methodist Chur oh. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ring and daughters spen,t Christmas Eve with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown in Charles Town. Dinner guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Cain were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Unger and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Gram Ri - SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ~ARMERS ter and family Mr. and Mrs. Joe 9 -- ~,.,~nor,,~r T I~ough and family, Mr. ,and Mrs. ---~ IIIL)R;:DI)2-kI, J~ um]nnI'" $400 I Harlan James and Mrs. Harry ~- RiOter. , ..... and Mrs. Joe Gruber were Mr. I uary 8 from 1 to 2 Mr. ann Mrs. Stanley t~ing spen~ and Mrs. Lawrence Pierce and Mr. I In Sheph~r LstO~ 0f $1 600 0 10|a the Christmas holiaay wi,th their George Gru,ber I the War Me~7 ~rial son and family in New. Jersey Mr. David Dawson of Wood- day, January 5, fr, I Mr .and MrS. ~udoy Stevens bridge, Va. called on his mother l In Harpers Fer] The annual financial drive of ann oaugn~er ~rom Grog are V~Sl~ Mrs. Viola Dawson and uncle Mr. ]ment of the Camp Jefferson County Girl Scouts!rag M r. and Mrs. Charles Stevens Harry Underwood on Tuesday |Church WedneSd~ which has been underway for an~.ra~y~ .... Mrs. Viola Dawson, Mr. Harry[from 1 to 2 p. m. some .time has been given so lit- M~SS ~lemmye ~aKer spen~ Underwood and Mr. John Pos,ton/ tle s~pport ,this time by Jeffer- Christmas Day.with.her brother spent Christmas Day with her son | Brownie Troop son couptians that only about one 'z~ar ann Mrs ~ui ~aKer ann ~am . .. and family Mz. and Mrs. Wayne/,~ .....,-__ ~-~ third o~ .~he $1,600 goal has beenuy. Dawson. /~ixrruszmmg,r~ reached, it was announced this, Dinner guests at ,the home of ~ | -"--" week by Mrs. W. K. Roth. Mrs. J. B. White on Christmas ~_11 t*L!lJ ~-_~ ...... / Brownie TrooP Mrs. Roth.said letters have been Day were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dun W~|| ~,[I||Q ~0~|~i'~ ]Moore Rest Home sent to 'business and industriallap and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. ~ . . .= . , lets, M~s. Edward firms in Charles Town and Ran- Fred Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. votes r0r l William Lloyd to l son during their su.pport to this Bobby Crum and son, Mr. and .... J ]visit several ho~ most worthy cause with liberal Mrs. Holmes Whi,te, Mr. and Mrs.The Jefferson Coun~ty Health De[community on De~ con'tributions. And Mrs. Rot h also C. M. Kearns and Mr. and Mrs. partment will be closed on New |of the V. F. W. l~ 9ointed out that any individuals Cecil White and son. - Year's Day, but after t~hat a full]Christmas Party ,that might like to contribute to Mr .and Mrs. Joe Gruber and schedule of services will be re-/tients and exchal Girl Scou, t work in ~he county sons, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Piersumed including the holding of|sang carols Coo_! should send their cheeks or money ce, Mr. and Mrs. George Gruber another series of well-child con-/were served by M to her at Blakeley Place, Charles and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wilson of ferences in Charles Town Harpers[ ols and Mrs. Ba~ Town. Inwood were ,all dinner guests of Ferry and Shepherdstown. |~Mrs. Baumgardn~ /Mrs. Roth said according to the Mr .and Mrs. Arnold Dailey on The Charles Town eonference/chocola.te.I- There National Girl Scout Council eachChristmas Day. will be held in the b~semen,t of the/Brownies and twe area should raise $16 per Girl Dinner guests on Sunday of Mr. County Building Thursday, Jan- ent for the ernjoya Scout member. Since Jefferson ~ County has abou.t 100 members this would mean a goal of $1,600 for the county to ~aise, RIDA Yr. NEW L O W PRII Mrs. Roth said Jefferson Coun.ty Scouts must help pay ,their fair share of the cost of salaries and office ex, penses of ~he Eastern Pan u, Couno.. 9N AL [ PENNEY SHEEI winchester, Va. were visitors Mort day evening a,t !the home of Mrs. MUSLINS! V~l~]~l~:'ff"~T~ilr~/'~--T~'"~l Rumbarger's" son-in-law and dau- FLA.TS! FITTED! ghter Mr .and Mrs. Charles Grey and daughters. Visitors with,~he WHITES! COLORS! NOVELTIESi EVERYTHI: family Sunday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ranalli and fam- ily of Millville, Mrs. Martin Gri- .. ~- mes of Charles Town, Mrs. Vir- f'[~---- ___i~[ ginia Grey and family of Hall- ~town Sunday School Class Party [ The Young Adul~t Pres,byterian I I Sunday School Class enjoyed their annual Christmas Party Mort day evening ~t ,the home of their ..:~;~i~!~ii~]....:.~i~;~/~i~i~;~;~!~;~i~i~;~/~i~i~i~;;~;~i~i~i~]~i~i;i~i~i~i~;i~i;i~i;;~i]!i~ teacher Miss Margare~ Gracey in ..:.::..'.?i':'~i:!:!::i:i,!:~*: ..:~!~ i::i:i~>~;iii~!ili~ ~!~/i~:i!i~ii/ili:~:ii~iii:~ ..................... . ........ ...>: ..~,.> , ,.., . . ...:.:.:,:.:~:..: of Charles Town were Christmas i::': ":i.~:~:~);! ..... ~::~:~:!:~::~i:>~i:~!~i~::~i;!:~!~!:~:~:i~!~i:i~::~.~:~.~.:.~.......` : :::::!?:::~i~i~:::::: : i-~., :$. 4. '~, ':: ~:~ :: : : :}::i:!:] :: :{:i:i:~:i:! :?/:{ {:?i :~:!:i:?t?:i:::?!:~:::::::::':':''''